A Good Marriage by Stephen King


Just when I think I can not be surprised… I read A Good Marriage by Stephen King.  A chiller that will go right through to the bones.  ~ Sheila



While Darcy’s husband Bob is away on a business trip, Darcy comes across a well hidden box under a work table in their garage.  When she opens the box she is stunned by what she finds and believes that there must be some sort of mistake.  Bob,her husband and father to their now adult children has never been nothing but kind and loving… but this… this finding opens up a Pandora’s box on Darcy’s entire life.  Now Darcy needs to make some pretty heavy decisions before Bob gets home.





I have not read a King book in years.  In fact, the last King book I read was 11-22-63, which if you have read, you know that while it is an excellent read, it does not really feel like a King book.  When I was offered this book on audio for review and seen that creepy cool cover *pause here so you can look at it again*….

I though this would be a great time to spend with King.  And it was.  I have to say this book was darker than I had anticipated.  It is hard to find a book that can spook you without gore, and A Good Marriage succeeded in giving me chills, but not grossing me out.

A Good Marriage is twisted good.  A review I had read on this recently on another blog (I apologize for not remembering where I read it) said this would be a good audio for someone new to audio as it is only 3 cds (3 hours) long.  I would agree with that statement.  It is not a huge commitment and wow… you will find yourself having trouble not finishing it right away so you know.

“Oh my Lord!  What is going to happen!?”

My only personal grumble is the narration of Jessica Hecht bothered me when she was reading Darcy’s part.  I found Darcy to sound too frail and too soft for what I guessing her age to be around 50.  In Darcy and Jessica’s defense, I like strong female character so this may just be something that grated on me. 😉

Creepy good.


 **Important note – I am seeing on-line that this read has been released in a different King book called:  Full Dark No Stars.  This has caused some dispute to those who had read Full Dark No Stars (which has three short stories by King in it) and did not realize that A Good Marriage was one of these stories which they had already read.


  • Listening Length: 3 hours and 33 minutes
  • Program Type: Audiobook
  • Version: Unabridged
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
  • Audible.com Release Date: September 30, 2014


31 thoughts on “A Good Marriage by Stephen King

      1. I will keep it mind. I picked up a hardback book by Louise Penny this morning. She has been getting a lot of press on Mystery forums. Wednesday is the day the library comes and bring books,to us.

  1. My bf recently asked me if there was something “like Goosebumps but for adults”. I told him to read Stephen King 😛 He never fails to spook me out. I’m still getting nightmares from Pet Semetary. This sounds like a good Halloween read…

  2. Full Dark No Stars was super dark… I really liked A Good Marriage! Bad Driver was the short story I struggled with due to it’s darkness. You should check out the rest of Full Dark No Stars sometime!

  3. wow, Sheila, a whole book in just 3 1/2? Really? Was it a short book?

    And, you know, I would love to get in a Stephen King novel. I had won one once (whoa, look at those three words consecutively and not even on purpose! lol), but it was gorey from the beginning. I’m totally not into gore, so reading it was even worse. I gave that book to the library. BUT, I asked Stephen King fans, if I had to choose ONE, which would be the one to read and I ended up purchasing The Stand when I found it in the annex at Barnes. It’s such a big book, I wonder when I’ll be moved to pick it up. THIS one, though, sounds really good. I’m not sure I want to be that spooked, but since there’s no gore, it’s not crossed off the list. GREAT cover, too! 🙂

  4. I am interested in this one, basically because it’s creepy but short. Perhaps since I don’t do audio I should read Full Dark, No Stars. To the commenter who doesn’t like his gory & violent books– I agree, but there are also some that are more psychological than bloody. I suggest the same one you did 11/22/63, Bag of Bones, The Stand, Misery, Duma Key, etc. Also: The Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me, and the Green Mile. Thanks for your excellent review.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE Stephen King!! I hope to get this soon. I’ve always read his books in print,, so this would be my first King audio. And I like that it’s just a few hours.

  6. King is usually too spooky for me — the violence (oddly enough) never even entered my mind. But LOVE his non-scary stuff. I think I’ll pass on this.

  7. King is all over the place right now. This movie releasing, and then the remake of The Stand and IT and his new book Revival, coming out next month. I accepted an audio book of Big Driver for review recently. I haven’t gotten to it yet but it’s another short story that is making the rounds even though it first came out some time ago.

  8. I’ve never tried audiobooks – I read quickly so can’t imagine having to take the time to listen to something.

    I haven’t read SK for years either but this sounds interesting.

  9. Sounds awesome, I haven’t read a King for years either. Might have to check out the library for the audio, I save the precious audible credits for longer audios lol

  10. I hit on King at about this time every year. Imagine that. 🙂 I’m glad to know this appears in Full Dark, No Stars. I might be able to check that one out from the library since it’s been out a little while. I’m sure The Good Marriage already has a huge wait list. Thanks for the info!

  11. I listened to this in one day – it kept me company while I was grocery shopping and washing the cars. And you’re right, I didn’t want to stop listening. I hadn’t read Full Dark, No Stars, so it was a new story for me.

    I’m the one that said this was a good choice for new listeners. 🙂

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