Saturday Snapshot…. Taking a WORD to the extreme in Cancun


Yesterdays post answered the question of where I have been.  Today I want to answer in part the question, what did I do? I mostly did what I had planned to do to get through… read, sit by the pool, walk on the beach, enjoy the spa, eat a lot of delicious food, hang out with good friends that understood when I needed to walk away or spend time in my room.

On our last afternoon in Cancun this past week, Al and I and a few of the others in our group took a walk on the beach.  We watched the parasail go up from a dock and as I watched the chute soar higher and higher I whispered…

I would do that.


Mu husband and my son Justin had parasailed on a trip to Jamaica many years ago. Al did not enjoy it so much, but Justin, always ready for an adventure loved it.  Now I decided I was going to do this for him.

I went up with another girl in our group, Julie.  She was nervous and went back and forth on if she should go or if she shouldn’t.  I said to her, “Julie, when we go home and people ask us what we did in Cancun, what are we going to say?  That we laid by the pool?  We went to the spa?  We played it safe the whole time?  This.  This is your Cancun story.”


I guess it is mine as well.

My word for the year is COURAGE and I chose that word because I knew that living in a world without Justin was going to take all the courage I had.  Every day it takes everything to not just throw my hands up and say this is crap and just stop it all.

BUT in this story… I am on a beach in Cancun about to parasail.  About to give courage a run for its money and show it what I am made of.

book journey, Sheila DeChantal
Julie and I Cancun Mexico 2016






We had a good time.  I refused to be afraid and I now have this story to tell.  This is my Saturday snapshot.  More Cancun pictures to come.

32 Comments on “Saturday Snapshot…. Taking a WORD to the extreme in Cancun

  1. Well, that definitely took courage. Umm….sorry but not for me. I can barely go up in an elevator with glass walls. However, that is a tangible symbol of your 2016 word – courage. Good for you. You’ll make this year one to remember.

  2. This is an amazing column. Absolutely loved it and am glad you found the COURAGE to do it

  3. I am SO impressed, Sheila, with ALL the ways you have shown courage in the past year. Thank you for sharing it all in such inspiring ways.

  4. Well done!! I am in awe of your strength and hope that each day your sorrow lessens. Love your blog.

  5. Well good for you that definitely showed courage . Have a great courageous year!!

  6. Hey there. Didn’t get a chance to respond to your trip post, but you and Al looked so ….good in that picture. A day at a time hun….just breathe

  7. I like all your snapshots, but I love the message behind the story of them. I went back and read your word of the year story and all that it means to you. Now I understand how much this experience meant/means to you. Parasailing (dangling up in the air, over a deep ocean, being blown about by the wind, and so on) is to me – the person who gets vertigo climbing a ladder – way past the definition of courage. If you can parasail, God alone knows where else you can go and do. Courage, indeed!

  8. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are VERY COURAGEOUS, Sheila! Awesome start to the New Year. 🙂

  9. Sounds like you guys had the best time! Well done for parasailing – you’re so brave!! 💖

  10. Woohoo! I think Justin would be very proud of you!

  11. So glad you put your courage on and did this. When we were in Cancun in 2007, I did not, I was afraid. Now, looking back, I wish, wish, wish, that I had faced my fear and made it happen.

  12. Wonderful Cancun story! It all looks beautiful and you are definitely brave!

  13. When it comes to something like parasailing (or anything of the like), you definitely have more courage than I do! 🙂 Yay for you and Julie!

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