Morning Meanderings… Back To The IHOP



Good Morning.  Since Donna from Writer’s Side Up likes hat I am in IHOP every morning… thought I would take a picture.  🙂  Here are my discoveries about 4 am IHOP:


1.  A lady that works the early shift at IHOP, also works at the hotel I am staying at.  She is very nice.


2.  Some people… should not dress themselves.


3.  When a man walked in this morning wearing all camo from head to toe (and no not a hunter)…. I wanted to say, “Oh!  I almost didn’t see you there!”  But refrained as I thought he may not get it.  😉


4.  50’s music.  I did not know that was an IHOP thing.  I like it.  Wish I had packed my poodle skirt.


5.  I wish I had an IHOP attached to my house at home.  I would go there every morning… coffee and an English muffin.  Life would be so simple…


Getting ready for work this morning… or more honestly… I am ready for work just caffeinating myself for another 11 hour + day.  I am tired.  I have not had a day to myself since October 19th, before vacation with my son. That is a lot of days of being “ON”.   As an introvert that takes its tole.  I am spent. 🙂


Morning Meanderings… Thousands Of Miles for this Traveler


Good morning from Wildwood Florida!  Yesterday was a record travel day… I was up at 2 am, met my friend at 3 am and we drove 2 1/2 hours to the Minneapolis airport.  We landed in Florida by 11:30 am, were on the road (after a long car rental situation), and drove 2 hours to pick up the equipment we will need for the job while we are here.  Then we drove 2 1/2 hours to where we will be staying (here).  We unpacked our car, then went to Walmart for supplies for the time we are here – food for our lunch and dinner mainly as we will be working sun up to sun down for quite a few days here.

So what am I doing?

I am working with my friend with the bees she has brought to Florida for the winter.  They need to be split (that sounds harsh but it it not) to make more hives for their future trip in February to California.  Really the whole thing is fascinating!  I have not split hives before but I will learn today.  We are starting a little later today as we are waiting for my friends husband to arrive, he is driving semi here and he has items we need on the truck including all my bee-gear.

I am currently in an IHOP having coffee and planning out my blog posts for the day as well as hopefully (internet willing), updating the Harry Potter Re-Read individual participants page.  I am almost finished with my re-read of book one which has been my plane read.  I have much to say about our first book!  It is not too late to join in… there will be lots of fun things happening the next 5 months as we go through this game changing series. 🙂

I am reading – listening to audio and prepping my book club reading so I can participate in next Tuesdays conversation even though I will not be there 😦  (HATE missing book club!

I will be popping in as I can and keeping up and there is a review coming up yet today on the movie Nightcrawler!  (Have you seen it?  OOH it is another twisted tale!)