The Girls Weekend by Jodi Gehrman

Perfectly creepy in a Hitchcock sort of way, The Girls Weekend was a delightful “who done it’ that kept me guessing to the end.” ~Sheila

June Moody has long since moved on from the high school competitiveness she had with her frenemy, Sadie MacTavish. It’s been over a decade since her school days when an invitation to a weekend long baby shower for a mutual friend comes in the mail, hosted by non other than Sadie herself, now a successful Author. June is more than happy to say, “Hard -pass.”

No one needs that kind of drama.

However, for June, the days leading up to the shower result in an unforeseen breakup with her boyfriend. The desire to get away for a few days and see some of her old friends causes June to change her mind. As the guests arrive at the gorgeous home and the drinks are poured, old rivalries rise to the surface. The guests awaken the next morning to the house in shambles, a blood stain on the staircase and Sadie is gone. What’s more, no one seems to recall fully what happened the night before, each girl with vague recollections of a disagreement but nothing more. As the weekend wears on, and Sadie does not return, the police start a search for what is not a missing person. As each girl is questioned it is revealed that everyone attending the party had a reason to want Sadie out of the picture.

spooky good. Not over the top and while at times you need to suspend belief, an overall good read that kept me guessing. Reading this right before I left for a girls weekend? Even better. LOL – keep your friends close…

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