Monday Mind Game: What do you look for in a book blog?

Question_HowMost of us have a few favorite blog stops we like to keyboard our way over to frequently to see whats new.    Today’s question is… what do you look for in a good blog, one that you go back to again and again to see what they are reading, what they recommend, etc…

For me… I look for a blog that:

  • Is active.  Frequent posts and activity on the blog.
  • The posts are mostly book related.  I am a book blogger, I am interested in book related blogs.
  • The book genre is something I like reading about.  These blogs write about books that I either have read or would like to read

How about you?

18 Comments on “Monday Mind Game: What do you look for in a book blog?

  1. I like blog posts that are not too long, but not too short. I don’t like too much of the plot revealed. I read a review this morning on Librarything and when I was done, I didn’t need to read the book. The entire plot was explained.

  2. I like blogs that cover a large variety of books, but then again I like that I know of certain blogs that focus on YA or say Fantasy. I like a blog that has a variety of topics and not just books, because I like to get to know the blogger too.

    PS…I like yours. 🙂

  3. I like a blog about books, but also about issues…I like an interesting site with lots of links to other sites; I also like a site that is well-organized, but not boring.

    I like YOUR site, Sheila.

  4. These blogs write about books that I either have read or would like to read

    Blogs I like don’t have to be that active – with google reader, even once a week or so will show up, and we can keep in touch.
    A variety of posts – reviews, features, memes where you get to know the person a bit.
    Unique features, like your Monday Meanderings, that showcases something new.

    It usually ends up being someone I imagine I am having coffee and chatting with – about the books we’ve read, or just gabbing.

  5. As a reader of book blogs, I like… 1. When the reader sums up what the book is about overall within the first few sentences, 2. When the post includes more reaction and less summary, and 3. Pictures, especially those taken by the blogger.

  6. I like book blogs who have shorter reviews. I love to read reviews but I’m real cautious when I read. Too many spoilers out there for me. I also like blog with upcoming releases. I love to get an idea of what I might like ahead of time. Book mems are fun to read also.

  7. I like more reviews and news and less meme’s. They are fun, but not what I’m after in a blog. I really like scifiguy and literary escapism because they both do a roundup of what’s happening around the web, with interviews and contests.

  8. I think raidergirl3 summed it up best for me when she said:

    It usually ends up being someone I imagine I am having coffee and chatting with – about the books we’ve read, or just gabbing.

    That’s exactly how I feel. I also like blogs that have great discussion going on in the comments – like the comments I just read in this post. 🙂

  9. I, too, like blogs that are somewhat active. One where I’m interested in what they’re reviewing. But most of all someone who is friendly and who I think I could be friends with (like the above posters mentioned). I like the layout of the blog too.

  10. For me there are a few things that I take into consideration.

    One is genre: I will visit a site a few times, and if I discover that it’s all vampire books all the time then it’s not going to be one that I check very often.

    Another is the relationship I have built with other bloggers (this is actually at the top of my reasons). If I have interacted with people a lot and built a friendship with them then I want to read pretty much everything they post. I love reading personal posts along with the book reviews. Sometimes memes get a little tedious (I like some more than others) so I just skim for the ones I like.

  11. I blog almost entire about books, but every once in a while, pictures will seep in. I also will review movie or a show like True Blood, but I have to be excited about it. I like blogs similar to my own. I love to read, so that what I look for.

  12. I pick a book blog that has a variety of things: short reviews (I skip over long ones), a variety of books (not soley one genre), and a connection to the blogger–whether common interests or personality.

    Give-aways are nice, but certainly not a draw for me.

  13. Hi! I agree with your list and I like your blog. I also agree with some of the other comments… I don’t want items that are too long because there is so little time!

  14. I’m looking for something different in each of the blogs I read and what I expect out of them. My favorite blogs get away with murder. They’re put into my reader and tend to be posting reveiws and news that transcend trends. They also tend to have unique topics. They can veer off topic in a post from time to time and be horrible at keeping a schedule. But the writing is fresh and the information invaluable.

    Other blogs are on my radar to visit frequently, the have to post regularly or I will forget about them. These bloggers tend to be a little more generic in topic and are maybe reviewing the same books other bloggers are. They can’t give away the entire plot and must be good writers.

    Finally there are blogs that I use for resources and may like but don’t feel the need to visit requently. They’re normally saved in my bookmarks and can get away without posting regularly since I go back once in a while for a cram session. These tend to be niche blogs that I can cull for information/ideas but am not interested in adding to my packed reader. They have to be accurate with their information and again well written.

    And funny always helps with any blog!

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