BIG DRIVER by Stephen King

BIG DRIVER, Shephen King, Maria Bello, Book Journey, DeChantalI saw this one on another blog and can not recall where but knew I had to listen to it!  ~Sheila

Tess Thorne is the author of a series of cozy type mysteries and has quite the following of her books by the older generation as her books are about a knitting club.  When Tess is invited to speak at a Library a distance away from her home, she agrees.  The Librarian Ramona Norville gives Tess directions to a father way home after her engagement and Tess happily agrees to take the route as it will cut ten miles off her drive time.

While on the darkened back road short cut Tess experiences a tire blow out.  The large man who stops to assist her winds up assaulting her and leaving her for dead… and in a way he does; as the old Tess is gone and this new Tess is a harder version of herself.  A version that is no longer the meek and passive person she once was.  This new Tess is harder.  Stripped of her dignity, her old self is gone and the new Tess is about to seek justice.

It is interesting that King and I parted ways years ago but these past few years I have approached his writing again when I hear about something he has written that I think I may enjoy.  Big Driver was originally published in King’s book, Full Dark, No Stars, a book I have never read, but now have read two of the stories that have recently been republished as stand alone, this one as well as Good Marriage.

Big Driver is a dark telling of a horrible crime committed on an innocent woman, Tess Thorne.  What makes this is read interesting is how what happens to Tessa changes her into this stronger version of herself that knows what involving the police will do to herself as well as her career.  Right or wrong on her assumptions, Tess goes forward with her own plan.

I did enjoy this short read on audio with narrator Jessica Hecht (who also narrated Good Marriage).  Jessica’s narration was spot on.  She had an excellent voice for both Tess before and Tess after, as well as her handling of the voices for the other cast of characters.

I did mention that Big Driver is dark which should come as no surprise as it is a King book.  There is pretty strong language throughout this book, in this case it did not bother me much as the book really calls for it.  The book is also pretty descriptive on what happens to Tess.

I do like the cover which surprised me as I normally do not like pictures of people on covers as they then put that image in my head for the characters.  This one however fits the description of Tess, a petite woman.  I imagine this is Tess after the assault as she looks pretty bad ass here.  Broken in some ways but ready to do what it takes.

Note:  This is also a Lifetime movie starring Maria Bello (who I love!).  One I would like to see.

  • Audible Audio Edition
  • Listening Length: 4 hours and 20 minutes
  • Program Type: Audiobook
  • Version: Unabridged
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
  • Release Date: October 7, 2014

18 thoughts on “BIG DRIVER by Stephen King

  1. I reviewed this one when the movie came out last month and the movie was pretty close to the audio book. I enjoyed them both but what a tough subject matter for any woman to read.

  2. I reviewed this last week (5 stars!) and you commented that you were going to download it, so could have been my blog that convinced you to listen. 🙂

    I agree about the narration being spot on. I liked all the little variations in voice – and the different voice she did when Tess was thinking rather than speaking.

  3. I’ve got Full Dark, No Stars, which is the novella techeditor was talking about. I’ve read 1922, the first story and Big Driver is next (I took a break and am reading Horrorstor before I start it). I have the movie dvr’d, but I’m waiting to watch it until after I read the book.

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