1st Book of the Year 2023

This is definitely the most disorganized First Book event I ever hosted. Yet despite my lack of creating the event, posting my intention on Good Reads, and overall communicating – many of you came through with a first book! HUZZAH!
That said – if you did not get in on this year, I am extending photos to come in through January 7th. You can Facebook Message me (Sheila DeChantal) or email me sdechantal@gmail.com) I will update this post next Saturday.

For those of you who sent in – thank you! I believe I captured all of you in the following photos – if I missed you let me know. Below the photos, you will see the list of the books selected this year with links for you to find them yourself. You will also find several authors in the mix – and for myself… I show up twice as I could not make up my mind. 😀
It was an interesting year with few duplicates unlike past years – a diverse set of reads!

Thank you again! Happy New Year!

27 thoughts on “1st Book of the Year 2023

  1. I am so happy that you are extending the deadline! I was out of the country so didn’t have my book and now I do. I’ll send you my photo in a few minutes!

  2. My comment didn’t post.

    LOVE this as always!! THANK YOU.

    Lots of good-looking books to “check out.”

    I see you have THE BOOK HATERS BOOK CLUB…I enjoyed it. I think you will too.

    Happy New Year and Happy Reading in 2023.

  3. I don’t have anyone to take my photo..at age 85 living alone in my condo while my husband is in an assisted living facility. BUT my first book of the year does not appear on anyone’s list… The Circus Train by Amita Parikh Marcia Lengnick in Adrian, Michigan

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  4. I kept meaning to sit down and look to see if you were putting this together for this year, but I never managed to do even that! Or managed to decide what my first book would be! I’m going to decide and send you a picture today. Thank you for extending the deadline and congrats to everyone who sent theirs in already for being so organized!

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