Morning Meanderings…. Don’t Ever Tell Me That Real Books Are A Thing Of The Past


Oh Sunday!  It was so nice to get up this morning and not have to run out the door.  This past week has been crazy busy with the spring book sale for the library.  We moved it to a local mall this time that had a large unrented space that used to be a book store.  It was perfect!  We get so many book donations that our room at the library just gets too crowded.

On day one I arrived at 6:30 am with lawn chairs, per tradition.  The sale opens at 9 am however years a go a friend and I thought it would be funny to show up hours early like book groupies.  It became a trend.  Now at the sale at the library I need to show up around 4:30 am to be first in line.  Its a little lot crazy, but a lot of fun too.

Amy and I took our traditional picture.


By the time the sale opened at 9 am we had an incredible amount of people waiting to get in.  I recorded the line on my phone, and spent a lot of time yesterday trying to put that video here on the blog with no luck.  It is on Facebook and its only 40 seconds so please check it out if you have not seen it yet.  Here it is.

Usually I shop the sale with everyone else but this year I was so emotional seeing all of these book lovers rushing in to pick up second hand books for 50 cents that I started to cry.  Instead I took a few pictures and then went right to work helping people check out.



We had a record setting day.  Usually our first day sales are around $1700.00.  On Thursday, the first day of the sale we made $4200.00.  That is a lot of 50 cent books!

Due to my not shopping, by the time I did get a chance to look at books I walked away with my smallest pile ever from the sale:


As for books that made their way into my home this week (not by book sale):

3a - Copy

Some pretty exciting titles there!

Today other than a quick commitment to go pick up around the sale area for an hour or so, I am laying low.  Listening to a little audio ( The Dorito Effect) and maybe I will read a bit too.   Friday is our Gatsby event and it will be a busy week of preparing for that so today – I am slowing it down to a crawl.

Just for today.

11 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Don’t Ever Tell Me That Real Books Are A Thing Of The Past

  1. This is very cool. And comes right after I clicked on a link that a friend sent me showing Amazon’s 1st brick-and-mortar bookstore, in Seattle. Even Amazon recognizes the value of the print book. In fact, they have already announced a 2nd bookstore, in San Diego. And they have plans to open a bunch more around the country.

  2. I do miss bookstores, and thankfully, I do have one in my neighborhood, but it’s Barnes & Noble…I go there mostly for the coffee and a reading spot…and to check out the bargain table.

    I am seeing The Other Widow around….

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I loved Gift From The Sea too and you got a Nancy Drew book – an oldie – love it. And you picked up The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. That one will be on my Bookish Nostalgia post that goes live tomorrow. It was really good. I read it maybe 15 years ago? So happy to hear your book sale was so successful. Good job!!

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