First Book of 2023 – The 10th Annual!

It’s Happening! I am excited to announce that this is the 10th Year of The First Book Event! If you put “First Book” in the search on this page you can bring up the years of fun posts and pictures of people all over the world with their first book of the year that they are planning to read or are reading into the New Year! It’s a great way to get ideas on what is being read and what to add to your own To Be Read list!

So what is First Book?  First Book is the first book you plan on reading in the New Year.  It can be a long-coveted read you have not had time for, a guilty pleasure read like a re-read of a favorite…  really it can be anything – it is…after all…YOUR First Book.

Make it AWESOME.

Then, once you have picked what it will be, email/ Facebook message/ text me a picture of you with the book (send it to  This adds to the excitement of the First Book.  You have between now and December 31st to send in your choice.  On January 1st I will post all the pics in a collage format of all of you around the world that are doing First Book.  I do hope you will join me – friends, family, fellow book lovers, a friend of a friend of a friend… you there in the corner looking at this crazy site for the first time – you as well.  I enjoy putting this together every year and seeing all the great books and pics come in really makes my heart smile.

Here are just a few of the over 100 books that came in last year:

It’s fun. It’s easy to do.
1. Take a photo of you with the first book you plan to read for 2023

2. send it to me – – or if you have my number text it to me or send it on messenger through Facebook.

Have FUN!!!! Happy Christmas!!!


14 thoughts on “First Book of 2023 – The 10th Annual!

  1. Good to hear from you! Was wondering about #firstbook hence my messenger post a week or so ago. Still trying to figure out if I want to read Stephen King’s FaryTale or Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. Not even going to think about it until after my outpatient procedure at the end of this week.

  2. Here you go, Sheila. Keep it up.Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Years!Cheers,-Cary P.S. Oh, and I see I’ve covered up part of the author’s last name. Amy McCulloch.

    Cary Griffith Cell -612-237-7307

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