A Day In The Life Of A Narrator – w/ Narrator Therese Plummer

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My name is Therese Plummer and I started narrating Audiobooks about 9 years ago. I have narrated over two hundred books. Some of my favorites have been The Virgin River and Thunder Point series by Robyn Carr, Tender is The Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Want Not by Jonathan Miles, Faith by Jennifer Haigh, The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson to name a few. I feel so lucky to have narrated so many amazing stories!


Therese Plummer, narrator, Sheila DeChantal, Book Journey

So a typical narration day for me starts with a really good nights sleep and plenty of it, 8-9 hours ideally. I will wake up and in the shower I will use a netti pot which clears out the sinus passages and do my vocal warm ups which include a variety of facial exercises, tongue-twisters and diaphragmatic breathing. I drink a liter of water. I will eat a light breakfast of a banana or oatmeal and have an almond milk cappuccino. Once I am at my studio, if it is going to be a six-hour day, I will ask my engineer if he/she will arrange the microphone so I can stand. I find my breath support is better on longer days if I stand. I will usually work an hour or hour and a half before taking a break. After two or three hours we will break for lunch and go back and work another few hours. A normal recording day is from 10am until 4pm. When I am done I usually don’t talk much for the rest of the night. If I have other prepping to do I will do that at home or just relax and get another good night’s sleep for the next days session.


What I enjoy most about the narration process is bringing this entire story and cast of characters alive. It’s like a one woman show every day. It’s amazing when I have been able to narrate with other actors on a story. It really is such a creative process. All of the theatrical experience I have has to come through my voice in the sound booth and it is imperative that I am able to convey that emotion vocally since that is all my audience has to go on. I am in someone’s earbud for hours at a time and as such the volume and intensity of stage acting must be minimized but just as effective to transport them through the story. It is such a creative challenge learning how to do this from book to book. I learn from every book I have recorded.


The other thing I love about my job is the community of actors I get to work with every day. The Audiobook community from the actors, engineers, producers, bloggers and publishers are the nicest group of people I have ever met and worked with. It is a big family and I hope I get to tell stories with all of them for a long time.


Check out more on Therese at her website:  http://www.thereseplummer.com/


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55 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of A Narrator – w/ Narrator Therese Plummer

  1. I’ve always wondered how many hours in a row a narrator will read for. When my husband and I read aloud to each other, we get pooped after an hour or two! Thanks to Therese for sharing and Sheila for posting!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, it is interesting to gain insight into a narrator’s day. It sounds very challenging – 15 minutes reading aloud a day does it for me. Thinking of all the prep they must do as well, as so many narrators have different voices for each character.

  3. Awesome to know what it is like. I’ve always wondered. It seems so seamless though I know it’s not. I’ve only listened to one book where I could tell it was a different session, other than that, it just sounds like they are sitting there reading for hours and hours. I LOVE VR & TP, though I haven’t listened to the audiobooks. I’ll have to now, just to hear hers. 🙂

  4. Wow! I never thought about how many hours a day a narrator must talk. Don’t think I could do it! I have a new appreciation for all narrators!!

  5. Reading about Therese’s day was very enjoyable and interesting 🙂 So thank you both for that! I couldn’t help thinking it would probably be better if she didn’t stand the whole time, but had a high stool to semi-sit on periodically for some relief without constricting anything.

  6. i’ve always wondered what a day in the life of a narrator would be like – fabulous insight into a working narrator’s life! thanks for sharing

    btw, I noticed you’re reading Andy Stanley’s book for study ~ I attend the main NorthPoint campus!

  7. I hadn’t thought about the standing part being better for a long day. I would imagine when you sit for too long a period of time you tend to slump down a little more in your chair as time goes on.

  8. Loved this post. I’ve enjoyed Therese Plummer’s narration of Robyn Carr’s Grace Valley series. She’s one of my favorite narrators.

  9. It is so interesting to know what goes on behind the scenes! It is much more complicated than I ever realized. Great post!

  10. May I ask – Is Therese related to Christopher Plummer, Tammy Grimes, Amanda Plummer? I grew up listening to Tammy Grimes on the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. I’m very interested if anybody can fill me in. Can’t find the answer myself online. Thank you.

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