The Sometimes Sisters by Carolyn Brown

It is a familiar theme… something tragic happens that brings family back home to a place they never thought they would return to it not for the circumstances.
There is a reason this is a familiar theme – it works. ~Sheila

Sisters are not always close.

Dana, Harper, and Tawny may have been closer when they were younger. In the summer days they spent at their Grandmother Annie’s resort in Texas there were fond memories of laughter and swimming and sunshine. Yet that was years ago, and ten years have passed since the sisters have returned to the resort – and in that time each have had life happenings they would rather not share – even with family. Especially with family.

When, the news comes about Annie’s passing, the girls are summoned to the resort that they soon learn they have inherited with a few stipulations. Annie’s long time friend, Zed is there to help with the transition, but there is more to this new inheritance than the girls anticipated and Annie and Zed had a few surprises in store.

Why is it that I am always just putting on my makeup when I get to a part in an audio book that makes me cry?

The Sometimes Sisters on audio was the perfect listen as I prepared to go on vacation. A fun story that at moments tugs at the heart strings as three stubborn sisters find their way begrudgingly back into one another’s lives. While the story is a bit predictable and this story line has been done in many ways (someone passes away, someone inherits a home/place/ store… and has to return to their hometown to put things in order only to find that perhaps this is what has been missing all along…) it is still a valuable read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I do not believe I have read this author before, however I will search out her books in the future. Her writing reminds me a bit of Mary Kay Andrews, Mary McNear, and Dorthea Benton Frank (to name a few) – all authors I have enjoyed sharing with my Aunt.

Have you read Carolyn Brown? If so what books would you recommend?

4 thoughts on “The Sometimes Sisters by Carolyn Brown

  1. Carolyn Brown’s name on books looks so familiar, that I was sure I must have read at least one of them! But no, not yet. I always glance at the covers and titles and think of adding them to my list, though.

    Yes, so many books follow the same progression, but when I want to sit back and just relax into one, predictable elements are like a comfort.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve read some. If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, they are part of the subscription. They can be a little over the top sometimes, but in general I enjoy them.

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