Individual Participants House Points


A little bonus fun through our 5 month event!  Look at the House Points tab and see how you can earn points for the ultimate Potter Prize package (TBA) at the end of the Re-Read in March 2015.  Earning House Points is easy and at the same time cheers on your fellow participants.  Look back often at the Harry Potter Re-Read Tab (under the Book Journey header) for new posts and giveaways that can add to your House Points!  Participation and comments on the linked posts will earn you points as well.  Expect at some point some sort of Quiditch game to earn points as well….. just saying.. 🙂

After each book is rad the points will be reset to zero.

House Points are strictly optional in this readalong – just like in the books, some students earn House Points and some do not.

And… in case you stumbled across this page without knowing where you can sign up and what this is all about – the Looking For Potter Heads post is here!

Have fun!

04 Harry Potter


Team Gryffindor

Sheila - Book Journey

Sheila – Book Journey 46 House Points










Brooke - Brooke Blogs

Brooke – Brooke Blogs 18 House Points








Elida - My First, My Last, My Everything

Elida – My First, My Last, My Everything 12 House Points








Tanya- Dogeared Book Copy

Tanya- Dogeared Book Copy 47 House Points








Liesel - Musings On Fantasia

Liesel – Musings On Fantasia 5 House Points








Jennifer - Bookworm Coalition

Jennifer – Bookworm Coalition 10 House Points








Maries Cozy Corner

Marie’s Cozy Corner 7 House Points








Tsuki's Books

Tsuki’s Books






Mariana - Book Travels

Mariana – Book Travels 6 House Point








Maddie Brown








Hannah - wordlily

Hannah – wordlily






Megan - Megan Wargula

Megan – Megan Wargula 10 House Points







Amanda Hemingway

Jessica Miller

Betty Paysour

Saundra Johnson


Diane – 2 House Points

Jessica Miller




Team Slytherin

Tanja - Time For Reading

Tanja – Time For Reading 5 House Points







Kate - The Little Crocodile

Kate – The Little Crocodile 5 House Points






Maree - Just Add Books

Maree – Just Add Books 8 House Points








Samantha Claire

Samantha – Celestial Carousel 2 House Points









Michelle - In Libris Veritas

Michelle – In Libris Veritas 49 House Points








Erica Taylor


Team Hufflepuff

Donna Marie - Writer's Side Up!

Donna Marie – Writer’s Side Up! 102 House Points








Jessica - Tales Between The Pages

Jessica – Tales Between The Pages 5 House Points








Jennifer - Literate Housewife

Jennifer – Literate Housewife 49 House Points







Stacy - Reading In The Mountains

Stacy – Reading In The Mountains 10 House Points







Kimberly's Novel Notes

Kimberly’s Novel Notes






Erin - What Do You Do With a BA in English?

Erin – What Do You Do With a BA in English? 3 House Points









Rachel Sprague – Kaleidoscope – 4 House Points




Team Ravenclaw

Heather - Based On A True Story

Heather – Based On A True Story 48 House Points








Kimberly - On The Wings Of Books

Kimberly – On The Wings Of Books 1 House Point







Claire - Bitches With Books

Claire – Bitches With Books 50 House Points








Melissa - Jayne's Books

Melissa – Jayne’s Books 12 House Points







Kate - Midnight Book Girl

Kate – Midnight Book Girl








MD Smith - MD Wordsmith

MD Smith – MD Wordsmith








Felicia - The Geeky Blogger

Felicia – The Geeky Blogger 6 House Points








Jackies Bookbytes

Jackies Bookbytes 48 House Points








Jordin - A Bottomless Book Bag

Jordin – A Bottomless Book Bag 10 House Points









Katie - Our Wolf Song

Katie – Our Wolf Song 5 House Points







Jenna - Little Bird Reads

Jenna – Little Bird Reads 42 House Points








Ashleigh - Through The Viewfinder

Ashleigh – Through The Viewfinder







Whitney - She Is Too Fond Of Books

Whitney – She Is Too Fond Of Books 19 House Points








Jenna - Lost Generation Reader

Jenna – Lost Generation Reader







Samantha - Booked On A  Feeling

Samantha – Booked On A Feeling








Learning Matters To Me


Whittier School

Book Addiction – 3 House Points

  1. Well, I signed up here as Hufflepuff because that’s the house I was put in when I signed up for Pottermore. Gryffindor will always be my favorite house though (and just for the fun of it, I went to BuzzFeed and THERE I got into Gryffindor lol)

  2. I used my Myers-Briggs personality type when considering my house. I’m certainly a Hufflepuff, though I could also be sorted into Ravenclaw quite easily.

  3. I wish my friend, Debs, would sign up (I think she’s too busy : / ) ’cause then there’d be at least one Slytherin!

  4. How fun!!! I am so excited for this rereadalong

  5. I’ll have you know I’ve posted on EVERY SINGLE Start Up post 😀 😀 😀

  6. I went around to all the Gryffindor House blogs (getting ot know some of my classmates!) and posted to those that had start-up posts. It looks like I’m the only non-Seventh Year Gryffindor! I’m looking forward to seeing what the more experienced Potterheads have to offer 🙂

  7. Go Go Gryffindor!!

  8. OK, I just now finally checked in here ’cause I was hoping I could see if there was an indication of who are first-time readers, then I remembered the house points. Sheila, no WONder you commented on how many I had! Wow! OK, I’m thinking that’s indicative of my social media problem. I can’t keep from participating and commenting! It’s a sickness, I tell you. Either that or I’m under the Imperious Curse, I tell you! lol

    • Let me think on the first timers… I should know this – Jennifer for Literate House Wife is one. NO worries on the house points, you had great discussions on the posts and I love your participation!

    • I think @lithousewife is the only First Year participating. AFter that, I think I’m the next newsest toi the franchise as a Fourth Year. I’m pretty sure everyone else in the world has read (and re-read) them all by now! 😀

  9. I’m a first timer too – no blog though. About 2/3rds of the way through Chamber of Secrets. Still can’t get terribly excited over it – sorry. But I will persevere!

  10. That is why I keep going. My kids said they get better. Right now I find I can put the book down and not pick it up for a day or two. It’s not like I have to get right back to it to see what happens next. Keep hoping though.

  11. Yeah, I know Jennifer is one, and Diane is one, but I believe there are at least one or two more!

  12. Hmmmm…I do know there are a few of you who only read a few of the books. I just want to actually list that to keep track, but don’t have time to try to find where these things were stated in comments or posts.

  13. I think that’s Stacy from Reading in the Mountains 🙂

  14. Oh, Diane, DO persevere! Azkaban gets incredibly good and the series just keeps getting better and deeper as you go! 😀

  15. Diane, it WILL happen! lol This is my 4th time reading and the last chapters of Azkaban have me wanting to keep reading AGAIN! lol

  16. Thanks for all the encouragement.

  17. It’s ’cause we KNOW what’s coming and we DON’T want you to miss it! 😀

  18. Wow Jackie! That is a marathon! Harry Potter is competing with all the Christmas movies I have recorded right now so it’s taking some time to get through The Chamber of Secrets.

  19. Okay! So I have just finished Book 2 and guess what! Think I’m actually starting to get into it. Won’t be able to start Prisoner of Azkaban until after Christmas but I’m looking forward to it.

  20. Just getting started on The Prizoner of Azkaban..better late than never. Seems like a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon by the fire.

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