Don’t Let Go by Harlan Coben


In my teens… I loved me some Stephen King… he was my go to for dark stories.  In my twenties, I discovered Dean Koontz (a little less wild than King) and read everything the man wrote… and then I found Harlan –  who has a a way of mixing great mystery with witty humor…  there’s a little something he adds to the genre that makes my heart leap when a new book is coming by him.



New jersey Detective Napoleon Dumas (yes… Dumas… not a typo) is still haunted by the freak accident that took the life of his twin brother Leo and Leo’s girlfriend Diana when they were all still in High School.  Both were found dead on the railroad tracks, the whole episode put in the books as teen partying.  That same night, Nap’s girlfriend Maura broke up with him and was never seen again… as years go on, it seems that other close friends of Leo’s are also dying in mysterious ways.  Is someone trying to keep something quiet?

15 years later… none of this still makes sense.

When Maura’s fingerprints show up in a rental car of a suspected murdered, Nap feels he may finally have a lead to answers.  His search becomes an obsession as he feels he is on the verge of knowing what really happened that night to his brother, Diane and what are these ripple effects that still seem to be happening….

Harlan Coben and I at the book expo in New York, 2011


I do love Coben’s mind.  Don’t Let Go, is a perfect title for this book and true to form… Harlan does not let me down with a protagonist with a last name of Dumas.

Classic Coben.

Don’t get me wrong –  Coben’s humor does not get in the way of a good mystery, in fact other than Dumas’s unfortunate name (which admittedly he was teased for throughout school) the book lends itself to a dark mystery of covered up events.  I found myself having a hard time putting the book down as I wanted to know what was going to happen.  The ending was a solid “Whoa!”  And that’s a good thing.

Readers who enjoy a good solid mystery that does not go too far or gory will enjoy Coben’s books.


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9 thoughts on “Don’t Let Go by Harlan Coben

    1. Kathy, they are all so good. I loved his Myron Bolitar series. And then when he started writing stand-alones, I loved those too. They are all fast reads because you don’t want to put them down. You can definitely fit some in between a couple of literary tomes.

  1. Sheila, I have seen him in person several times. He’s like a stand-up comedian. He is so engaging and very self-deprecatory. He once told a story about how his book was sitting on the kitchen counter, open to his picture. He said his daughter walked by, said “Ew,” and walked away. The whole crowd burst out laughing.

  2. It’s so neat to see that you’ve met your favorite authors. It’s like how we knitters love meeting our favorite designers; I’m looking forward to meeting a few next week at the conference.

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