Daughters Of The Lake by Wendy Webb

A beautiful story from the past and the present. ~Sheila

When Kate Granger returned to her childhood home on Lake Superior, she did not expect to find a woman’s body enwrapped with her newborn in the shallows of lake Superior. While no one knew her identity, Kate felt she had seen this woman before – in her dreams.

A long time ago, many many years before Kate was event born, a young romance ends in tragedy…

Now, the lake has chosen to bring the past into the present and allow justice to be served. What this has to do with Kate, remains to be seen.

I read this book a couple of years ago with my book club. I thought I had written this review, however while reviewing Wendy Webb’s latest book I found that I had not. I am definitely distanced from the book now so I can not share a lot of details – I can share that I enjoyed it and it made for a wonderful discussion with our book club.

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