Morning Meanderings… Some Days Minnesota… Some Days…

Mmm hmmm.  That pic is of me this morning… pre everything (make up, shower… well, not pre coffee).

I was up yesterday over 20 hours between my 4 am making the Donuts at The Center, to working all day, a road trip to one of the venues I work with, creating a package for a friend who just had cancer surgery, another meeting and then a dinner meet up with friends.  I came home and spent an hour on the phone and then watched The Tudors too long… trying to stay awake for the moment when they take away Anne Boleyn.   Finally gave up… that will have to wait for another day.  Sorry Anne.

Then…  I woke up to this….

Yeah..   Not sure how much snow dumped on Brainerd between yesterday evening and this morning… but always the optimist I tried to approach it as any Minnesota Girl worthy of the title would do:

You do… what you got to do.. knowing this too will pass…  Spring will come no matter how hard Winter tries to believe otherwise.

Anyhoo… COFFEE, cleaning up, and off to work.  I have bookish things to share… soon my book loving friends… soon…..



14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Some Days Minnesota… Some Days…

  1. We really thought we had a new place to live. However, something got “fishy”. They wanted access to an as yet not available annuity, “for HUD compliance”. And wouldn’t accept a state generated W2 form on a prior Tax form….really?! So, we are back to square one…..IV of coffee on isle 5 please… (sigh)

  2. I don’t think there is a time that is ‘pre-coffee’ in my life, when my eyes are actually open and aware. LOL

    I’m amazed at your bare tootsies in the snow. Not this Texas girl. Ha!

  3. okay, with snow is low temps, but so pretty. our temps in NWI are warm, hence a bucket load of RAIN! flooding–there went my fairy garden. my son said he hoped the fairies had flood insurance. i’m not sure what to think of his sense of humor, but hopefully, i’ll still have a few plants if not fairies.

  4. I am wearing jandals ( I think you call them something else) but hey its still summer here. Now I would have cold tootsies standing in snow. Very brave!

  5. Flip flops in the snow?! You are definitely heartier stock than I, the southern Californian! Is everyone there totally excited about the US Women’s Olympic hockey team? I hear a lot are from Minnesota.

  6. Wow! I knew you northerners, who are used to much more snow than we get, thought about snow in a whole different way!

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