Theft By Finding: Diaries 1977 – 2002 by David Sedaris


A long time ago I discovered David Sedaris.  I have enjoyed him on audio while working on things and laughing out loud.  It is a good combination and it was fun to return to him and catch up.



I can not recall when I first found Sedaris.  I am sure it is in my archives here but I am being lazy drinking coffee and putting off what I should be doing so… meh.

I pulled this book out a list of audio I recently downloaded so I could listen while I painted the kitchen.  Sedaris proved to be as funny as ever and while painting I enjoyed some real laugh out loud moments.  Theft By Finding is snippets that he has taken from his diaries, of funny thoughts, happenings, and a solid reflection of the way he looks at the world.

Sedaris fans may find this book at times to not be as solidly funny as his other books, sometimes you only get a sample of where he is going, and at other times the story may be more about family and life events.  Still – I enjoyed it.



5Sheila DeChantal also writes at I Guess I am Doing This where she talks on other things besides books such as Life Happenings, Food, Adventures and Grief.


6 thoughts on “Theft By Finding: Diaries 1977 – 2002 by David Sedaris

  1. I often wonder if the more books you read of someone, or the more stand-up you watch of someone, etc, the less funny you find it because you get used to their humor, or is it them that become less funny?

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