Morning Meanderings…Collagen Is NOT Tasteless

You can see the “essence” of collagen on the rim of my cup….

Recently I was in a conversation with some friends regarding self care. Collagen was a part of that discussion. One friend mentioned this Collagen product that you mix in your beverages and wallah – easy self care for your skin, hair and nails. I was in it to win it.

Or so one would think…

In Collagen’s defense, it’s not horrible… it simply has a slight “taste” to it like you know there is something is in your coffee… you are just not sure what. (Is it a sock??? Baby powder???) Sure I could take this in capsule form, I just felt that this was more streamline. You are supposed to take two scoops in the morning and again in the evening and I have not been consistent enough yet to say I notice a difference one way or another.

So there’s my collagen story. Admitting I have reached that age where I think about things that may better my appearance/health/over-all-being.
And gah….
I hate to admit it.


13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…Collagen Is NOT Tasteless

  1. I think collagen tastes a bit like plastic. And it turns into sludge except in very specific circumstances. I can put two scoops in a muffin recipe to add more protein and it’s completely unnoticeable. If I add a scoop to a frozen smoothie, it blends in with no taste or texture. If I’m very careful to add a scoop SLOWLY to defrosted and squished blueberries (that I then put into oatmeal), I can get it to dissolve with so little sludge-texture that the oatmeal covers it. But mostly, it’s not worth the cost!

  2. Sheila my dear: there is no actual PROOF that ingesting collagen is worth the trouble. It is an inert substance that passes much like fiber. Just because it’s the “new cool thing” doesn’t mean it’s helpful or good for you

  3. This made me laugh as I’ve been trying to get a little self care back into my life and was thinking about adding collagen. I just tried a vitamin that is supposed to have a minty tab in the bottle to keep them fresh but when I put them in my little pill organizer the smell quickly turned to more of a rotting fish smell and so I’m out. I think I’ll take a pass on the collagen too – or at least go with capsules of collagen and a different vitamin brand!

  4. I bought some that Jennifer Aniston says she uses — she’s gorgeous, so it must work, lol! I tried it in coffee, and it tasted a bit off. I doubt I’ll continue using it, but it was worth a try!

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