Monday Mind Game: Who is your favorite fiction Character?

Certainly at some point through our reading life there is a character (at least one!) who really was books_questionsomeone you could see yourself hanging out with… or even in some cases, you may wish your life worked a little more like theirs….

This would be the character that while you enjoyed the book, you were so sorry to see it end, as then you had to let them go.  You may even have wondered where they went from the book ending…. what was their next adventure… what ever happened to them?  Are their pieces of them somewhere in the author’s draft pile?

Monday Mind Game confession from me….. the answer is Mia from the Three Sisters Trilogy by Nora Roberts.  I mentioned in last weeks Monday Mind Game how I love this trilogy.  Mia is an excellent character.  She is a young, brilliant woman.  She owns a thriving book store with a small cafe on a second level (Basically she has my dream job too).  She is described as elegant… she flows when she walks.  (Trust me… I do not.)

The fact that in this book she has powers that have been handed down for generations  really  has nothing to do with my liking of her.  I like her because she is written in my favorite character style – a strong independent woman who can handle herself in pretty much any situation, all the while maintaining a femininity about her.

When the books ended, I was sad to see her and her friends go.   I know I was lucky enough to have hung out with her for three books.  Yet, I felt there could be more to say.  I even considered writing Nora Roberts and asking her to bring that group of characters back.  When the books ended they were all still young and had full lives awaiting them.  There could be another story line there…

I may write her yet.

So…. here is the question… who is that favorite character to you?

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21 Comments on “Monday Mind Game: Who is your favorite fiction Character?

  1. Ohhhhh thats a tough one cuz there has been so many but the most recent one was Tender Graces Virginia Kate! I didn’t want the story to end, i wanted it to keep going and to see what she was going to do next !
    I’ll definitely be back on Wednesday!! ;0)

  2. How can one flow when they walk? I always fall over things. I’ve even walked into walls.

    I loved Eowyn from Lord of the RIngs. Her life was sad… but at the same time it ended really happily and she found out who she was in the end. All the same, I wonder what happened to her afterwards. How was married life? How was having children?

    • I think since the character is part witch with good powers… flowing may be part of that package….lol

  3. ohhhh I don’t know…there’s so many I like. Of the most recent books I’ve read I’d go for Locke Lamora. He’d be a pretty funny guy to be around with and there’s never a dull day with him around.

  4. Hi, Sheila! Thanks for visiting my blog! It’s nice to meet you! Two characters I’d loved to hang out with are from books still going – Stephanie Plum from Janet Evanovich’s series and Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books. There are many more – from the romance and YA genres – and I’m sure the list will keep growing. I often wish there were more hours in the day so I could spend more time reading!

    Great blog – I’ll be back!

  5. That’s my dream job too – a cafe and a bookstore! Maybe when I “retire” as a mom… 🙂 I know I’ve met characters like this, but right now, I can’t think of one in particular. Hmmm…

  6. not a recent one, but I loved the Michael Connelly ‘s Harry Bosch character.

  7. My favorite character is Macy Moore from Georgia On Her Mind by Rachel Hauck. I have never before related to a character like I did Macy.

  8. I do love Betsy from the Betsy Taylor series by MaryJanice Davidson. Sure I don’t have that shoe fetish but I could see myself hanging out with her.

  9. Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. She was also a very strong woman. In those days a woman did not have the luxury of being able to speak her mind, but that did not stop Elizabeth. She stood up to people and spoke her mind, and the person’s rank or status in society did not stop her. Loved the book, loved the movie.

    • I am so reading Pride and Prejudice right now…. I loved Elizabeth in the movie. So Angie… are you going to be Elizabeth for the October Dress as Your Favorite Fiction character party? Oh I hope you do!!!

  10. I have so many favorites, and they seem to change over time, so I’ll just go with my current favorite. As of today it is Thursday Next from Jasper Fforde’s amazing series. Thursday doesn’t take crap from anyone, loves books almost as much as I do, and gets to drive a convertible. What’s not to love?

  11. Probably Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. She loves reading and she’s spunky, a daydreamer and gets into the most amusing antics.

  12. Oh I love the Three Sister Island Trilogy. They are such awesome books. I may need to re-read them.

    I think mine is Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. She encompasses everything a woman should be 🙂

  13. Mine is a toss up between Elizabeth Bennett of Pride and Prejudice, and Eowyn from Lord of the Rings.

    With Elizabeth, I loved her independence, wit, humor and vulnerability. She has a sassiness and sarcasm that reminds me of my myself.

    Eowyn’s struggle to be heard, to be seen and to matter struck a chord with me the first time I read her. Her struggle reminds me so much of what women have to fight through to bring out the person they’re meant to be.

  14. I love this question…and after thinking a few minutes I would have to say my favorite character would be Jamie Fraser from Diane Gabaldon’s series…he’s exciting, adventurous, funny, loving, ingenious….daring….sexy (in my mind)….love him!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other night! I truly appreciate it and love meeting new book addicts!!

  15. Hi Sheila! My favorite character would have to be Claudius from I, Claudius, the novel by Robert Graves. I can relate to the poor guy.

  16. I love Kay Scarpetta. She’s smart, sensitive, tough, and loves to cook! She lives in Virginia (like me) and is a good friend to others. Plus, she catches the bad guys (or girls)!

  17. Okay, now I’m curious! What are the titles of the “three sisters” trilogy books by Nora Roberts? I may have read them, but hey, I can’t recall everything anymore! lol. But it sounds familiar…

    • Hi Laurel…They are Dance Upon The Air, Heaven and Earth, and Face The Fire

      If you have not read them I think you will be surprised… very good.

  18. Though I have fallen in love with many, many characters over the years, Morag Gunn from The Diviners by Margaret Laurence, is the one character closest to my readers heart!

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