Morning Meanderings… I was never a reluctant reader… but I was a non reader


Good morning! 

This morning while sipping on my coffee using THAT CUP you see above, I was reading Shelf Awareness and reading some of the stories that surround World Book Night.  I enjoy reading about the reluctant readers who received a book this past week and who are curiously (hopefully excitedly) cracking open that book and falling into a story.

I love that imagery of “falling in” because that has happened to me so many times before. 😀

As I sit here this morning ignoring the clock and the fact that I still need to do my 4 minute express workout before prepping for my day (a promise I made to myself), I think back over my history with books.

Books have pretty much always been there for me although I do not come from a family of readers.  Neither my mom or my dad were readers,  I only had my sister for 5 years and during that time she was not a reader…. I wonder now if she would have loved books the way I did and the way I do….


As a child – I think life circumstances brought me to books.  I was an only child until the age of 7 with two working parents.  People didn’t travel then as much as they do now and I found my way around the world through books.  As a kid it was Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and The Little House On The Prairie Books.  As middle grade it was more like Judy Blume (there was not a lot of great choices for middle grade and YA then like there is now).

I remember I fell away from books in High School when life was BUSY and homework, friends and boys called my name… when I had my first real job and driving was suddenly an option. 

After High School when I was living on my own and holding down a job I went back to books and stayed there through my twenties finding Dean Koontz, and Stephen King to my liking for mysteries and crazy suspense….  I think I dropped off a bit as the boys became involved in sports and boy scouts … and then back again as they became involved in their own lives and branched out… by then I was in the Bookies and book doors had opened wider than I ever thought they would.

The cool thing about book clubs I think you will agree, is that you will read a book that you may never have chosen for yourself or by yourself.  Book Clubs stretch our reading and boy… .mine did that for me!  I love watching people come into our book club with a “I do not read this, and I won’t read that….” and months later they are reading this and that and enjoying it. 

Books change people.

Well… the rest of my book life is history.  Books led me to book club, book club led me to blogging, blogging led me to you fellow readers, and book expos and author events and well….

That’s my train of thought this morning.  Books are amazing.  Readers are amazing.  It’s almost like we take on an extra dimension in our way of thinking in our way of relating….

ahhhhh….. books 😀

13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… I was never a reluctant reader… but I was a non reader

  1. I grew up on a farm, a lonely place…unless you had books. My mother was a reader, and so was my brother. She took me to the small library in our village, where I proceeded to read almost every book there…and then again. lol

    I also loved Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, and a few others, but by junior high, I was reading adult books. I don’t think YA was a thing back then (in the dark ages…lol).

    Love reading about book journeys!

  2. Love hearing about your Bibliophile journey. My parents and my siblings were all big readers. My Grandma challenged my Mom as a child to read faster and more mature books for her age and happily she did the same for us. My Mom used to take us to the library and give us series challenges to build our skills. Now we are all speed readers that adore reading. When visiting relatives that did not read they would never understand how we all wanted to read books in the evening instead of sit in front of a box. I adore reading to this day its a large part of my life and every day it takes me somewhere new. Good for you for finding your own true love with books.

  3. I love that photo, awesome!
    My Mom and Dad were not big readers and often told me to stop reading and go out
    to play. But now in their eighties have both started reading and always ask me to bring
    them some books. I am so happy they now get why I love to read!

  4. I do come from a family of readers- it is actually a little crazy how much everyone reads. My dad had the most irritating habit of closing a book for the night with a few pages left-drove my mom bonkers. I have always read- but I remember having to take time off from reading for pleasure while I was in college and again my first few years of teaching high school-then I would save all my reading for summers!

  5. Terrific photo! I don’t understand people who don’t read, because their “eyes hurt” or because they’d rather watch T.V.. Really?!

  6. My father was a reader of books, nearly all technical but still . . . Mom read too but mostly novels and magazines. I grew up knowing that a house without books is not a home, and certainly not a place I would want to live.

  7. I’m glad you found books and reading and that you share your experiences with all of us!

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