Morning Meanderings….. OH! What A Night!


Good Morning!

I feel tired and energized all at the same time.  What is that???  😛

Yesterday I helped to continue setting up the book sale.  It is looking so good.  Today will be detail work…. hanging signs, prepping the Friends Of The Library table…  I am excited for the sale to start tomorrow morning.


Yesterday evening, we had book club at my house.  We had decided to do soups and I was running around straightening the living room, chilling the wine, vacuuming the carpet, mopping the kitchen, and setting up chairs and little tables to set soup bowls on.  I made two soups – Chicken wild Rice to go with the book…. ha ha and a Squash soup because it looked YUMMY.  Lori in our group brought Chicken Tortilla soup. mmmmmmm


It was a fun night.  While the book was not what we expected (more on that later) we always have such a  good time together.  This next month we are reading A Man Called Ove and I am excited for this one.  We used the book in the bag program from the library but I am thinking I may go audio…. I listened to a sample and I liked it!  It is also always fun to give an audio report on a book at the discussions.

Speaking of Audio, I signed up for the Audio Book Blogger of The Year which the winner will be able to attend the 2016 Audie Awards Gala in Chicago on May 11th.  I will be there for the Book Expo this year so thought I would throw my hat (ear?) into the ring.   I think it would be a BLAST!

So today, off to the book sale set up again, but should be home early today which makes me sooooo happy as I work the sale the next 4 days from open to close.  I may rent ROOM to watch tonight…. I have been excited to see how it is.


22 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings….. OH! What A Night!

  1. That book sale table looks great. Wish I could come and buy. Know they are such hard work. Hope you guys have lots of success!

  2. Busy, Busy, Busy!!! Good Luck on your book sale. It looks awesome! I really want to read A Man Called Ove. Good reviews from friends too. I almost rented ROOM the other night, but I really want to read the book first. I look forward to your thoughts.

  3. All those books look wonderful…best of luck with the sale.

    Great you are going to the BEA. Have a great time. I am not attending this year.

    Good Luck with The Audio Book Blogger contest….you will be a terrific winner. Is it during the BEA?



  4. I’m going to BEA for the first time this year. I’m always excited to hear about other people who are going too!

  5. My book club did Ove in January and we all loved him. Have Kleenex nearby. I bawled during certain scenes, but so worth it!!!

  6. Sheila, your energy is amazing! Your book club sounds wonderful. I love soup. I hope you are able to see Room. I would really like to see it as well!

  7. Wish I could travel up to the book sale – what a lot of books you have! My book club read A Man Called Ove and we all loved it and had a great discussion about it.

  8. Good luck on getting the Audio Book Blogger of the Year! I want to go to BEA, but I just can’t with it being in Chicago. And it’s probably best for my bookshelves if I take a year off… sigh.

    Your book club and library are so awesome, which isn’t surprising since their common denominator is YOU!

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