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STOP!  If you have not already read this book than this is not the place for you.  Instead go and read my review of Me Before You…. read it, then come back here. 🙂  This is a SPOILER Page which means we will talk about this book with nothing being sacred or off-limits. 

Ok…. that said…. here we go.

My heart is still heavy from just finishing this book today.  I have so many thoughts.  One blogger friend of mine had said she just didn’t connect with Louisa, but I did.  I found her to be real and vulnerable and appropriately pissed when she should be 🙂

I guess what sticks with me most about this book is Wills decision to die.  I keep trying to put myself in his mothers shoes.  What if that was my child – or for argument’s sake, yours?  Honestly, as I thought through this and knowing that Will had completed the consultations and knew in his heart of hearts that this is what he wanted, I would let him do it.  I see no sense in forcing someone to live a life they know will only become more and more unbearable.  At that point, I would have to ask myself the hard questions, one being – am I doing this for them or for me? 

Kudos to Will’s mom.  I can totally relate to her as I imagine the humongous tole such a choice would put on you as a parent knowing the aftermath (as we see in the book) will fall on you as the mom.  The “how could you’s?” would be exhausting, but the nay sayers had not lived with and loved Will as she did, or seen his suffering day after day.

So maybe I missed this in the end – (there was some crying going on so I may need to listen to that part again), did they say what Will’s dad decided?  Did he leave his wife not feeling as though he was set free?  Egads… I am not sure where I am at with that yet. 

Readers, I am curious about where you landed on this one.  Love it?  Hate it?  What would you have done if you were Will’s mom?  If you were Louisa? 

Lets talk!  🙂

218 thoughts on “Spoiler Page for Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

      1. Thaaaaank you. This is a ridiculous ending. What would do!? I would live with that handicap for the rest of my life like anybody else would in that situation.

        1. I don’t think this is a ridiculous ending at all. You don’t really understand the situation until you have experienced it yourself or seen someone else go through it. My dad’s not a quadriplegic but he’s blind, can hardly move and still needs the same 24 hour care (I think he had a cyst in the brain). The doctors said he only survived because his body was so healthy, and so they could save him in time, but he told me if he knew that before, he would have stayed home and ate cake all day. Some people just believe that living the half life being restricted all day isn’t really living at all – and it shouldn’t be confused as a sign of giving up.

      2. I guess you’d have to be a quadriplegic to be able to speak to what you would do in this case. This is the story of one man … not every wheelchair bound man and woman. I think it is realistic that someone would want to do what Will did in this story. Likely most would not, but I cannot attest to that. This author chose to tell a story about one man who is quadriplegic, and his choice on how or whether he wanted to live or die.

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  1. definitly one of the best of the year…i loved how louisa didnt cave with will…she was herself and gave right back to hom i loved how it showed that maybe what sounds normal and right isnt i am thinking of when she took will to the horses…great thought..but not a good idea it made me think of how hard it would be to be disabled in our world..

    so few places have ramps,lifts etc i would have supported will in his quest to die..and i think louisa was too emotionally attached to realize what a commitment to will would entail..resentment.guilt.i cried a lot at the end i read her newest one….very good but it didnt grab me like this one did my book club is doing me before you in feb cant wait to hear their thoughts!

    1. Diane, I think Will loved that about Louisa too – her strength and her ability to not look at him like a victim that needs pity. The book does make you look at the world through Wills eyes – the inability to do anything on your own including using the bathroom after once being so full of life has to be beyond heart wrenching and maddening.

      I am hoping my book club will vote for Me Before You… I am going to suggest it as our February read as well.

  2. I totally got why Will didn’t want to live any longer and admired Louisa for wanting to put a spark back into his life. Having said that, I think I would have a lot of trouble letting go if I was Will’s mom. Sure, the logical side of me would say to let him go but my heart wouldn’t want to.

    1. I know it would be so hard Kathy but I believe understanding what they were going through and knowing they had taken all the right steps (consultations), I think I could do it. Not saying it wouldn’t just about kill me… or that I would remain sane, God willing – we will never ever have to make such a choice.:)

  3. I had to let this book marinate in my mind for a while before I could really form appropriate thoughts apart from all of the FEELINGS I felt. It’s just such a well-told story that rings so true. When I finished, I was angry at Will for not delaying his deadline – why not wait longer? I didn’t expect him to change his mind, but why not give yourself and Lousia a little more time? It felt so selfish to me, but then…the whole thing is selfish. Suicide is inherently selfish, and I think he couldn’t do it halfway or he wouldn’t have done it at all. It made sense. And it made sense that not everyone would be able to see through to understanding and acceptance, so I appreciated that Lou’s mom was so upset she stopped talking to her. We’re talking matters of life and death, and of mothers, who can’t imagine ever being aable to do such a thing until they absolutist have to. It’s not a perfect book, but it evoked a strong emotional reaction in me, and I can’t stop thinking about it. And really, what more can you ask of a storyteller?

    1. Well put Jillian! For me I think when I realized that Will’s health was not stabilized- the bouts of ammonia, knowing as time went on his health would continue to deteriorate and he would have no quality of life, I began to understand his reasoning a bit – trust me this is rare… I cant think of any other situation where I would even remotely agree to a suicide. To know that he loved Louisa but could not put her through the care and the constant upkeep speaks to me. His mind was truly made up. His family wanted his alive and around for them… but not for him. It really makes for great discussion.

    2. I’ve always thought that suicide was simply selfish. BUT Will’s story was totally different. I think at first his decision to die was because he didn’t want to live a life in a wheelchair after the adventurous life he had had before the wheelchair. BUT Will was very level headed with his decision and talked a lot about wanting Lou to live a life and have things he couldn’t give her. He was also aware that his parents were only staying together because they felt they needed to take care of Will. So I think some of his reasoning was very selfless in fact! I’m super conflicted with the idea of assisted suicide. I think to process this longer. I love a book that makes me think!

    1. And now it will be a movie. 🙂 In fact I actually read this book because I saw the trailer for the movie. And knew I couldn’t wait until the movie came out to read it. Loved it. Not because of the ending, but because of all the emotions it had.

  4. I loved this book and I don’t think I even wrote a review of it because I was so overcome with emotions myself! I sort of wished it had ended differently but I realize this was a good ending.

  5. I think this question would make for a great book club discussion! I could totally understand Will not wanting to live in his compromised state, and I, too admired Louisa for wanting to change his mind. What would I have done in his mother’s position? It would be difficult to see your child struggle day after day, but also so hard to imagine giving your blessing to ending that struggle…

  6. looks like we had similar thoughts, if I was Will’s mother or Lou, I’d have helped and supported him too while my heart was shattering. It wasn’t his decision to end it that broke my heart, it was his inability to sensitively word things with his loved ones that got me, weren’t they hurting enough without him stating the obvious? The discussion from your book club should be very interesting.

  7. Oh how I loved and was tormented by this book. If I was Will’s mom, I would like to say I would support his decision. I think it would be harder to watch him suffer every day than miss him after he passed, hoping and relying on my faith that he was in a better place. I have 3 sons and as hard as it is to take care of myself with a chronic illness that impairs my physical movement, I would much rather bear the burden myself than watch my kids suffer.

    I do believe that Will’s dad left his mom and felt set free. what a book! I wish my book club would read it but about half the group didnt like the drama of Sarah’s Key and couldnt finish it. I don’t see them finishing this one. We are sticking with reading through the Harry Potter series and starting Goblet of Fire (my favorite of the movies).

    1. How fun that your book club is reading through the Potter series! That sounds like a book club in itself. 😀 Our book has become closer through books with strong emotions in them like this one. We didn’t always read to this level of passion – and I remember the first one that we did (We Need To Talk About Kevin) was one that most of the group did not finish. I think if we were to pick it again now, we would have a much better review.

  8. I picked up this book yesterday after having seen so many raving reviews on Amazon. I was in need of a really good read and even though the topic was supposed to be heavy, I was still prepared to give it a go. The first thing that I thought of when the book ended was “how could this be labelled as romance”. I think it is well written, but it did not move me with the exception of maybe the mother. Her character was the only one that really touched me although she’s portrayed as being cold. Her desparation and anguish came through clearly and I felt for her more than anyone else in the book. As for Will, I don’t think he’s capable of loving anyone but himself and frankly couldn’t care less about him. Until I saw the explanation of the title by the author in an interview, I had thought that the title actually referred to the fact that Will put himself before everyone else, i.e. from his perspective, it’s “me before you”.

      1. Exactly. I feel this is more of a book about making the most out of your life and making decisions for yourself.

  9. I agree that they mutually loved each other and maybe Will did want to spare her. I was moved by both him, and Louisa. His mother’s position was understood but I could not relate to her at all. I did not read anything about the title Chris, and thought that it related to Will as well. By the way everyone, it is currently being made into a film.

  10. Okay, I seem to be in the minority that I am PISSED OFF and MAD AT WILL. I have a husband and three kids and a vivid imagination. I can see how difficult and frustrating it must have been for him. But, dude. (And I say this knowing that I don’t currently know and hope not to know the pain, the frustration, the challenges). Can’t you possibly see a life other than the jet-set, sex-with-annoyingly-disloyal-hotties life you previously lived? Get over yourself! Virtually no one lives that life. You have an amazing brain and wit, and someone who wants to share her life with you. WTF? Kill yourself because you didn’t end up with Alicia? AAAAAGH.

    1. I dont think you are in the minority. When my book club reviewed it I was in the minority with my opinion to let him go. I think if he were in my family we would know him well and do everything we can to make sure he is certain and of course I would try to change his mind but in the end it will be his decision.

    2. I agree! Will never told Lou that he loved her. Never said the word or wrote it in this final letter to her. I don’t think that he was ever capable of completely loving anyone or anything except himself.

        1. He may also not told her because he knew what he was going to do and didn’t want to make it any harder for her than it would be. I would be upset if they changed the ending.It would ruin the whole story. I would think since the author wrote the screenplay , she would not change it. I also saw the trailer and it did not look like she did. We will have to wait a few more months to know though. They did that on My Sister’s Keeper. It was the same kind of story that no one wanted the ending that it had and in the movie they gave it that “happy” ending and ruined the whole story. This ending is important because the book now becomes about Lou and let’s the reader examine the changes that happened to her during the book and think about her after Will, Will would never have been happy in his position, even with her love. He had such a big life before and he just couldn’t adjust to having a life dependent on others for the smallest thing.

          1. Agree mostly with what you said. I have gone back and forth repeatedly. I have to say, had the ending been different, this book would not be staying with us the way it is. I agree from watching the trailer- it does not feel like the ending will be any different. I guess ultimately she stayed true to who Will was as a person (the author).
            Very thought provoking.

            1. Although, I am still struggling with reconciling it being the best six months of his life & still couldn’t go on. I am not in his shoes, so I shall not judge. Sappy part of me still wishes it had ended differently. I liked the one idea of him choosing her love & ultimately dying of natural causes. This book really wrapped me up. I felt like I was watching the movie in my mind the entire time. No doubt- it leaves you thinking.

      1. will was so in love with her. “Clark , you are scored on my heart” means i love you. “you are pretty much the only thing that makes me wanna get up in the morning”also means he love her. he was just too disapointed he couldn’t see that he could choose to live

  11. The ending made me crazy. I don’t presume for one second to understand what it would be like to be in Will’s position, but I am sorry that Louisa’s love was not enough for him to at least try life. One reviewer on Amazon made a good point that Will had never really even accepted his injury: he attempted suicide after 6 months, and spent the next 2.5 years plotting Dignitas. Perhaps I would feel differently about the resolution had Will NOT said that his time with Louisa had been the best 6 months of his life. That made me nuts. I am not one of those people who believes she can do it better than the actual novelist, but I will say this: I wanted Will and Louisa’s relationship to get off the ground, and even though it would have been tragic, I would have preferred Will to have been swept off by pneumonia or something after having first at least tried to have a real relationship with Louisa, as opposed to what constitutes his rejection of her by assisted suicide. This was just so sad, and seemed like such a waste, and Louisa’s finding herself/spreading of her wings could have happened, anyway. Ugh. I am inarticulate, but there you go!

    1. I completely agree with you! If his earlier suicide attempts had worked, then he never would have met Clark, and he would have missed out on the best 6 months of his life. How could he commit suicide after admitting that? He can’t say, with certainty, that the next 6 months might not be even better. If I was the author, I would have chosen an ambiguous ending where he agrees to give Clark 6 months.

  12. I absolutely hated the ending to this book… I could not put it down, I thought the writer was awesome at conveying how Clark felt. I could feel the love for Will. I did not like the ending at all. I had already checked out another book of hers, but I do not think I will even read it. I really want JoJo to make an alternate ending where Will does not take his life. I was crushed…

    1. Great comment – I thought the ending was hard – but realistic. The book caused a lot of controversy (in a good way) at our book club discussion. The book also rated our best book club read of the year. I am ok with not having the happy ending this time.

  13. I listened to this one while traveling last week, and somehow it still has me in its grasp! It’s funny, some time ago, I started reading another book by the same author and just couldn’t get into it , this one was a book club read for me, so I gritted my teeth and downloaded the audio version, determined to get through it no matter what, and to my surprise, I was hooked on this one rather quickly. Is it possible it’s her best work to date?

    I have noticed a lot of opinions stating Will’s choice was a selfish one. I think that might be a matter of perspective. If you only think in terms of those left behind, maybe it would be. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

    I was drawn in from the first by Louisa. She’s easy to identify with – easy enough to understand what it feels like to have a job you really enjoy come to an end. i’ve been there, as have so many others! What we quickly learn of her relationship with her family really brought forth some eotion with me. While they were picking on and criticising her for having no directtion in life, did it ever occur to them that a little encouragement might go a long way? After all, she was doing her part in keeping the familly afloat, albeit from a not so glamorous position.

    While I really did not like her family very much, I did like her relationship with her sister. They seemed fairly close in spite of the parents obvious favoritism towards the sister. I thought Louisa’s occasional bouts of frustration and resentment related to the focus on her sister and Thomas were actually mild compared to the way she was treated. If Louisa was to develop self confidence, self esteem, and find herself, it wouldn’t be fostered at home. There, she seemed to be just another cog in the wheel rotating around the “wonderful Treena”.

    In terms of selfishness, Patrick was probably the most selfish character in the book, in my opinion. He pursues his passion with little thought for others in his life, and fails to achieve a balance between what he wants to do and his relationship with Louisa. By the time he realizes what is happening it is too little too late.

    As for the Traynors, they are a family carrying on in the face of adversity that has changed them by the time Louisa arrives on the scene. Mrs. Traynor, in spite of her reserve, seemed like a loving mother in untenable circumstance. To her, Will was still the son she raised and loved. I think her getting him to agree to the six months was a good thing for all concerned, especially Will. She also made a good choice in hiring his companion. While we are shown little of the relationship between her and her children, I do think her choices concerning Will show something of who she is as a person. In many ways, Mr. Traynor appears to really know his son. I don’t think he expected Will to change his mind, whereas his wife was clinging to the hope it would.

    I, too, would have liked to see Will and Louisa have more time together, just to enjoy each other and celebrate their relationship. But Will was an intelligent man with the ability to see the big picture and the long run. I suspect that was a lot of what made him a successfull businessman. It’s possible to love the book without liking the ending of the story. All thngs considered, it was realistic. For his last six months to have been the best six months of his life, Will’s words, would have to be his concession to the value of a real love, and sharing with another person. We are left with no doubt that Will and Louisa love each other.

    However, we must bear in mind what love really is. When you love someone, you want their happiness and all that is good for them. Love is the one thing in life that truly isn’t selfish. Sometimes love means letting go, even when one’s entire being screams otherwise, as we naturally want those we love with us. At the same time, we do not want those we love to suffer. The six months Mrs. Traynor insisted on served two purposed – it gave the family the opportunity to get prepared for the inevitable, and an opportunity for Will to either get through the grief for all he lost and move in acceptance or not. Some people are able to adjust and make the best of it, some are not. Will simply is one who could not. Louisa’s presence made that six months something other than something to be endured.

    Its been said that the book is a love story but not a romance. To have a different ending that we might like better, would change that, which was not the authors intention. Sometimes reality is brutal. Here, the reality is, love makes a positive difference, but it does not change conditions. Will did not want his loved ones to be burdened, tied to an invalid. He also confided in Louisa that he was afraid of the kind of suffering that can happen as a result of his condition. There was enough explanation of what can happen to give some understanding of the reasoning there. It looked like to me he may have been aware that he was the only reason his father was staying with his mother. Not something to want. So his decision not only released him from an existence he was already weary of, it also set his loveed ones free. How selfish is that?

  14. I loved this book and keep reading it over & over which is something I have never done before with any book. I am not sure if a am hoping a different ending will appear or if I just am not wanting to say goodbye to Lou and Will. I read that the author herself struggled with the ending and at one point was going to give the reader a choice of which one to read. I would really like to read that alternative ending. Maybe then I can put this book to rest. Does anyone know if it is published anywhere? I am not passing judgement on Will’s decision but this is fiction and after developing such a beautiful love story I personally was really rooting for them to give their love a chance. Also I wish Will had actually told Lou he loved her. Did that bother anyone else?

  15. I could not agree more; I’m still having trouble reconciling Will’s comments to Louisa about how their time together was the best six months of his life with his ultimate decision; I would LOVE to get my hands on the alternate ending!

      1. I googled it, and apparently she said in an interview that she originally had two endings for the book so that the reader could decide!


        Now I wish she did that! It would be interesting to see how she could’ve ended it. Maybe she can publish an “extended edition” with the other ending or something. Do authors do that? Well, a girl can dream.

    1. I would love an alternative ending. guyssss…….louisa and will are too perfect together. i was overwelmed and I keep sheding tears every single time i read the book and every time i watch the movie

  16. I recently read this book for my bookclub and then news broke about female 29 year old brain cancer patient that has decided to move to Oregon to end her life there. This is such a tough topic, but the book is just impossible to put down, at least it was for me. No other ending would really work, and you figure this out long before the end, but at the same time, you keep reading. I believe it is because you want to see how everyone around Will is handling his decision.

  17. Loved the book-Hated the ending-Thought he might partially recover when he talked about pain in his legs-but then I remember Lou telling him at the wedding-if he wasnt crippled he would never have noticed her-so was it true love or not? My sympathies are entirely with his mother who loved him through thick & thin even though he appeared to have no feelings for her

  18. The last “romance” I read was The Fault in Our Stars and ultimately this book reminded me a lot of it due to it’s unexpected ending (somewhat).

    I have to say though, by reading the back and having a certain expectation that this was going to be a well-written, goopy and mature love story I was really kind of miffed at the author’s choice to turn it completely around. Essentially, all I got from the ending was that we’ve been tricked all along into thinking that yes, there will be drama, but ultimately there will be some kind of realization within Lou and Will that changes them forever (which is what I was lead to believe from reading the back and getting about halfway through).

    When this didn’t happen, I felt almost betrayed. I was more concerned with the fact that I felt unsatisfied than thinking of the ending as being a well-thought-out message to the readers that Will needed to make a powerful decision on his own and that Lou was able to stretch her wings. Yes, it was a good ending, but it wasn’t powerful enough to convince me that this book would have been any less capable of sending the same message but with a more desirable ending.

  19. What does the title mean? I cannot find the authors explanation. I loved this book and could not put it down. I understand Will’s decision but it was still hard to take. I think that it was the most logical and realistic ending given the character of Will. I was very taken with the Mom and felt so sad for her. She was losing her son as well as her husband. Her husband didn’t love her and her son treated her badly.

    1. Great question! To me it means that sometimes we have to put ourselves before others. Will in the end had found love and companionship, but he still knew overall that this was not enough for the pain and what he went through daily. He had to set himself free and put his own choice before anyone elses.

  20. I think the title can be interpreted in 2 ways: It could mean that Louisa was able to put some of the needs of intimacy aside on her side in order to be with Will. She knew that their life together would be more than fulfilled as they worked together to live more fulfilled lives. Will had known only one kind of way to live a full life and Louise and never expanded her wings. It would be a new journey for both of them. Will, on the other hand, even though I believe that he loved Louisa did not believe that it would be fair for Louisa to have a life with him where she would not know the completeness of intimacy. He wanted her to leave her cocoon and experience as much of the world as she could on her own terms and not be tied down by his limitations. Both wanted the other to have a love without bounds. Would I have liked the book to end differently? Maybe. Would it have been as memorable a book if it had? I doubt it.

  21. I just finished reading this compelling book and cannot stop thinking about it and thinking of questions for my book club. As for the meaning of the title, I found an interview with Jojo Moyes where she explains it:
    Reviewer: To whom do the “me” and “you” refer to in the title?
    JM: It’s deliberately opaque – but I think of it as referring to each of them: It’s “who I was before I met you”.

    I find Ms. Moyes’ explanation wholly satisfying. I don’t like to think of Will’s decision to end his life as purely selfish. I cannot imagine being in his position, but I was deeply gratified in seeing how the relationship between Will and Louisa transformed each of them.

  22. My niece has MD and her husband is a quad. She of course was born with the disease, but he had a very serious car accident and as a result has been in a wheel chair since he was in his early 20’s. They have full time care givers, and both have full time careers. She drives a wheelchair accessible van using hand controls. He works from home using his computer. I really wanted Will to find that he could still do his job either in an office or from home using a computer. His mind was intact and he was still capable to work at his career.

    1. you are absolutely right in my opinion.will and lou are great together and i was heartbroken by will’s decision. but i dont think that he did it because he was selfish. on the contrary. he did it because he thought it was for the best. but it wasn’t for the best in my opinion. they should end up together. i strongly believe that cos love like their love can conquer it all

  23. Hey! I just finished reading the book and I am so far from recovering and don’t think I ever will! Whenever I read I always imagine that I’m the character and in this case, the whole time I am Louisa. I just have a question tho, did Will loved Lou? Sorry for the stupid question, it just wasn’t clear for me if he loved her like she did.

    1. Thank you! I have had that same question ever since reading the book about a year ago. I reached out to both the author and several online book discussions but never received a reply. Have you & if so what was it?

    2. Yes, he loved her so much he left her so that she could live an adventurous life without him keeping her from doing what she wanted. He might have never said it, but expressed it almost to much.

    3. I think Will wouldn’t let himself 100% love Louisa because if he did he wouldn’t have been able to go through with the suicide. He felt he had to die not only because didn’t see the life he was living as a life worth living but also because he couldn’t bare the idea of holding Louisa back because of his disability. A life with Lou would be the opposite of the life he wanted her to live, full of adventure and opportunity. So in the end Will did truly love Louisa, so much so that he died in order to give her the life he felt she deserved.

      1. yeah i agree that he did this because he loved her. but i am sad because he wasn;t right in my opinion. they could have been happy together because their love was that strong

  24. All of the comments seemed to be focused on him, his decision ,as to whether it was right or wrong, his parents, whether people could have supported this decision for their own child. However, for me the end the author chose, while very sad, changed the dismal life of Louisa. Knowing him made her a different person. For him, his life was over. He did not call what he had “life” anymore. His decision was made from the beginning of the book. The novel is just as much about the life of Louisa as of his death. The book ended sadly, but it also ended on an upbeat note. With his death, came a new life for Louisa and that was the big charm of the book for me.

  25. I just discovered this book last week while rummaging through the book section in a local Costco. I read the back cover and thought for $9.99 I would give it a whirl. Gosh, Almighty, it was some “whirl”, I sat down and read it completely through in one sitting while flooding out my living room with tears (I NEVER cry while reading a book). It is a true tear jerker, weeper.

    An observation I had while reading was that everyone took from Louisa and gave very little back in return.

    Louisa’s sister is a brat. She expects, demands, and receives what she wants. She is a taker, especially from Louisa.

    Louisa’s parents were more concerned about the income that she brought into the household than what emotional turmoil that their daughter may have been in.

    Patrick was more concerned about his running and fitness routine than his relationship with Louisa. He had been her boyfriend for over six years and didn’t ask her to move in with him until he felt threaten by Will.

    Will’s mother expected more than what Louisa was qualified or emotionally willing to do in the caretaking of Will. She wouldn’t or couldn’t understand why Louisa needed to leave her job when Will’s plans were disclosed. She wanted what was best for her son no matter what emotional turmoil Louisa might have been in.

    Will was the greatest “taker” of all. He took Louisa’s heart and gave her money in return. It’s not that he didn’t care for Louisa, but he would not allow himself to love her. For a person who claimed to love adventure and excitement in his pervious life, he wasn’t willing to take a chance on a completely different type of challenge.

    1. The best comment in here. Period. I hate this book. Louisa is the ultimate victim in this story. The author had made her more stupid by the end of the 6 months, stupider than she already was! Everyone had completely used her, dried her up like an old sponge. Will is the greatest manipulator in this story (aside from his mom)!. He claimed to be the most adventurous bloke in the whole of England, gave Lou that whole talk about how shits that happened to her shouldn’t define her bla bla bla. What a hypocrite. I thought that he was gonna change his mind especially after that old lady at the wedding told him to “embrace his new life”. I thought that was the key to the whole book — the quote of the day, and I thought hallelujah old lady for saving the day!! But nooo. The story went on with the same idea that it already had from the beginning. Had I known that the direction of the story would not change, I would have stopped reading there and then. I’ve read better books by better authors with strong story lines and meaningful quotes through out their writings. This Moyes person has a long way to go. I just wasted a sleepless night reading this awful book just because I was jumping into the bandwagon. Now I’m not sure if I should watch the movie. Even if I did, it would have been from a pirated download.

    2. will loved louisa and louisa loved will. that’s all that matters. and that’s why i believe that there should be a different ending

  26. I personally known many disabled persons in my lifetime and never once did I think their lives were a ‘waste’. These people continue to live lives full of love, joy and productivity. Life is a gift, all life has worth and value especially to those whom are deeply loved. It’s selfish to end ones life, and it damages those left behind that have to clean up the mess.

  27. I read this book because I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie and it said from the best selling novel. I loved the book. It sucked me in. Read it all in one day. Yes, the ending was rough. I also really wanted a different ending, but the one is definitely kind of real life. Like can suck sometimes. Although I did imagine a different ending in my mind. One where things while hard, ended “happily ever after”. Although I do agree with a poster above with the idea that her love should have been enough, but then have him die from something. He gets his death, she gets his love.

  28. I think it had the ending that it should have had. That ending contributed to what a good book it is. Of course, I was hoping he would decide to live. I think it was realistic that he did not. He had no life compared to how he had lived before the accident. Being an invalid and having to be taken care of in every way was not life to him. He was in pain, also. He did not want to tie her down to him. He wanted her to live a better life. He wanted her to learn. In this way , I do not think he was selfish. The book is probably more about her than him ; it is about how he changed her life. Me Before You according to the author is about each of them before knowing the other. In the case of the ending it was how her life was to change so much from before she knew him. I think the ending was powerful to carry the theme of the book.

  29. I bought this book 2 days ago and I finished it last night… I cannot express how much I love this book! saying that I don’t really know what to do now that I’ve finished it… do I find another book or re read it or just dwell for a little while so I can process what happened?

      1. The sequel was not as good, I agree, but there was one line in it (no spoilers) which really gave me some closure from the first book.

          1. I agree, I also would like closure. I am very unsettled with the ending and since seeing the movie. I don’t think I can read the book. I am still heartbroken from the ending. I just feel Will let Louisa down. Earlier it bothered me that Will never told Louisa he loved her. I do think Will held himself back from allowing himself to express those feelings because he knew he wasn’t going to change his mind about assisted suicide. I watched the movie again and do think he definitely loved Lou. I have been devastated about the ending and haven’t gotten over it yet and it’s been a few weeks. Embarrassed to admit. Email me the closure line as well? Rosehud@msn.com. I too would like closure but can’t read anymore sad things for awhile.

            1. You have to take into account that you saw the movie. Movies are very condensed and just give a slight idea of what is happening. There were many details of all of the suffering of Will. He loved her in his way but nothing she or anyone else could have done could make him want to live with constant suffering. Of course everyone would have liked a Hollywood ending, but this ending was realistic and powerful. The ending made it a better book. What does it matter if he told her he loved her. He was limited and already had made the decision. Love does not conquer all. This is to a comment by someone that I just saw on my e-mail but don’t know where it is on here. But anyway, it applies to all of the people who wanted a different ending. Read the next book to see what she does with the gift he left her to change her life.

      2. The sequel makes louisa weak and a person who really would have benefitted from Wills alliance .

  30. I finished the book a few days ago and still cry whenever I see the trailer (and I’m not really the weepy type). I found it so hard to accept that Lou’s love was not enough for Will. I ended the book feeling exhausted, angry and unsatisfied.

    But the more I thought about it, the more I think it was the right ending. As said before, you got a feeling throughout that it was going to end this way and I remember feeling anxious everything Will was stubborn…

    I think the ending had more to do with his personality than his disability. He was stubborn to a fault. To a point where no matter what happened he was not willing to change his mind. He wanted more for his life and would always have felt as though he was another person holding Lou back if he had lived. And I don’t think he would have extended his wait because that would have just made it harder and Will was too stubborn and pragmatic for things like that.

    I also think that he could not love himself enough to truly love Lou and I think that was the saddest thought that remains with me after reading this book. I think that as much as he spoke about reaching for opportunities, he had always been in a position in his life where those opportunities were relatively easy to come by. Thus he found it too difficult to adapt to his new life, to work with what he had, because he had never been in a place where he had been restricted in any way.

    It also initially annoyed me that Lou didn’t do more to try in the last view chapters, but in reality I loved how realistic that was. Sometimes we regret the conversations we couldn’t have or the things we can’t say, and hate our partners for not being the type to voice their every feeling!

    One bone I really do have to pick is Treena’s chapter. I felt like it was oddly placed and made me feel really disconnected to the story at the most pivotal point. I understand that it would have been really tough to put Lou’s emotions into words but the sensitivity felt lacking because of Treena’s personality. I mean I liked her as a character but just thought it was the wrong place to put her point of view. I also wish Moyles hadn’t brushed over the holiday so much. I loved the conversations between Will and Lou throughout the book and missed hearing their holiday chat before the serious ‘I love you’ chat.

    Wow, what a ramble!! I do feel better now though haha! Meredith, I would be really interested in knowing the line from the sequel that gave you closure!?

  31. i can’t beleive it. my life is over. wth. Im crying. r u joking me?? I just fifnish the book and i just cant even deak l with it how can this be? i guess i kind of knew form the start that this would happen. I guess i just thought that maybe louisa could change wills mind. But i guess not. HOW COULD U WILL??? I dont know. I guess i understand him alittle. but after everything she said to you and told u that she LOVED U, you still wanted to die? please just no.no.no.no. This is one of the saddest day’s of my life. I admire Jojo for being able to write this great of a love story and make it so original(better than tfios by a lot) but seriously? why do all authors have to do this???! My life is over! I get so connected and develop care and love for the characters and then just like that… theyre gone. It always happens. It always breaks my heart, it makes me so sad. And I know that to some i might sound mad and crazy and like im a psychopath but even tho they might not be real to most.. books are real to me. I know that some of these things never happened in our world, but in the world of our minds and other places like the pages of books, these things do happen. And like Dumbledore once said to harry potter, if it is in our minds, why does that mean it isn’t real? Ok i need to be normal. Just for once can a great book like this one end without someone dying? I loved this book and am happy with it n=but also so so sad, i dont even know what i feel rn.

  32. I think the book should not have ended like that. The writer making us fall in love with Will then letting him go at the end. It did hurt too much as a reader. Dissapointment, Anger, Frustration, Tears all in one!

    She should have made a triology – Me Before you with what is what it is now, then the second book with Will still deciding if he should kill himself or not and his relationship with Louisa getting stronger and even him getting better physicall- especially after meeting Louisa.
    In real life a person like him can’t really be cured, but with her third book, the writer should have gone beyond reality and made a HEA where by Will does get better physically.
    Will was the star of that book and him dying was the end. His personality and character was more interesting and one couldn’t help but fall in love with him, even on that wheelchair.

    I was so down after the ending of Me Before you that i decided that i will not be reading the sequel. For me the end of Will was just that – the end.

    I am looking forward to the movie though……

    1. I think then , it would have been a fairy tale. The ending allows Lou to become a person she never would have if he had lived. He started a new life for her. I was very disappointed at the end when I read it, but now I think the end was right. I think that although the book seems to be about him, if you consider the growth of the characters, it was about her. It is a book you keep thinking about after you read it. Sorry you took it so hard. The truth is the ending is hard to take and a shock, but as far as good writing goes, it was a good ending in m opinion.

  33. Beautfully written, heartbreaking and true. It has left my heart heavy for days. The last 100 pages were almost unbearable to read, but I had to finish, I needed to know what happend. Of course I had this little inkling of hope that Will would change his mind, but that wouldn’t be real. It was raw and bleak, yet remarkable. It has made an imprint on my heart. A novel that I will always have appreciation for. Thank you for the realization that life is full of such beauty and such tragedy all at the same time.

  34. You all have the most insightful outlooks! I just finished last night, and can tell this is going to be a long road to recovering (emotionally)…though I have a feeling this beautiful story will stick with me forever. To me it’s simple: She taught him how to love, and he taught her how to live.
    An unconventional love story but one that tells of the greatest love of all: loving someone enough to let them go. How did y’all feel after finishing the book? Is it normal that I spent most of last night violently crying and feeling weepy most of today? Meredith, if you wouldn’t mind I would love to hear the line you read as well in the sequel that gave you closure. Would you mind if I emailed you at the address above?
    You all are wonderful…it was an honor to take a look inside your thoughts on this book!
    God bless 🙂

  35. I absolutely loved the book, but I also love happy endings, and that’s the only negative thing I have to say about the book. I really hope the movie has a different ending. I cried so much with this book, I don’t want to cry again. Please, please, please, let that be a happy ending with Will changing his mind for his love for Lou!

  36. Loved the book, hated the end!
    Life is precious until the last breath, so I thought it sent the wrong message for people that struggle in this delicate situation. I really thought that the message of the book would be that love can conquer any obstacles. I hope the movie will have an alternate ending! Life is hard enough as it is, so in the books/movies we need something else to dream, to hope, to fantasize about love and life. We don’t need any more of the many sadness we witness in everyday life. My humble opinion.

  37. This book left me with so much of a heavy heart. Just thinking about it makes the water works leak. I felt that, in real life, yes, this would’ve happened. However, it’s the writers job to compel your readers to keep reading. Jojo Moves just didn’t do that. I felt my journey through reading this was like Louisa’s. I was holding out for Will. Pretty much holding his hand through the duration of it. Until he died. And it wasn’t fair. Not for me, not for Louisa, and not for the Trainor’s. I only read this because the movie is going to be released, and you know? I regret it

    1. Sometimes we all just need to except that this stuff happens. I personally thought it was an amazing book. Even though I did get angry and I did cry very hard, I felt happy knowing Will was finally out of his misery and that he could finally never be in pain again, or get sick again. It would have also been amazing had he stayed and tried but in the end, he would still never feel complete and we would all want to just make sure he felt good again.

  38. I already read this book and for me I hate will to decide to end his life without trying to love again despite with his situation. I hate Jojo Moyes end the life of Will Traynor! (sorry Jojo Im just so affected until now).
    Leason learned, whatever life will lead us just be positive and God will provide. Keep believing!.

    1. I agree – I really also hated the writer for such an ending. I’m still so affected by the ending.
      We read such books to escape the real world – to throw such a sad ending in our face left me with feelings I really can’t describe.

  39. Hi! I just finished reading this book for a school project and I do love it, but I it wasn’t my type of read. I like books like Watership Down and such not so much of the romance stuff. Either way, the book was still amazing! I just can’t seem to grasp the theme that i could explain in a sentance. For my project, I have to develop a theme, and I think this one is mainly around choice. Selfless or selfish choice. I have decided that it was selfless of Louisa to let her sister go to college even though their family is the best supported financially. I also decided that it was selfish of Mr. Traynor (Will’s father) to see Della despite being married and having an emotionally distraught son.

    So from all of that, I have to write a paper with a theme statement. Which is basically Jojo Moyes is telling the reader that ___. The blank can be anything as long as it isn’t a cliche, contains pronouns, a moral or a lesson, is an “if then” statement, a command, or something else. If you have any ideas, please reply. I’ll figure something out either way.

    1. Here’s one that I tried, but it doesn’t flow very well. “Moyes is telling the reader that people’s selfless or selfish acts make big impacts on other people’s lives.”

    1. I think he never said it because he was afraid that she would fall for him and she would never recover when he left her. Also he might have never said it because he didn’t want her to be fully attached to him so that it wouldnt hurt more when he committed suicide making it even harder for her to move on.

  40. I loved this book. Who else lost it at the final chapter when will said: “Hey Clark, tell me something good”, my god if somebody had seen me crying when I read that line they would think I was seriously crying over something else way too serious or scary. Anyway I got a question as I was reading the book and thought I was gonna get an answear at the end, perhaps there was the answear but I didn’t get it, so my question is, Did Will loved Clark? I mean it was pretty clear to me that Clark loved him and that will was FOND of her but never quite knew if he also loved her.
    Can somebody please answear this, so I can finally move on… Still shocked💔

    1. Yes I am almost positive he does love her. The reason he choose to die instead of stay with Louisa was a) ending his suffering and b) to make sure she wasn’t stuck with him and his diabilities for the rest of her life. That is a sacrifice he made because he “knew” she would never be happy with him. Which, in my opinion, is nonsense. But we all know Will and how stubborn he is on what he thinks is right. So I think there really wasn’t’ ever a chance for him to live. Because he didn’t really like himself and didn’t want to be a burden. Anyways, he did love her by giving himself up so she could move on, in shorter words.

  41. I don’t know what other people think but I think he loved her in the way that he could. He knew he would leave her so It was best that he did not talk of love to her. Someone in his mental state probably could not love anyone else to any great degree, knowing he was going to die soon he could only give her a better life after he ended his.

  42. Why didn’t Will get his OWN chapter! I could think that maybe the letter he leaves to Louisa is kind of his “chapter” but it would still have been nice to read Will directly-his feelings about Clark, each adventure they went on, his family, and the world in general. Probably indirectly Jojo formulated Will’s character in such a disable way that he did not even have an opinion (even though he was clearly very opinionated).

    Also, we don’t have a closing for Nathan! >.<

    I hated that Will dies, but I have to admit that the last chapters were written beautifully; they had me in tears! The way the author described every little thing, Will's smell…the room, Paris, everything! Too beautiful and heart breaking.

    I still hate that he dies… WHY ! 😦

  43. What a romantic, inspirational and uplifing story . . . until the end got closer. Dying in real life is hard enough to take without having to read books and watch movies about it. I like to be entertained and escape real life when I read a book. On the whole, I never would have started reading Me Before You had I known the ending. And I most certainly will not be supporting the movie even though I love Jenna Coleman.

    1. I’m also still thinking about watching the movie – it will be just as hurtful as reading the book.

  44. I thought that the ending was perfect. The whole story is Will trying to teach Louisa to live on in his name without her knowing and in the end, it works. I think Will’s mom would be in more pain keeping him alive then having him killed since he would have been in pain had he stayed so I agree with Will’s mom’s decision. As for Louisa I think we all would have done the same thing to keep such an amazing person in the world. But unfortunately, every light must die out.

  45. I am not going to lie this book crushed me. I will admit that JoJo is an amazing author, the way she could make me feel, but I hated the ending. Maybe I am still just stuck in the fantasy of Disney and Happily Ever After and love can heal anything. But I hated the ending! Sure it was realistic, but life is hard enough as it is and books can be our escape to an alternative happy ending. I just couldn’t believe that Will couldn’t just give her another chance, he even said they could have a really good life. We all have challenges they are part of life, how we grow into someone better. I just couldn’t get over how she wasn’t good enough for him. I am just a firm believer that things will get better, and your happy ending wont be perfect but you can still have it.

  46. His letter in the end of the book…. omg I’ve read it a few times, his words are stuck up in my head. I’ve never cried so hard.

  47. To me I understand what he did but I also don’t think he loved her I think he wished someone like his ex was the one that stayed with him not a weird girl like louisa

  48. I read Me Before You and its sequel recently and have not stopped crying. I’ve been with my boyfriend who has spinal muscular atrophy-type 2 for three years. It sucks to have the constant reminder of him having an incurable disease that will ultimately kill him. He, like Will, is wheelchair-bound and has very limited mobility. Sometimes we get into really bad arguments for the stupidest reasons because of the overwhelming frustration of not being able to do anything to help him. I have a disability of my own and he is by far the best and only support system I have. I often cry myself to sleep wondering what life will be like when his time comes.

    Reading this book was like re-living everything my boyfriend and I have gone through during the past three years (the two near-death pneumonia cases, caring for him, etc). While he was upset that I read it (I told him what the book was about but not the title of it) as he knew I’d be crying for days, he was also happy to know that I now have an idea as to what the future holds. He called last night to ask if “Me Before You” was the title and I said yes. He laughed and said he now understood why I’ve been so down lately. He wants to go watch the film with me but I said no and asked him to not mention the book ever again. This story has opened many wounds and I am not sure if I’ll ever heal.

    On another note, did anyone else notice that somebody had to have administered the medication to Will during his visit to Dignitas?! From what I know, patients must be able to ingest the medication on their own but given Will’s condition, there was no way he could’ve done this. So, who assisted him? Perhaps I missed something, thoughts?

    1. It is a shame that you read the book under the circumstances. You are planning to see the movie?? Sorry for your and your boyfriend’s situation. Very sad. I think those institutions use something intravenous because I think that is why people go to them because they cannot do it themselves. This was supposedly in another country so we don’t know the regulations there. People, for example, with ALS may vey well not be able to swallow. In reality, in the states when someone is suffering and has only a few days left of life, the doctor helps them along with increasing the dose of morphine. I know this to be true as my friend’s boyfriend was dying and she had to tell the doctor when she was ready to do it or if she was ready to do it. She asked me for advice, but I told her , I couldn’t give it to her. It was something for her to do or not do. We never know how a book or story will affect someone. I am a teacher and taught a story called Occurrence at Owlcreek Bridge which dealt with a man ready to be hanged who seems to escape and goes through a lot only to reach home and his wife comes running out to him in slow motion, puts her hands around his neck and then the story goes back to the beginning with him on the bridge with the noose around his neck and he drops. One of my students ran out of the room in tears because her father had hanged himself that Xmas. I felt awful but I didn’t know about that and she didn’t know what the story was about.

  49. I just finished this book, it was very well written, funny and smart. I loved all the characters in this book however I was very disappointed in the ending. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I really hoped for a happy ending! I just felt like if I wanted a dose of reality I could have just turned on my local news. I guess I am not the best person to give my opinion since I am 100% prolifer and I couldn’t help but feel upset at the end of the book with his decision, especially when he said she just wasn’t enough. The other issue I had with the book was that there was very little intimacy between Lou and Will
    I mean there was only one real kiss between them. I honestly felt like there was more interaction in the first Twilight novel and that was a teenage girl with a blood thirsty vampire who wanted to literally suck his girlfriend dry and yet there was way more hot and steamy pages than there was in this book. I understand he was disabled and couldn’t do much but come on the writer could have been more creative!! I don’t want to give this a negative review because as I said in the beginning +it was well written and you can’t help but love the characters but at the same time you can’t help but feel sad and deflated at the realization that there was no happy ending, other than life goes on..

  50. I think it would have been wrong of Will to have intimacy with her since he knew his plans. I don’t think there was a happy ending , but I think the realization was more than life goes on. He wanted to change her life as he recognized all of her talents and he tried to give her more self- confidence. He left her with the tools to change her life so that part was not sad. I didn’t read the sequel yet other than the first couple of chapters but hopefully she makes the best of what he did for her, although I saw she was struggling to do it at the beginning of that book. I think that will have the happy ending that everyone was hoping for in Me Before You, at least I hope so.

  51. This is the first book that has ever made me cry. I have always been known as secluded, a loner, if you will, and it takes a load to make me cry…but I cried for so long after I finished; I couldn’t even read the epilogue. I cried because I understood Will’s side of things. If I were in his shoes…well, I couldn’t even imagine. But of course I also see her side of things. You want to feel mad at him for doing something so selfish, but you can’t because you know he’s right. Oh gosh I’m crying again. That’s twice now for goodness sake.

  52. I finished this book 5 minutes ago I’m in the anger stage of grieving at the moment. I can honestly say I hate Jojo Moyes right now, and I especially hate the chick at Barnes and Noble who talked me into this devastating novel that is completely out of character for me. And all I want to do is cry forever.

  53. Makes you regret reading the book doesn’t it? Thinking why did I have to be exposed to such a sad story…… because no matter how many books one reads after Me before you, it’s very hard to forget…..especially the ending.

  54. She could of ended it like.. He was there and she came to him and they spoke and then his mom comes in and bam. Books ends. So you come to your own conclusions.

  55. I loved this book! I loved the characters so much. I thought it was incredible how much Lou was willing to do just to make Will happy. It really is a beautiful love story because even though he did choose death, Will was clearly much happier with Lou and wanted her to be truly happy. Thinking about this story still brings tears to my eyes. Its going to be so hard to control the tears when Louisa and Will are brought to life in theaters!

  56. Yes, it will be interesting to see them in another image than what we invented ourselves. I think it comes out next week. I can’t wait!!!!

  57. I hated it ! Loved it until I realized what the author was preparing me for and skipped to the end read it….stopped reading it then…I’m not a fan of suicide and feel he still had a lot give and learn and life still could of been worth living.

  58. This was such a wonderful love story…. Until the end, haha. I felt so heartbroken and I began to really understand what Lou had been feeling. She put her heart and soul into trying to make him happy. I feel like Will just gave up. I don’t think he fully understood that because of the accident he would no longer be able to live the life he had. He HAD to live a new life. I don’t think it is okay to kill yourself, especially when he had someone who loved him and wanted to be with him. I mean what more could he have asked for?

  59. It was a well written story, beautifully set out and moved along as though it were truly a tale of true life! I (after a few days of thinking) reflected on how Will’s choice was important to his character, and how Louisa’s choice to move on added to hers. I was split in the beginning, why let him die? Why not try to have a life with her? But ultimately I came to understand his choice. To live as a Quad unable, in his eyes, to love her and live with her the way that he felt was true, as his original self, was the only way he could be happy. That being said, Louisa’s ability to move on fairly quickly struck a wrong cord with me. I know that Will changed her as a person and that he gave her the push that she needed to become the person that she was truly meant to be, but moving on so quickly? I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Oh well, just idle thoughts. Anyhow, anyone notice how their true characters came out in the beginning? When Will smashed the photos, and Louisa tried to fix them? How he wanted to give up (i.e. He was so angry with his current self that he broke the pictures) and Louisa, who wanted to fix Will (i.e. By trying to fix the broken cities frames) but he stopped her? Just like he stopped her from taking his choice to die away… Oh well

  60. I don’t know how you can make a living as a writer and not catch the use of than instead of then and tole instead of toll! Seriously?

  61. Although the book was beautifully written, I had a hard time accepting the decicions made towards the end of the book. I wanted WIll to fight for his happiness (a life with Louisa). It upset me when Louisa poured her heart out to Will saying she loved him and in return Will tells her it’s not enough. Although implied, I never really understood why Will never said he loved Louisa. Throughout the book he shows his affection towards her but never outright says he loves her. I would have loved there to be a chapter or two based on Will’s perspective. Perhaps that would have given me a little more clarity and closure with his descion to die versus attempting a life with Louisa.

  62. I just came from seeing the movie and think it was very well done. I think he did not tell Lou that he loved her , except in the letter where he signed it, “Love, Will, because he did not want to make things worse for her. As far as Will’s mother’s going along with it, she did not want to and was angry with the father when the letter from Switzerland came and he was for it. She wanted more time. He said that Will had tried before to commit suicide and botched it and this was the better way. I know two different people who came to accept their parent was going to commit suicide. One was this man’s father who talked about it when the father was not old or sick. He just felt he didn’t want to live anymore. The guy tried to get him help and also when that did not help, he tried bargaining with him….wait until we have our baby, etc., but the father did commit suicide and in a way this guy had accepted that he would. Another case is a friend of mine whose mother was in assisted living but wasn’t really that sick, She announced to her family that she was going to commit suicide. The family did everything they could but the mother insisted she was going to do it. She told my friend to come visit her one night that she was going to do it that night. By that time, there was nothing that was going to dissuade her from doing it. My friend went over and they played boggle and then her mom decided she wanted her to stay while she took the pills. My friend said no and said goodbye and left. So I guess that this ending is realistic.,, that people make this decision and their family and friends after trying everything to stop it, give in and accept it.

  63. I didn’t like how Will have up and committed suicide… I had fallen in love with his character and hated to see it turn out that way. Life is a gift. I know he was basically paralyzed but …suicide? The book was depresing, especially when Will chose death over Lou, but wonderful at the same time; I did love the book. I think it may have been one of my top five favorite books if it didn’t and the way it did. Especially when Lou offered him a future with her and he turns her down and still kills himself.

  64. Someone who has a cousin who was handicapped and in a wheelchair and tried to kill himself this infuriates me that they tried to romanticize killing yourself. Thank God my cousin wasn’t successful and he has learned that you could have a very full and enriching life I just wish that they would make a movie/book that would support people with disabilities instead of saying that your only option is to kill yourself.

  65. I am disappointed that this book leads people to think that living a life disabled is not worth living. Yes you will face hardships, but life is still meaningful and worth living.

  66. I don’t think the author was giving the message that life disabled is not worth living. I think it was this particular character in this story who felt that way . It does happen. Most people choose life. Also, only in very few places is there even
    an opportunity to do it and is it legal. Most people want to live to the last breath , but not everybody. She wrote about one that had such a big life that he did not want the life he was now dealt. People are all different and the book was about one of these people. I do not think she leads people to believe that or that that is the message of the book. If you received that message, of course that is from your point of view and is valid for you, but I don’t believe that was the message at all.

  67. What book was lou reading in the scene where she’s lying at the end of will’s bed when he’s sick?

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  69. I finished reading the book yesterday but it was not until today that I sobbed uncontrollably.

    First, I was so angry that he never told her that he loved her. Did he? I began debating this. If he would have told her he loved her it was his verbal contract of telling her I give us a chance. By not telling her he was able to go through with his plan of ending his life. I debated with the fact that he loved him and his old self more than her. But, I also thought that he loved her so much and all she ever did was to life for others. If he went through the suicide he was freeing her to live to the potential he saw. Otherwise, she would have never venture into the world. I also thought that the trip that was made he did it to please her. He wanted her to see what was out there. He knew his body and the toll it was going to have on him. He slept the first couple of days.

    Second, I looked up what “you are scored in my heart” meant. It seems to mean that she is in his heart (like wood carving.) I guess it was his way of telling her I deeply love you.

    Last, I fell I will never have closure because I want to know more about how Will felt. I which this book had been written as a trilogy (Me before you, You before Me and After you). The first. book would have ended where he fought to give them a chance. Second, where he wants to give up and convinces her to assisted suicide because he realizes he can’t please her the way he wanted to. Last, After you and Lou’s struggle to live without Will.

    I need closure!

  70. How I wish there is a chapter for Will’s POV. In that case, it won’t make me question if he really loved her. I was really waiting for him to tell her that they feel the same way when she confessed and I was just really appalled to hear him say “I’m sorry. It’s not enough”. I was bursting in tears. Good thing there is After You.

  71. I haven’t seen it, but I date a man in a wheelchair and he doesn’t want to kill himself. He accepts the new life that he has because of his accident. I still want to see the movie but what I hear from it is he dies because he doesn’t want to live. That is think is wrong especially to the girl who loves him.

    1. Hi Laura, this book is amazing in so many ways. One of which is that a big decision has to be made and we have to come to terms with Will’s decision. Will is not only in a wheel chair, he is a paralyzed and easily catches diseases. There comes a time when we have to ask are we doing what is best for the person, or for our own selfish reasons to keep them with us. It is a tough one. It looks like you haven’t read the book yet as you ask about him dying. I would love to hear your thoughts after you have read the book. 🙂

  72. I just got home from the cinema after seeing ‘me before you’ and i have to say it was quite amazing!
    My only THREE dislikes were….
    1. Obviously i wish it ended diffrently. I didnt expect Will to not do it at all. But i wanted him to have more time with Lou. But then again the longer they’d be together the hard it would be.
    2. They NEVER said ‘i love you’. I was waiting for it the whole time!
    3. I don’t like that Lou had a boyfriend the whole movie.. for ME it really took away the complete love story because i also resented Lou for falling in love with Will when she was still with Patrick. And i dont understand why the director kept that in the movie. They should of got rid of patrick and focused on Will and Lou.
    I think anyways.
    Specking of Patrick he got pretty hot since harry potter! Haha
    But Will Traynor… omg. He was perfect. Love Sam in every movie. Amazing actor and a MAJOR hotty!

  73. It’s a real life situation of Euthanasia cases. It felt so helpless to the patient’s side since the prolonging of agony will just add up to the concurrent problems present in his family. It’s been given all the medical improbabilities. Will had assured, eventually turned out to be destined, that his situation can’t bring the old ‘Will’ that he once was. Yet his promise to his mom had allowed the family to spend more time with him, giving them a chance to change his mind, but the idea fell to hiring a caregiver which further delineates the bond. It’s too sad, yet compelling.

  74. It’s a tough one, I wouldn’t want too let him go, but it comes back to quality of life and if he didn’t have any than I would likely support his decision and be there for him.

  75. I am so mad at this book! It glorifies suicide. One of my oldest friends and my uncle took their lives! My friends son took his and so on. It’s not a romantic journey! It’s horrible! Yes suffering is difficult but there is such merit in it. For the people left behind its not a great story!

  76. I wonder if Will had of meant a girl in a wheelchair perhaps he would have changed his mind. Suicide, I think not especially in this case totally selfless. Will didn’t want to hold her back. In fact anyone who does this to themselves must be so tormented whether it be physically or mentally and it’s us who are selfish judging them because we are in pain through loss

  77. It doesn’t glorify suicide. It’s a fictional story of one man’s journey. But it is a realistic story. It’s the author’s story, and the way she chose to write it. Unless I’m that person in the same situation as Will and his his mind set, I really have no right to judge.

  78. There was a Will before the one we met. Being alive in that way was punishment enough for him, he wasn’t alive. What does it mean to be alive? It’s different for everyone. For some it may be getting up everyday and just surviving, for others it’s about status, wealth, not being dependent on anyone else. We can’t understand the frustration, pain and loss of hope of a person in that position. It’s easy to say there’s more to life when you’re not the one on the receiving end, where you’re trying but making no improvement, seeing no progress. It does not however make suicide okay in any way. Yes life is not how we want it to be, but making a decision like that isn’t ours to make, nor is it okay to be involved in the decision making for someone else in that position. This book really makes you think and think about the correct ethical decisions. Lou shouldn’t have gotten emotionally involved or attached to will, it was a job after all. You don’t mix work and play. The Traynor parents were messed up. It’s obvious that Will wasn’t close to any of them prior to his accident. The mother and father were very distant the whole time, minus the cash inflow and annexe idea, they were not very involved. The story also showed how money makes everything so much easier and convenient. When you’re rich you really do get away with murder.

  79. i loved the movie from the beginning but i didnt expect the ending to be this burdening 😦 why did Will decide to die instead of living with Lou. Lou makes him smile, cares for him and loved him even if he is already a bed person. They have all the riches they can to live life joyfully and romantically. But Will didnt have the heart to reciprocrate that feelings or he decided based on logic by what he explained that he doesnt want Lou’s life to be limited to him. He wants Lou to experience living life to the fullest.. So sad. still.. i was hoping the movie would be a romantically you and me together forever ending where i will be with you always by your side forevermore… awwww… sad…

  80. The movie made me cry so hard because I thought that her love for him was bigger than life, and it wasn’t reciprocated.

    Not everybody’s capable of loving someone with all the flaws and the hardship that comes along.. Will’s character was a cynical and snobbish rich posh who had to face the “reality” after the accident. Louisa was already a survivor, not having had the chance to live a life like the privileged ones, and I’m not only talking about the money issue here.

    Take Stephen Hawking, he was able to live, love and even make discoveries about the black holes. A man, not able to walk and yet being able to bring out the mysteries of universe in front of our eyes, isn’t that ironic ?

    I guess that’s why there will always be so many Will Traynors but only one Stephen Hawking.

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  82. I usually don’t cry in movies, this was one of the first! This movie is just so emotional, how does Louisa live with the love of her life died? What happens to Patrick? I couldn’t just let that slide, being Lou. I just don’t understand the ending, it’s too sad to be possible. He was selfish in the fact that she loved him but still decided to make her unhappy by leaving the world.

  83. 1.Louise is in relationship with Patrick for 7 years.
    2.Louise meets the rich guy Will.
    3.Louise falls in love with Will, and suddenly does not love Patrick (Patrick cant take her on a romantic walk trough his castle, or on a romantic trip, so Will is more interesting, allthough he cant move and he treats Louise bad.)
    4.Will dies and leaves a lot of Cash to Louise .
    5. Louise can travel and be happy and rich.
    6. Patrick is not important any more x)
    I dont realy understand why this is so romantic and people cry and i hate the message of the movie

    1. To a certain extent I agree 6 months she gained more The book After Me is a load of shit .If she really loved Will she would have made the most of her life .

      1. I don’t agree that she left her boyfriend because of advantages she got from Will as her boyfriend was awful and to what you said, he did not leave her enough money to do anything except go to Paris and buy a place or get an education. I don’t think we should put spoilers here about the second book. I would like to talk about it but not here. It could ruin it for others who will see it a different way. I only told of the beginning in my response to the fact that she someone said she died and it wasn’t true. I will just say I guess the 2nd book was more about who she was and not about what he made or didn’t make of her.

  84. Patrick was a self- centered insensitive jerk. He did not even know her. You missed a lot about his character. Will’s money had nothing to do with her relationship with him. He got her. He appreciated her. He treated her as a person.

    1. The book movie was is amazing let’s not forget in real life we could all live with a filthy rich handsome man with a disability like wills there love was for only 6 months a honey moon period where she got to discover lifec.will got to discover giving laughing and happiness that never took away his pain and dignity as a man I would like to think of will a Louisa as two people who needed one another to move on to become the best they could be perhaps the movie is to love learn and let go it was only for 6months could she have handled him no money washing turning medicating changing him that’s the reality

  85. In my opinion, I would not let him to do that. Because if we know GOD and his purpose, we will still fight and let GOD’s will be done.

    “The greatest tragedy is not death, but life without a purpose.”

  86. At the end the book if you read on she dies….she falls off of the building or whatnot and she sees a figure standing there.Am i wrong? how did she leave readers to end an entire story with a death to both at the end. Made me sad knowing she didnt live up her life like he hoped she would.

  87. No, that is not true. At the beginning of the 2nd book, she accidentally falls off a balcony or roof, but she does not die and is not seriously injured. She is saved by a handsome man!! That is the beginning of the second book . Where did you get this from? Did you read either book ?

  88. Geez. In After You Louisa falls off a roof because she is startled by a female voice. SHE LIVES. The story picks up from there.

  89. there should be a third book and a sequel movie in which will turns out to be alive and that the events of his death in the end of the first book and all the events from the second book were just the imagination of some of the characters of how life whould be without will. they must give us will back alive in a sequel movie and in the third book.it is absolutely important for me as a reader to see this beautiful couple,-will and louisa- back together. they deserve a happy ending for gods sake

  90. I loved the movie. Louis is so beautiful and so is her role. It is quite an inspiring movie which allows us to think about our lives and how blessed we are and to value each passing moment as well as to love and appreciate our partners. Excellent movie indeed.

  91. I honestly hated it like with a passion. I hated the way it ended and turned out and did think that Will was selfish

  92. I think I finally got this movie after I thought about it for a bit. There are so many themes that kept coming up. The father losing his job and Lou as well. Their simple but happy life they fought so hard to keep. Contrast that to Will’s lavish lifestyle and his job in mergers and acquisitions.. he was creating that pain for others. Then he lost it in an instant and it was more than he could stand.

    They showed not just the life provided to him (presumably at the expense of others pain) but then the cost to a real family and then the joy it brought when he was given another opportunity and the happiness that brought to Will as well.

    Lou was so selfless trying to make his final days a bit happier and he betrayed all that. He hurt and destroyed the love of his family and her by choosing to die. The boyfriend being selfish and even the contradiction of how her own selflessness gone to far could in a way be selfish as well hurting her boyfriend. Thus the title “Me Before You”.. no? It is about being selfishness and selflessness

    The only part i just cant get over in the film is the strange contradiction and the disgust about the ending “sorry I died, now here is some money” everyone is OK somehow now. I hope the book ended a bit better than that. I feel like someone so pure should have responded “Screw you, Paris and your money Will, you are an $#@!”

  93. I didn’t care for the ending. Having a friend I grew up with commit suicide and the grief and guilt afterwards for the people they left behind

    Was hoping when they were crying at the end and when she called his folks in at her finally changed his mind

  94. Lou should have asked Will to help her in a new “fashion business” (maybe a shop online) as he was so bright in that matter….and when he started complaining about not being able to help she would have said….why not? your brain isn’t paralized …..yet..(hehe)…and maybe time would have passed…maybe more than six months….why did she insist in practising physical activities?…why not focus in what he did well and still could do?

  95. I hated the ending! It sends the message that love is not enough and that if you are in a wheelchair your life is over. I don’t expect a happy ending or a fairy tale every time but ending this type of a story this way, sends multiple bad messages.

  96. I didn’t like the ending because ,of course, we all want a happy ending but I thought it was a great ending. If they rode off into the sunset to live happily forever after, it would have been like any cheap romance novel. I am reading the book in Portuguese now for practice. I just re-read the first chapter all about Will’s adventurous life. His life was based on risks and activities. Then to end up as a quadriplegic meant he had no movement from the neck down. Not all people in a wheelchair are quadriplegics. This meant that he could do nothing on his own. He was a talking head. He also suffered from fevers and frequent illnesses. His life was nothing but suffering and being ill. This was his decision before he even met Lou. It was already a done deal. I think he loved her in the way that he could, but love cannot cure all woes. She made his last months happy. It was his decision and maybe not everyone would make the same one, but he did. This is life. If you want to read good fiction, it is more realistic. If you always want to have a happy ending, read a cheap romance novel Good fiction surprises us, sometimes makes us cry and disappoints us. It makes us have great discussions as we are having on here.

  97. I just got done crying again for the for the tenth time watching the movie plus I’m in the middle of reading the book I wish that will and and Lou would have a little bit more time with each other and maybe even gotten Married before he died and she was carrying the miracle baby of Will and Louisa that will give Will’s mom and dad a second chance to be with their late sons miracle baby

  98. Hey … I finished the story 5 days ago .. I cried so many times throughout the story ..and the story was full of emotions and sad moments that it could have had a better ending !!!! .. I mean, the writer shows that Will was happy .. he tell Lou that he likes her .. he woke up every morning to see her .. he enjoyed having her around .. he helped her find new things within her.. he was happy in one way or another. He had the money to do stuff that others cant do.. he had love!! why did he insist on killing himself?!!! why cant he feel how much a person can be heartbroken because of his decision!? Selfishness is overwhelming.. depression is deep .. I hate the ending .. I cried for a whole night .. I was crying for the whole last chapter .. I cried when they were at the beach and Will was telling Lou that he still wants to end his life… Why did’t the author end it differently?! I still think of what happened and feel sad for a person who can offer everything for another person .. and the other can be so selfish. It is not the money that we need from the other person … we need their presence. If he knew he was killing himself why did he give her hope?! Saddest story I have ever read!!!!!

  99. I was so mad when I finished this book. Like why the heck would he do that to Lou, lead her into thinking that she could save him but he just had to ruin her hopes and die!!! ugh… anyways i really loved that book. it was so goood!!!

  100. It was a beautiful bitter/sweet story. Well written but just saw the movie and probably should read the book. I questioned the end when she was lying with him and he told her to call his parents in. Was he administered the medicine and already dying or was he ready to have the medicine administered … it would help me to interpret the end a little better. I cried but watched the movie several more times. I did notice at the end the two fingers he could slightly move he was rubbing her hand. I felt like he gave her everything he was capable to give and wanted her to live the life that he once lived to the fullest … kind of like his life would continue but it would be lived through her.

  101. For someone who asked, yes , there is a sequel called After you. I didn’t think it was as good as this one , but it is worth reading.

  102. I obviously didn’t like the ending in the sense that they didn’t end up together but I liked it in the sense that this was very realistic and does happen. And the question comes down to, should he had to continue suffering and living life like everyone, except his dad, wanted him to or since he’s the one going through the pain, should decide. I think obviously loosing a son, loved one is so so depressing and sad but even sadder I think would be to watch them suffer. I wouldn’t push my selfish agenda on them no matter how much I wanted them to live because they know they can’t anymore. Awesome movie, amazing acting.

  103. I know a few people are on wheelchair living abundantly, so inspiring, so encouring to others life is worth living for. Personally I dislike the ending.

  104. Loved both movie and the book! It left me wanting Will’s point of view. I know he loved Lou thru his gift to her. And the gift was not the money. It was listening, really listening to her.

  105. I went thur this witn my son no matter what choice there is a lot of pain physcial for them and emotional for everyone else i feel everyone has a right to live or die as long they arent mentally ill its tneir life

  106. I feel sort of not really but kind of content with the ending. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and I wish, Oh God, I wish there was another way but he couldn’t live like that anymore. He was in a lot of pain. Nathan said it. The night terrors and screaming. He died loving Clarke and she went on to live a bold and fearless life because of him. She loved him also. He helped her be the best she could, and to live boldly. He already had lived boldly and freely and he just couldn’t not live like that anymore. I understand that and I know not all people that are in his situation think like that and they can go on but he couldn’t. Even with her he still would have been utterly miserable and sad. He would have of course hid it from her a lot because he lived her and wanted the best for her. Of course I didn’t want him to die. Ugh I hate that ending more than anything but I don’t know what I’d do if I were him having lived like that and the fallen in love and everything. So I can’t say but Clarke seemed happy at the end and that’s all he wanted.

  107. I am a little late (by a good few years) with my comments but I just watched the “Me before you” movie and really need to share my feelings. I ordered all 3 books wanting to know what has happened to Lou after Will. I’ll be honest, I am heartbroken, I’ve never cried as much and am punishing myself by re-watching the movie and crying again and again. It’s my favorite movie and will read all 3 books when they arrive. I love a good love story. The love between Louisa and Will “scorched my heart”, but after reading all the wonderful comments here I would like to share my opinion. Will never wavered in his decision to end his life. After meeting Louisa, getting to know her, getting close to her, and gaining her trust she became his “project”. And at the same time unwittingly he fell in love with her. He saw potential in her, he wanted to widen her horizons, to show her the world she never knew. We have to remember that Louisa has a very modest background and very little education but is intelligent and warm-hearted. On the other hand, Will is well educated, well-traveled, and very perceptive. As Louisa, herself remarked she would be the invisible one to him before him becoming wheelchair bond. Will never changed, he could not accept his disability. While on their last luxurious holiday in Mauritius he said that it was the best in his life, he meant the best holiday in his wheelchair bond life.  But it was the best for Louisa, he wanted to make her happy and encourage her to start discovering the world. He went on this holidays still recovering from his last bout of sickness but because the 6 months he promised his parents were approaching, he needed to show Louisa the life possibilities and by providing her with inheritance in a way pushing her to improve her life, see the world and enjoy the life that she deserved. He loved her but as a disabled man;  the life he had before the accident he couldn’t have anymore. As he said on their last day on the beach, it could be a good life but not his life. He loved her but he couldn’t forget his previous life and the love for Louisa wouldn’t fulfill him. He knew he couldn’t love her the way she deserved. I would be grateful as late as is if someone could comment on my observations. And please remember I love Will and Louisa. I love what they shared in these 6 months and would love a different ending but it was a correct ending. I also know that love grows as the years together pass but two people need to share the same interests, the same view on life. Is not enough to be a good and loving caregiver. Love is a mysterious feeling, can go away and then one day we look at the person we loved so full-heartedly for many years and when we ask ourselves can I see myself with this person in 5 years, your surprising answer could be: I don’t see myself with him/her even tomorrow anymore.

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