Artemis by Andy Weir


The Martian was my first dabble into the mind of Andy Weir and I loved my stay.  Artemis is one of those titles that sat in my mind way too long before I finally pulled it to the top of my list.  
What took me so long?



Jazz Bashara lives on the only inhabited are of the moon, Artemis.  She is snarky and resourceful, doing small smuggling jobs to keep her in barely enough coin to cover a place to stay and a little food to eat.  You do what you need to do to get by.

When a chance to do a large job with a big payout falls into her lap – Jazz can not resist the possibility of having a big pay day.  With a little help from her friends she dives in with a few miscalculated bumbles and an error that reveals a much larger plot that appears to threaten all who live on Artemis.


In a word… Jazz is a hot mess.  She is mouthy, quick witted, always in trouble and I adored her.  I listened to Artemis on audio and hearing those first few snarly words brought me right back to The Martian.

I was giddy with happiness.

Absolutely treat yourself to a a ticket to Artemis. If you enjoy Andy Weir’s style – this book will not disappoint.


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