Morning Meanderings… Closet Gamer, Limping Dog, and a Book Event

Hmmmm….  I am feeling an update coming on for my Meandering photo…  needs…. something. 

SO… checking in here as I don’t read as fast as I once did.  Correction…  I probably read as fast as I ever did… its the time thingy to do it that is slowing me down.  Life is crazy self inflicted busy in good ways so not complaining.  And books still happen in book clubish ways and the occasional sneaking one in. 

So today I ramble a bit.  Because I have a little time having to skip the gym because I am taking Mater to the vet this morning… more on that soon….

Gamer.  I am sure I have mentioned it here before… my love for games.  ALL GAMES.  Board games, team games, strategic games and yes… video games.  And this weekend I bought an XBOX S. 

Yes.  Its true.  I love strategy games.  So I bought a few games and played… 


AND then Mater….  the Beagle Basset Hound hurt his foot somehow.  He has limped the last couple of days and last night I see one of his toenails was bleeding so I skipped the gym today and will be taking him in to the vet here shortly. 

And last… but probably what you really want to hear about,  Books, Burgers, and Brews is tonight and we have a full house of 65 RSVPS.  We will be discussing the book The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah. 

This GIGANTO book surprised me with the interest.  Coming in at 570 pages, I figured this group would be smaller.  I was wrong.  For a while we had a wait list on this one as we had filled our space and more people wanted in.  Wow….  magic book?  Great discussion?  Probably all of the above. 🙂  Should be a fun evening and I will post about it after.

So that’s my current sitch.  I am reading The Thirteenth Tale for next weekends Books and Beans discussion.  Another book I have always wanted to read – has been on my shelf FOR-EV-AH and now I am excited to read. 

Ok.  That’s it… I’m off.. to the vet…  and then to a lunch…  and then to prep for tonight. 

What Are You Reading that is AWESOME? 




17 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Closet Gamer, Limping Dog, and a Book Event

  1. I feel the same way on reading slower/less…I set my goal for 300 this year (well below previous years) and i’n Already 10+ books behind (not really worried but yeah it’s different)

  2. Just read a work in progress manuscript now titled Catch Your Breath by Steve Austin… and I’ve been asked to write an endorsement for it! (glup). I also have The Nightengale on my shelf.

    Just read “Madonna in a Fur Coat”. Set in Turkey and Germany after WW1. Fascinating little book that looks at love and hope

  3. Sheila, it is hard to fit it all in! I hope your dog’s paw will feel better soon. Enjoy your discussion and gathering re The Nightingale tonight!

  4. I hope Mater is ok. I be looking for news on him.

    We are a big gaming family and love all types. like you do. We have all the big name consoles starting with the Atari, and many many games for each. My two sons are huge video game nerds.

  5. Loved Nightingale! And anxious to read her new book, the Great Alone. I’m reading a great series called Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck. It’s a YA series that was recommended by students in my library. I’m loving it! Hope Mater feels better soon! My cat’s name was Mater when we adopted him but I named him Peanut after he ate a Styrofoam peanut. So his full name is Peanut Mater. 🙂

  6. I’ve been reading a lot this year. I’m working on a reading challenge where I read 100,000 pages in 1 year. So I have to read a lot to meet my page goals for the week. But I have noticed that I’m reading slower than I used to, and I have no idea why.

  7. I find playing games gives my brain something that books don’t. They both make you think but the strategy of games is, I think, really good for our brains.

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