Morning Meanderings…Book-A-Mania




The weekends go so fast.

I have made my hubby peanut butter french toast, painted my toenails, stacked up the books of the week for this post, and am now sitting at the kitchen table with COFFEE CUP and watching the snow fall gently outside the window.  This season always makes me sad.  I long for spring.


Book journey



Left Behind

The Goblin’s Puzzle

The Eye Of Midnight

the girl who stayed

The Return Of The Witch

I’m Glad About You

River Road

Hundred Year Walk

The Tree In The Courtyard


The Opposite Zoo


BIG book week!

I have been receiving many beautiful children’s books that I need to start being better at reviewing.  Perhaps today will be one of those days…. the snow… the warm house.  Definitely a book day.




12 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…Book-A-Mania

  1. That was a big book week! Our winter has been very mild – we’re having spring like weather right now but I’m ready for summer already. I love all the sunshine and warm temperatures.

  2. Peanut butter french toast sounds amazing! I shall have to try to find a recipe for it on Pinterest. I long for spring too, it’s so wet and cold here at the moment, but thankfully no snow *touches wood*. Still, February’s nearly over, soon it will be March and then April!

  3. Nice stack of books. We had a bit of snow earlier this week – only about 3 inches, but it warmed up to tie a very old record of 75 degrees yesterday. We have cooled down to a balmy 55 degrees and getting colder with snow expected later in the week, but it will come and go quickly. I am so bummed out about our major lack of snow.

  4. Bring on spring. We haven’t had the usual amount of snow this year but we’ve had the cold temps. I’m hoping for more snow. And then a big thaw 🙂

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