Morning Meanderings…. SPOILER Alert


The older posts that seem to create the most attention here at Book Journey are the SPOILER pages.  I created SPOILER pages back in 2010 when I wanted so badly to talk openly about a book experience  but could not put what I wanted to say in a review for fear of ruining the book for someone who had not read it.  I even made a Sample Spoiler Page so those who were choosing to read a spoiler page knew EXACTLY what to expect.

I don’t use it often, only when I absolutely have more to say about a book and want to be able to talk about it freely with those who have read it.

On 9February 6th of this year, my Spoiler Page for Me Before You by JoJo Moyes received 3,978 views.  It is not unusual for a spoiler page to pick up interest when it is going to be a movie, but this still surprised me. When Gone Girl first became a big deal with the movie following, that spoiler page was receiving close to 5,000 views a day for close to a month.

Recently the ROOM Spoiler Page had a rise in views as well which makes sense due to the upcoming release of the movie.  Hot topic 10on that post?  Breast feeding.  Always has been.

I love spoiler discussions because they are kind of like a book club.  You all have already read the book.  There is a good chance in a great read that you have an opinion.  It is fun to vent, share, show your love or hate for a book.  Strong emotions are what drives a great spoiler page.

Come to think of it, I am due for a read like that.  Have you read anything lately that is Spoiler Page Worthy?  A book that you just want to talk about?

9 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. SPOILER Alert

  1. I LOVE YOUR SPOILER PAGES because they are brilliant. I had no idea they get so much traffic! Which only affirms how tiny my blog is because when I do one, I don’t even get comments. You just know how to sell them! 😀

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