Sunset Beach my Mary Kay Andrews

I think I have read just about everything Mary Kay Andrews has written.  She is one of those authors that is like cleaning the palate of your mind – her books tend to be lighter, yet interesting and characters that I totally want to hang out with.  ~Sheila

Drue Campbell is trying to keep it all together.  She is working a dead end job, has no relationship with her father, no siblings and she just buried her mother.  Her absentee father Brice, a personal injury Attorney, just showed up on the scene offering her a job with his firm extending the olive branch to reconnecting.

Oh – hells no.

Yet, as luck (or lack thereof) would have it, Drue is let go from her job and finding that she had inherited her Grandparents Beach home in Sunset Beach, near her fathers firm – she decides to bite the bullet.  How bad could it be?  Upon accepting the job offer, she meets the Office Manager – who is her frenemy from 8th grade… AND just happens to now be her dad’s wife.


Add in some quirky co-workers, a potential love interest, a case of wrongful death that may or may not have involved her father, a missing woman….  we have ourselves a pretty good story.


Ok what can I add to that?  I loved the book.  I enjoyed this one on audio while mowing the lawn, planting and weeding and even while cooking dinner.  The characters are a delight and our protagonist is someone I definitely want to hang out with at one of those local bars mentioned in the book.
Definitely a perfect read for this time of year, it left me wanting to know what is next from Mary Kay Andrews AND have I missed any of her other books.
Recommended?  You betcha.  Grab a margarita and settle in.


8 thoughts on “Sunset Beach my Mary Kay Andrews

  1. I really liked this one and think it could be the start of a series. No idea if she’ll continue with these characters but I’d read it if she did!

  2. Sheila,

    Loved this book too. Another similar author is Dorothea Benton Frank. Her newest is Queen Bee.

  3. I received a lovely copy of this book in the mail and it’s the first time I’ve picked up any of her books! I hope to read it very soon but I am glad you enjoyed it. Makes me eager to read it.

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