Mockingjay Book VS Movie


Mockingjay, the third and final book in the Hunger Games series came out published by Scholastic in 2010.  As I looked back on my review of this book I had to laugh as I reviewed it three days after it was released…. hmmmm…. anxious to see how it all was going to end?

The Book…

As I mentioned I read the book over 4 years ago.  I did enjoy the book but openly admit it was my least favorite of the three books, mainly due to all the politics that were involved in this final installment.  I am not a fan of politics.That said, I did still enjoy the book very much – author Suzanne Collins does not take mercy on any character and all are dispensable… it was truly a powerful read that left me thinking about it well beyond that final page.


The Movie…

I was very excited to watch the movie.  My son had warned me that it wasn’t the most exciting of movies as it is a lot of information that is necessary to prepare us for the part 2 of this movie that will come out in 2015.  I have to say I disagree with my son (sorry Justin).  I did find the movie engaging and perhaps even came to feel more real and explained better to me than the book came through.  I think Jennifer Lawrence plays the part of Katniss perfectly.  On screen she shows such emotion she brings me to tears for the cause.  If you are a fan of the series, definitely take time to see the movie – all the movies.

Bonus note – in the movie Katniss sings a song that is haunting.  Jennifer Lawrence sings the song and I looked it up when I came home and found out Susanne Collins wrote the song.  (WOW!)  I have now heard the song by another artist but prefer Lawrence’s.  Here it is:

Book vs, movie… the winner of this dynamic duel is….


The Movie.

While this is a close battle, I think because of my personal struggle with the politics of Mockingjay the visual of the movie worked better for me.  I will definitely be owning this one.


Have you seen the movie yet?  Have you read the book?  Do you plan to?  If so do you have a preference of book or movie?

21 thoughts on “Mockingjay Book VS Movie

  1. I saw the movie yesterday – but loved the book – i love political stuff in general, so the book hit a lot of my enjoy buttons. i thought they did a good job with the movie – it was a bit slow in the beginning, but then so was the book from what i remember – it felt like they expanded the rescue in the movie (compared to the book), which I liked

    can’t wait to see the second half – i’m really hoping a theatre will do like a marathon and play all 3 prior movies before the launch of the 4th

      1. i’m really hoping!

        several places by me are doing the 2 hobbit movies back to back before the last – but only offering it in 3D which I can’t watch because it gives me migranes

  2. I will always prefer the books to the movies, but I think they have done a fantastic job with ALL the movies so far. I was actually expecting to not really like this movie installment, but I really did.
    My biggest complaint is that they left out my favorite line. When someone mentions how nice Gale looks (in the movie I think it was Effie, but it obviously wasn’t her in the books), and Boggs breaks the tension by saying “You can’t expect us to be too impressed. We just saw Finnick O’Dair in his underwear!”

  3. I absolutely loved the movie! It was so good. I had no idea Suzanne Collins wrote that song. That was such a beautiful scene in the movie. I just wish the song were available on the soundtrack.

  4. I listened to the trilogy a number of years ago and for some reason didn’t review them. However, I remember being disappointed in the final book. My daughter said the movie was a little slow. I’m thinking I would like it.

  5. Maybe having the book as a dim memory helped (all I remember is that I liked it, but my daughters did not) but we all really loved the movie. I cried a LOT, pretty much everytime Katniss did. And I thought that the scenes where multiple things were happening added an urgency that perhaps worked better on screen. I thought Julianne Moore was fantastic. And the end was quite chilling. I went in with low expectations (thinking, they can’t get all these movies right) and was pleasantly surprised!

  6. I wonder if it’s really fair to pick a winner until you see part II. I agree that the book had a lot of politics and I liked the second half of the book better (all the action!) but I think some of it will be hard to put to film. I’m curious to see how it all ends!

  7. I did not care for the book at all but I’ll see the movie when it hits the shelves.
    I tried to listen to the song you referenced but the video has been pulled ;(

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