At The Movies: How To Be Single

how to be single, book journey,Last weekend my cousin Cheryl and I had lunch and then went to a movie.  We decided to see How To Be Single.  I adore Leslie Mann, I think she is so funny, and Rebel Wilson was first introduced to me in the movie Pitch Perfect (which I love love LOVE).

Let’s bring you up to speed… (Note trailer is a bit “R”) – skip it if you just want my review 🙂

I have to admit, the movie was really funny.  Yes there is some crude language, but I have to say it is not a crude movie.  Last month I seen Sisters with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and IF I decide to review it is will not be favorable.  That movie was raunchy.

In case you skipped the trailer here is my cleaner version of what is happening…

After four years of college and being with the same sweet guy the whole time, Alice (Dakota Johnson), decides she needs to explore the dating world a bit before she settles down forever with Josh.  Excited to give her new singleness a try, she moves out of her apartment to live with her older sister (Leslie Mann) in New York for awhile and finds a job as a paralegal.  Her co-worker Robin (Rebel Wilson) decides Alice needs to loosen up a bit and learn what New York is all about.  With Robin as her undesignated guide, Alice is taught how to get free drinks, be non committal, and feel the freedom of being single in the city that never sleeps.

But when it gets right down to it, is this really what Alice wants?

I thought this was a really sweet movie. It is hilariously funny, but at the same time there is actually a story line running through along side that keeps the movie real at the same time.  The casting was wonderful.  Dakota Johnson can pull off the right level of innocence, and really if you have watched anything with Rebel Wilson in it, you know she can be outrageous in funny ways.  Leslie Mann provides a nice level between the two actresses as she is a single, well educated, and successful woman who has found she does not need a man or a child to feel fulfilled… or maybe not.  😉

If you do mind a little sexual humor, I would recommend seeing this movie.  This movie is rated R for language, not for visual happenings.  In fact if you watched the movie without hearing it, it would be PG13.  I only bring up the language because I want to be sure you know what you are about to hear, however if you watch the trailer you will have a sample of what I am talking about, it really doesn’t get over the top bad.



10 thoughts on “At The Movies: How To Be Single

  1. Thank you for the review. This sounds like the kind of movie that I would like to watch now. But I will have to wait for a while, for it to be released in India. This sounds fun. 🙂

  2. Interesting, Sheila. I pretty much agree with you. As an old guy (I went with my wife), I liked it better than I expected to. It was funny and, more importantly, had some heart. Plus Leslie Mann toned it down. Sometimes she can be a bit over-the-top. I liked her in this one. And I thought the language was fairly mild, given the nature of the movie. I gave it a 2.75/4.
    I also agree with you about Sisters. I don’t mind language, and I don’t mind raunch. But the movie has to be funny. Sisters was simply offensive. We left after 20 minutes.

  3. I love movies and don’t understand why they have potty language and nudity. I wanted to see Deadpool, but there were parts I didn’t want to see with my two sons even though they are grown. I missed a funny movie because they couldn’t leave out nudity.

    I did see The Choice and it was amazing. I reviewed it if you care to check out my thoughts.

  4. RE Sisters, raunchy movies can be awkward to watch with your friends! Lol. I loved this one to (4/5). Clever script and great casting. I was expecting a rom com though!

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