First Book Update!

Hey all -how is January going for you? Minnesota is as expected… SNOWY. Not my favorite time of year by any means however it does lend itself as more “indoor girl” time which means… more reading. While I have nothing impressive to report yet – (my days have been filled with work, meetings, event planning, article writing, and Kylie time!) – I do have vacation starting at the end of this month which I hope to fill days in the sun… with great reads 🙂

Here is the update to our First Book entrees for 2023. Thanks to all who participated – for the full list of books (linked) as well as all the pics for 2023 (this is just the update) – see the original post.

Have an amazing rest of your weekend!


8 thoughts on “First Book Update!

  1. #FairyTale is STILL my #firstbook2023 however, and outside project is upsetting the apple cart so to speak

  2. Aww, my pic didn’t make it in? That’s OK! I’ll be on time next year. I’m reading The Last Samurai by Helen DeWitt. It’s a challenging read. Happy New Year to all!

  3. Thank you for hosting “First Reads” again in 2023. I discovered your blog last year and got so many good reading recommendations from “First Reads 2022.” Your blog is appreciated!

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