Always the Last To Know by Kristan Higgins

Ha! Every family I think has one, that person that feels like everyone knew before they did! Such a good read! ~Sheila

Juliet and Sadie are as different as sisters can be. Juliet, with the successful career as an architect, charming Brit husband and two magnificent daughters; and Sadie who is single and teaches by day yet dreams of becoming an artist.
When their father John has a stroke that leaves him with little speak and gaps in his memory, the girls coming rushing home to help their mom. As the family gathers the cracks begin to show, their parents marriage is not as all as it seemed… Juliet spends more time in the closet having a panic attack then she would ever wish anyone to know, and Sadie finds herself back in her home town where the love of her life still resides and she is the reason they are not together.

Set around a familiar setting of adult children returning home to care for an ailing parent or home left in their name, there is still something to say for a comfortable narrative. Higgins, takes this comfortable setting that feels like a good cup of soup and spices it up with some interesting twists such as impending divorce that goes awry.

Higgins lets the story unfold from the perspectives of the different characters as times hilarious, and at times sad, I truly had my favorite I was rooting for (hint hint – always a fan of the underdog!) I absolutely loved Barb and her conversations with her friend about what she knew about John.

Overall, worth the read. I love a good solid story even with a familiar foundation.

6 thoughts on “Always the Last To Know by Kristan Higgins

    1. I haven’t read here in a while and I know I tend to rate higher on audio so that may have been part of this semi win. I do find the “coming home to save the day/the farm/ the ailing parent”…. etc a little played out although I completely understand it is a book set up with endless possibilities. 🙂

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