Prefect Prize Patrol


Oh stupefy!  Check this out!  This is the page where you will find what sort of prizes will be coming from the wonderful Harry Potter Re-Read along!  These lovely prizes have been donated by our HP Reread participants – thank you so much for your contributions to making this the best HP Winter readalong ever!  This page will be updated as we go so check back often.  You must be signed up as a participant of the HP readalong to be eligible for any of the giveaways.  (Yes, you can still sign up)

*If you have something you would like to add to the giveaways, please email me at  Items will be used for house point wins as well as participant wins.



I am working on an idea for the House Cup that is given away at the end of each year (each book… at least until things go crazy at Hogwarts…) stay tuned – there will be a giveaway of a House Cup at the end of each read book 1 – 6 based off who is holding the most individual house points.




book marks

Donna at Writer’s Side Up will be giving away seven Harry Potter bookmarks after the reading of book one!  Love it!


golden snitchThe Golden Snitch is a very important part of the HP series from book one to book seven.  Jennifer from Literate Housewife will be giving away one or more of these throughout our readalong… stay tuned… you never know when or where the snitch is going to pop up.  😉



Long or short will be made in your house colors
Long or short will be made in your house colors

Jessica from Tales Between The Pages is giving away fingerless gloves in the House of the winner we will choose at the end of book two!  WOO HOO!



Sheila at Book Journey will be giving away this cool leather diary at the end of book 2, Chamber Of Secrets.


Butter beer candleHeather at Based On A True Story is offering up this sweet Butterbeer candle at the end of book 3, the book that first mentions Butterbeer.


time turner

After the reading of book three (Prisoner of Azkaban) Book Journey will give away this Time Turner necklace.



mauders map, book journey

Felicia from The Geeky Blogger will be giving away a Mauder’s Map throw at the end of book 5!  (I want this!)


deathly hallows

At the end of book seven, Deathly Hallows, Book Journey will give away this bracelet.


More to come!  Check back often!

16 thoughts on “Prefect Prize Patrol

  1. I am salivating over some of these prizes, only I’m thinking the house with the most participants will ALways win! *sigh*

    Also, originally I was giving away 3 bookmarks, but it’s actually 7! Sheila will post them some time soon 🙂

  2. OH! I wonder what gave me the impression we were doing this as teams! OK lol Also, Sheila, you need to update the bookmarks from 3 to 7, since there are 7 in the prize 🙂

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