Year One by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts was an author I once read much of.  Two particular trilogies that I still think of are her Three Sisters Trilogy (Dance Upon The Air) and her Three Keys Trilogy.  Although I have followed her incredible production of books, I have not picked one up in quite a few years.  This one though – this one… intrigued me.  ~Sheila


The sickness came on quickly.  People everywhere were getting sick, yet this was much worse than a flu epidemic… people by the thousands were dying. Then hundreds of thousands.  Many panicked, stores were looted; cleared of food and pharmaceuticals.  The world became every man and woman for themselves.  Survival was of the utmost importance ..

if you could.

Some such as Lana and Max, discovered they had powers… abilities that they were unsure where they had come from but they tried to learn how to use.  Unfortunately, not all those who gained powers were using them for good.  As New York becomes more and more frightening, and each person you meet could be either friend or foe, survival becomes the front most thought.


Nora Roberts never ceases to amaze me.  Her books can be so diverse from her writing as Nora, to her writing as JD Robb.  Dystopian fiction though?  I did not see that coming.

I enjoyed this start to a new trilogy, and felt that Nora Roberts rolled into this genre impressively so.  While an outbreak of a disease that wipes out most of the population feels like it could be scary real – the magic not so much, which levels this book from feeling to realistic to more of a fantasy sway to it that I enjoyed.  Remember those two trilogies I mentioned previously?  Both have magical elements to them.  Cant help it.. I am a girl who likes powers.  🙂

This book to me is a “yes try it”  to any lovers of fantasy.  While there are elements of Nora Roberts trilogies that seem to sprinkle through all of her trilogies – this is one where I say forget what you know about this author and jump in with an open mind.  This is one that if you did not know who the author was – you would not guess by reading it.

I am looking forward to the next book!


9 thoughts on “Year One by Nora Roberts

  1. Interesting. I have this one on audio, but haven’t listened to it yet. And I’m a big fan of both the trilogies you mentioned, especially the Three Sisters Island trilogy. I suspect I’ll like this more than some. I read all the J.D. Robb books last year – all 45 that were available. Wonder how long she’ll write those?

    1. I have never read her as JD Robb. No reason, just never have. I need to do that some day 🙂 If you liked the Three Sister Trilogy – I think you will like this. I liked the Three Sisters Trilogy because it was present time and I loved the thought of modern day witches… this one is futuristic.

  2. I really enjoyed this book. I feel like sh’es been gearing up for something like this for awhile now. She dabbles in magic, ghosts, and fantasy in her earlier series, but it’s great to see it in a kind of dystopian setting.

  3. I totally agree. This is SO far removed from her other novels that it is like it is from a completely different author. She has always done dark really well, but I think she nailed it this time for sure. I hope others give it a chance or long-time fans are not disappointed by the very un-Nora-like story!

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