Harry Potter Readalong House Point Update, Info, and Winners!


*Its not too late to sign up!

So… basically after I kicked off the Harry Potter Readalong that started November 1st, I disappeared for three weeks between a fun trip with my son and a work trip.  For the most part I kept up with all the happenings, including our first book read and discussed, but about the time I was due home on November 20th I was exhausted and lost steam.

Today, home feeling under the weather, I decided it may be a good time to add up the House Points… after all year one is over and I need a House Winner before we start talking about book 2 on December 6th.  (Yes we have House Points – optional to participate in that part but fun for those who wish to do so!)

House points are given for writing posts on the books we are reading (3 points per linked post) and for commenting on any HP linked post *2 points per relevant comment and yes you can comment more than once on a post).  They also come into play for giveaways and occasional games or participation posts that can earn you points.

Looking at all the posts so far today was fun – there are many great posts out there as I added from the start-up posts to the first discussion posts as well as all who commented on them.  They were fun to read.  You do not win as a House but as an individual representing a house.  And before I share with you who our Year One House Point winner is, I feel as though I represent Dumbledore in this readalong and at the end of book 1, he offered up some additional House Points as will I…

I would like to award Donna from Writers Side Up an additional 4 points for her offering up the Book Mark giveaway for our first book.

I would also like to award Jennifer from Literate Housewife an additional 4 points for her snitch giveaway for book one, the book that introduces the snitch.

And finally, 5 points awarded to Tanya from Dogeared Copy for organizing and executing the Twitter movie group for The Sorcerer’s Stone.  (Note – The next movie Live Tweet/Tweet Chat will be on Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 8:00 p.m.! I hope you can make it!)

All that said, our winner for the House Points for book one and the winner of the Golden Snitch is:

golden snitch

Donna from Writers Side Up

*note you can see all House Points here.  All points are now cleared and we start again for book 2… points will come from posts and comments on linked posts centered around The Chamber Of Secrets.

On to other prizes!  The bookmarks will go to…

book marks

Jackie from Forget Me Nots

And finally the copy of The Sorcerer’s Stone with the new book cover using random.org for all #hpreadalong commenters on the start up posts and the book discussion posts….

ss new cover

Brooke from Brooke Blogs


There are more giveaways planned for book two which will start to be discussed on December 6th.  It is not to late to join in on the readalong!  All participants are eligible for the prizes and the occasional fun quizzes we will be setting up.  *You must be signed up for the readalong to be eligible for the giveaways.


7 thoughts on “Harry Potter Readalong House Point Update, Info, and Winners!

  1. Oh, my! Thanks for the extra points, Sheila! And how cool—I won a SNITCH!!! 😀 What I’m getting a kick out of is the first two prizes are from Hufflepuffs 😉 I’ll announce the winner of the bookmarks as soon as that’s figured out 🙂

  2. Oh WOOT!!! I am so super excited. I need to get my post for book one up. And I watched the movie, but forgot the Twitter chat part of it…doh! Marking my calendar for the next watch-along. 🙂 Thank you so much!! This book is GORGEOUS!

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