Morning Meanderings Reading Reading Reading… NOT



Good morning!  Poo weather here the last couple of days which makes me a little disgruntled.  Not like I have had a lot of extra time this week with a Wine and Words meeting, a City Board meeting, and Monday’s second dose of The Fault In Our Stars (glutton for punishment I am….) but… I want to mow the lawn before I leave for the cabin probably early in the am now because I will not be ready to go tonight unless I stress myself out – and I am going to try to not stress myself out.

About the reading…


Right?  I am sad to admit that I am reading the SAME BOOK that I was reading on the plane on my way back from New York a month ago.

shocked-smiley-emoticonIt’s true.  It is that time of year of gardening, lawn care, house cleaning, being outside, walking, running, biking, cabin, projects, grilling…

However – this weekend with a couple days at the cabin that is about to change 🙂  I will of course be finishing up on The Three by Sarah Lotz (yes yes yes I have been reading a book about three plane crashes while I myself was on a plane).  It is good, the formatting is interesting….  and hopefully next week I will be telling you more about it 🙂

Then… I will be looking at Little Mercies by Heather Gunderkauf (LOVE her books!) and The Young World by Chris Weitz.  Yes – BOOKS.  Glorious BOOKS.


The Three, Little Mercies, The Young World, Heather Gunderkauf, Sarah Lotz, Chris Weitz, Sheila DeChantal, Book Journey

Of course, as you know, its not that I have not been talking books.  I have been doing a LOT of audio, a lot of REALLY GOOD audio.  We still have a few days of audio month left….

Have you tried audio yet?  If so what are you listening to?

If not, Why not read some of the audio posts here suggesting books and give one a try? 



Please watch this site for June audio book related posts.  For every post you comment on in June that has this audio book symbol:

Audio month, Book Journey, Sheila DeChantalI will put you into a drawing for a $25 book certificate for each comment (Barnes and Noble or Amazon – your choice).  Winner will be drawn in July.


To help you out – here are the posts that qualify for this Audio Month Giveaway:


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18 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings Reading Reading Reading… NOT

  1. I have not tried audio books yet, but my daughter Kristin of Kritters Ramblings and I have introduced my other daughter Jennifer of The Underestimated Mom to your website. She has a five year old and another one on the way – audio books really work for her.

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Little Mercies. I thought it was a breath taking, awesome book. You will not be disappointed!!

  2. I love audiobooks – although I pretty much only listen in the car

    Right now listening to Mary Roach’s Stiff – all about life after death – cadavers etc – kinda weird/quirky non-fiction, next up is Tess Gerritson’s most recent Rizzoli and Isles book (last to die)

  3. Sheila, you do SO much reading (and audio is “reading” too 🙂 ), you shouldn’t feel bad when real life interferes. That’s ALL my life seems to do! lol Enjoy the process 🙂 AND the cabin!

      1. LOL, Sheila! That’s my NORM! That’s why I get so frustrated with my TBRs ’cause there’s so much to read and so little time! It’s why I’m so amazed at how much you and so many others read!

  4. I am not reading much in the way of print books, ’cause I’d rather hold my new grandson! Like Candace, if it wasn’t for audio… I am listening to The Directive by Matthew Quirk, Vanished by Joseph Finder and finishing up Three Weeks With Lady X by Eloisa James.

  5. I am about halfway through with The Three. I like it enough to say it’s a complete distraction from The Goldfinch which is what I am supposed to be reading for book club. Just finished We Are Called to Rise on audio. It was very powerful. Twice, came near crying.

    1. OOh thanks for the audio tip! I will finish The Three tonight. I keep picking bad times to read it like while hubby is watching tv (inevitably I get sucked into the show) or when I am super tired.

  6. Not sure I’d be reading about plane crashes while flying. I keep adding to my audio list. It’s rather exciting.

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