The Retreat by Mark Edwards


Sometimes you need just a good solid mystery to wrap your mind around….



Julia’s world fell apart when two years previously she lost bother her husband and daughter Lily in the same day.  Her daughters body never surfaced and Julia, trying to move on but not sure how, remains in the same home which she has now opened up as an Author’s Retreat Center.

Lucas, an author who writes Horror, has come to the retreat escaping his own demons.  When he hears about Lily’s disappearance, he becomes obsessed with finding out what really happened.

Surrounded by a town that believes deeply in old superstitions, quirky characters and deep secrets – what is about to come to the surface is not at all what anyone expects.


I dove into the retreat looking for a good mystery to release my mind from the non fiction I had been reading of late.  A book about an Authors Retreat and a solid disappearance was just the ticket.  I enjoyed the mix of Author attendees at the retreat and the mystery of Lily had just the right amount of spooky flavor to not be over the top.  I thoroughly enjoyed this read – surprised in the end.


This was my first time reading author Mark Edwards, and it will not be my last.


5Sheila DeChantal writes book reviews at Book Journey as well as writes on other subjects including Life, Grief, Food and more at I Guess I Am Doing This.

9 thoughts on “The Retreat by Mark Edwards

  1. Other than a few Nancy Drew books, I’ve never read a mystery book before. It’s on my list of genres that I want to brand out and read this year. This sounds like an interesting book. I love a book with an surprise ending!

  2. Well, everyone knows that if it’s a mystery, I’m so there, right? I do read other things, but most of my reading hits the mystery genre somewhere. I’ve not yet read a book by Mark Edwards. He’s been on my list for a long time and I’ve heard good things. I like the idea of the author retreat. I’ve read a couple of books in the last year using that as a plot device and it seems to work well. Glad you liked it!

    1. That’s funny – mysteries can be hit or miss for me. It is hard to find one I like as some go too far and creepy and others are too silly soft. This one (I feel like I am in a Goldilocks and the Three Bears movie) was just right! ;P

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