Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis


This is my first dabble into Rachel Hollis… and it will not be my last.



As I try to think how this came on my radar – I get little snippets of memory.  In the office – I am sure it was mentioned,  then at a lunch with friends… I started to see the book show up on “Must Read” lists, blogs, and in stores… and then…

it was in my home.


And now for my confession.  I tend to look (or I guess looked… past tense now) at books like this as Self Help, a Genre I never had much time for.  If I am totally honest – I had an opinion on these books to be full of things we should already know….

  • Get up – Its a new day!
  • You are the controller of your actions and reactions
  • One Step at a time
  • RAH! RAH!
    • etc… etc…

AND…. honestly (again with the honesty) when I started reading this book – I had a friend in mind who I wanted to pass it to and told myself I would see if it was a good fit for her.  I started reading it with that mindset of “Oh yes, this will be good for her to read.  Oh – that’s perfect for her

AND… for all of that – I am sorry.

BECAUSE – As I read Girl, Wash Your Face it started to resonate with me.  It went from being a book for my friend…. to a book that slapped me in the face.  There are things in each of our lives I feel we believe or hold back because of – something in your childhood, the way you were brought up, something that happened – or did not happen…etc etc… your own self perspective that makes you who you are today and why you do some things and why you don’t do others.

I really hope you are following…

I could go on and on here.. and in fact I may pull out the SPOILER Button here so as I process through this those who choose to can follow and share as well…

Bottom Line – we all got STUFF.  It makes us who we are – for better or for worse and I find the message that Rachel sends out to the world is the same one I try to live by –

Live life to the fullest.  No matter what your stuff is, you can take it and make it into a part of building you up and into a positive.  I know – (believe me I know) that does not always come easy.  If fact you are probably thinking of some of your stuff – harsh losses, broken relationships , deaths, finance issues, sickness….  and wondering how how how do you possibly turn that around to something.

Let me end with this – I found Girl Wash Your Face to be just the voice people want to listen to and know is out there.  Rachel Hollis is real and raw and lives much the way I choose to live my own life.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and shares her hardest and darkest moments coming from the “one of us” Team which speaks volumes in today’s society.  It’s nice to know there is someone out there that has been through it and come out the other side – not perfect – not having it all together – but broken like so many of us and still doing it.
THAT I can relate too.

If you haven’t given Rachel Hollis a try – I recommend you do.

Rachel Hollis website

Rachel Hollis Podcast:  RISE Together

And. yeah…. if you want to go there.. I think I have more to say.  ;P

16 thoughts on “Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

  1. I have this one tucked away on Paige, my Kindle…and I did start reading it. But then I got distracted and set it aside. I may have to pick it up now, since it resonated so much with you.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve seen this book around a lot and thought about picking it up. However, I wondered if it were more for younger women, like my daughter’s generation, with all their ‘stuff’. And I agree, we all have STUFF (with capital letters). I think it’s on hoopla at my library as an audio. I’ll think about listening to it at some point since it worked for you, Sheila.

    I’ll just add a little personal bit – I’ve found over the years, after losses and sickness and worry and tragedy, I often do run across people (I like to think that I’m attuned in some ways to some of these similar situations) who are at an awful point in their journey. I try to say a kind word, give a bit of comfort, and always offer to listen – right then or later – with judgment. I want people to know that you can continue with your own life journey and as you said, live to the fullest. Hugs to you, Sheila! And we soldier on…

    1. A lot does have to do to those with young children or she talks about pregnancy, newly married etc.. however I found things that applied to my “now” as well. I hope you give it a try and thank you for the hugs – cant pass up that 🙂

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