The EX by Alafair Burke

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Jack Harris has avoided even thinking about dating ever since his wife Molly was shot and killed by a teenage boy three years ago.  Yet, one early morning while jogging he comes across a bare foot beautiful woman wearing a party dress sitting in the grass drinking champagne right out of the bottle and reading a book.  She holds the bottle up in a cheers motion, as he jogs by.  Unable to get the image out of his head, Jack shares this experience with his best friend who posts about it on-line hoping someone would be able to know who this woman is and connect her to Jack.  Days later, the mysterious woman responds to the on-line post, and a meet up with Jack is planned.

Olivia Randall is a Defense Lawyer.  When she hears that her former fiance Jack Harris has been arrested for  triple murder she knows there is no way that Jack could be guilty of such a crime.  Clearly Jack has been set up.  But by who?  And why?

Olivia chooses to represent Jack to make up for the way things had ended between them so many years ago.   Yet as the evidence comes out, there is more and more that looks like Jack may have committed this crime.  Is Olivia able to defend Jack if she is starting to have her doubts?  And if he did do it, did she ever really know him at all?



The EX was full of surprises for me.  I liked the synopsis and the set up of the mystery woman in a party dress in the early morning hours.  The book held my interest as it reveals the history between him and Olivia and what had happened three years before when his wife was killed.  For myself, I honestly did not have a clue how it was going to end or who was the murderer. The story line was fast paced and for me, time well spent.

I recommend The EX.  It was a good book to sink into.  An excellent legal thriller.



  • Hardcover: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Harper (January 26, 2016)


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