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Question to Bloggers…

I was just having a conversation on Twitter about how we as bloggers keep track of our books as theyBook question come in, blog tours…. what we sign up for, etc…

As I have become more involved in blogging these past few months I have realized that I really need to keep track of the books and where they come from (they don’t always come with paper work!) as well as blog tours, giveaways, etc…

Currently I am using an agenda book where I record all book related things…. but chatting with Jamie, from Revenge of the Book Nerds on Twitter, she is using Google calendar and I bet that works pretty slick.

What do you use to keep track of your book happenings?

Monday Mind Game: What do you look for in a book blog?

Question_HowMost of us have a few favorite blog stops we like to keyboard our way over to frequently to see whats new.    Today’s question is… what do you look for in a good blog, one that you go back to again and again to see what they are reading, what they recommend, etc…

For me… I look for a blog that:

  • Is active.  Frequent posts and activity on the blog.
  • The posts are mostly book related.  I am a book blogger, I am interested in book related blogs.
  • The book genre is something I like reading about.  These blogs write about books that I either have read or would like to read

How about you?

Monday Mind Game… What is a funny memory involving a book?

question-marks1Here is mine…  I am almost to the end of the final book in the Harry Potter series, book 7, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows.  I am so close to the end… but I have a commitment to go work out with my friend Heidi, so what does any book lover do?  I took the book with of course!

My poor friend worked out next to me on the elliptical watching in total awe, as the tears ran down my face while I finished the book.


Another time, years ago, my husband, the kids, and I were in Costa Rica on vacation.  We were all by the pool, and I seen an older gentleman relaxing in a pool side chair with a copy of a beautiful hard cover Davinchi Code, but it was in another language.  I love starting conversations with people I see reading so I approached him and asked if he was enjoying the book, because I really had liked it.    He looked at me like I was from another planet.

I smiled and walked away ( can you say AWKWARD???).  Later I recapped this story to my husband Al who said, “Maybe he didn’t understand English.”laughing-smiley

Oh.  Oh yeah… I hadn’t thought about that.

Anyone else?  Or is just me?

Monday Mind Game: Who is your favorite fiction Character?

Certainly at some point through our reading life there is a character (at least one!) who really was books_questionsomeone you could see yourself hanging out with… or even in some cases, you may wish your life worked a little more like theirs….

This would be the character that while you enjoyed the book, you were so sorry to see it end, as then you had to let them go.  You may even have wondered where they went from the book ending…. what was their next adventure… what ever happened to them?  Are their pieces of them somewhere in the author’s draft pile?

Monday Mind Game confession from me….. the answer is Mia from the Three Sisters Trilogy by Nora Roberts.  I mentioned in last weeks Monday Mind Game how I love this trilogy.  Mia is an excellent character.  She is a young, brilliant woman.  She owns a thriving book store with a small cafe on a second level (Basically she has my dream job too).  She is described as elegant… she flows when she walks.  (Trust me… I do not.)

The fact that in this book she has powers that have been handed down for generations  really  has nothing to do with my liking of her.  I like her because she is written in my favorite character style – a strong independent woman who can handle herself in pretty much any situation, all the while maintaining a femininity about her.

When the books ended, I was sad to see her and her friends go.   I know I was lucky enough to have hung out with her for three books.  Yet, I felt there could be more to say.  I even considered writing Nora Roberts and asking her to bring that group of characters back.  When the books ended they were all still young and had full lives awaiting them.  There could be another story line there…

I may write her yet.

So…. here is the question… who is that favorite character to you?

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Clipart Illustration of a Bunch Of Floating Party Balloons With

Monday Mind Game… What is your “indulgent book?”

Come on…. you know you have one.  What is that one book that you have loved so much, that you take it and read it once every year or two.  The one that going back and revisiting the great characters makes you feel a part of their world.

Maybe you display in proudly.  Maybe.  Maybe you can’t believe you keep reading it over and over when there are so many books out there begging – crying even, to be read…. yet this one calls you so you have it hidden like a bag of Milano Cookies.  milano better one

So here is mine.  It is actually three books.  It is the Three Sisters Trilogy by Nora Roberts. These books, Dance Upon The Air, Heaven and Earth, and Face The Fire are the books I turn to again and again.  If I find extra copies at sales I always pick them up to give to friends because to me – they are MUST READS.  For the record, I am not a Nora Roberts fan…. yet these three books are nothing like I feel she has written before.

There.  I said it out loud.  What a relief.  What a weight lifted off my shoulders.  Thanks for listening.  So come on…. what’s yours?

Leave your comment here and I will enter you  into a random drawing for a new copy of Dance Upon The Air (the first book in the trilogy) (US addresses only please and no po box #’s) Contest ends on Monday July 6th.

Blog about this on your blog and link it back to this contest…. I will give you an extra vote.  So come on…. spill it.  🙂