Dewey Read-A-Thon is coming!!!



The read-a-thon is coming!!!  The read-a-thon is coming!!!  April 27th is the read-a-thon!!! This is my FAVORITE read-a-thon each year and I am always thrilled if I can participate!  Originally it looked like I would not be doing much of the read a thon as I was leaving town Saturday and doing a bike ride on the 28th.  Well… life stuff has happened and now I will be in town and unfortunately skipping out on the bike ride due to other commitments, BUT that also means I will be around Saturday for the read-a-thon!!!

So what is the Dewey Read-A-Thon?

Well the event has a wonderful history, while by the time I became involved in this crazy world of book reviews, Dewey was gone, but I absolutely love the tradition that long-term book bloggers have kept going… passing the torch so to speak and keeping the candle over the memory of Dewey and this event eternally lit.

SO….. I am sharing ALL of this with you because it is not too late to join!  It doesn’t matter if you can not do all 24 hours.  Do what you can – and believe me, setting aside a day to enjoy books is wonderful!  AND bloggers offer mini breaks where you can go and do challenges to take a little break and have a chance to win a prize!  (I LOVE) the mini breaks 😀

Join me, and many (currently over 300) other book bloggers and book lovers for this event!  Check out details and sign up here! 

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  1. I am such a huge fan of this read-a-thon! I can’t wait!! See you there Sheila!

  2. i can’t wait. I’m just choosing my books. Really excite about this one! 😀

  3. I have not yet officially participated, although most weekends do find me reading nonstop….

  4. At the last read-a-thon I spent way too much time visiting blogs on the mini-breaks and not enough time reading. I suspect the same thing will happen this time!

  5. Books have been choosen, now I just need to find healthy snacks to go with them! LOL.

  6. I am participating too though I really should use the time to do some badly needed cleaning 🙂

  7. Thanks for spreading the word, Sheila, and for volunteering your time to help out! Blessings on your head, my friend.


  8. I just signed up for this today, my first time participating, can’t wait!

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