GREENLIGHTS by Matthew McConaughey

I love memoirs on audio that are narrated by the author and I love to learn more about the famous people I have enjoyed. ~Sheila

This is the audiobook listen that almost wasn’t. While browsing through Audible for my next listen I came across this gem and was so exited to know that Matthew McConaughey had written a memoir. What did I know about Matthew? Now a whole lot. I knew I enjoyed many on his movies. I knew he was (or came off as) arrogant. I knew I had some vague recollection of an encounter with police that involved nakedness….and bongos.
So yeah.. not much.

I listened to the sample of the audio and that is what almost made this a no…. Yes people, that small snippet of an audio, or that blurb about a book on a dust cover is important. What I heard was Matthew fast talking like a rap-poem and not all all what I hoped to listen to. A quick browse through other audio options brought me back to Greenlights and I decided to give it a try. After all, one of the beauties to Audible is that if you do not like the audio – you can return it – no questions asked.

Turned out, I really enjoyed it. In fact I enjoyed it so much I finished it – and promptly listed to it again.

Sheila, why would you do that?

When listening to audio I am usually multi -tasking; cooking, cleaning, painting, crafting … something. So while I am listening, it is not like a book where I can pause, and reread a line to let it sink in more. In Greenlights, Matthew had some pretty interesting thoughts on life, and quotes I wanted to remember. It was worth the listen. BOTH times. (Yes, he talks about the bongos incident)
What I heard was someone that grew up around the craziness of being accepted as an actor with little to no experience but a drive – an inner need, that is impressive. Coming out the other side I found a whole new side to this actor I knew little about – coming out more mature, a firm believer in himself and God and finding joy – even in the mistakes along the way. All in all, a healthy and beautiful way to view life.

Highly recommended for fans of his movies…. don’t let that audio sample fool you. 😉

21 thoughts on “GREENLIGHTS by Matthew McConaughey

  1. Sheila, I’m glad that you enjoyed listening to this memoir–twice!! It sounds like it would be interesting on many levels. My last audio book was also a memoir, Becoming. I enjoyed it a great deal.

  2. i enjoy listening to audiobooks as well, multi-tasking the same as you tho i’ve never listened to one twice–and McConaughey? you are right–i’d have given it a pass. great review–i’ll think about it again.

  3. I got the audio from Audible and was really enjoying it (I’ve been a fan of his for years), but once he started talking about things he did in private, I stopped listening. I don’t need or want to know about any of that. Ruined the whole book for me 😦

  4. I also love listening to audiobooks of memoirs from the authors. I do a lot of multitasking while I listen to these books as well. I like your idea of going back and listening for a second time. I usually pick certain types of books so I don’t have to always pause and reflect. I would highly recommend a couple audiobooks that were my favorites this year.

    Know My Name by Chanel Miller and Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow.

    There are some very sensitive issues being discussed in these books but they are very powerful nonetheless.

  5. I couldn’t find any book club questions, so I made some of my own – feel free to use 🙂

    1. What did you already know about Matthew before you read the novel?

    2. Outlaw Logic – What did you think about Matthew’s retelling of his childhood and his relationship with his parents? Did anything surprise you?

    3. What did you think about the way Matthew coped with his gap year in Australia? What do you think you would have done in his situation?

    4. Matthew lived a very nomadic lifestyle and describes many times where he dropped everything and went onto the next place. What, if anything, do you think gave him the ability to do that?

    5. Matthew chases his wet dream to both the Peruvian Amazon and Mali, Africa. What do you think he learned from these trips? Would you want to go on an adventure like that?

    6. What did you think about his style of writing/ audiobook performance? How does this book differ from other memoirs?

    7. Matthew has littered his book with poems, prescriptions and bumperstickers. Did any speak to you in particular?

    8. “No longer chasing butterflies, Camilla and I planted our garden so they could come to us” How do you think Camilla changed Matthew’s life?

    9. Matthew decides that he doesn’t want to do rom-com movies anymore and ends up spending 20 months out of work. He even turned down $14 million for a movie. What did you think about this decision? Would you turn down a decent sum of money to chase your dreams?

    10. Is there anything you think the Matthew left out that you would want to know more about?

    11. Matthew describes this book as a “love letter to life” do you think it lived up to this name? Is there any other way you would describe it?

    1. THANK YOU AMY!!! I’m moderating my book club tonight and you are going to save the day!

  6. Thank you Amy much appreciate, I too amount to launch into a book review. It was a good book to listen too if you like Matthew or if you like the dreaminess of his voice. I enjoyed listening but was disappointed I missed the photos he included.

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