Paper Towns The Movie Based Off John Green’s Book Of The Same Title


Its been a long time since I have had a lazy day where I have spent a Saturday morning or afternoon watching movies, but that is what I did today.  Granted a miserable head/sinus cold, fever, and drowsy feeling helped.  So me, a couple of books to movies (Paper Towns an Scorch Trials), hot tea, Kleenex, and I was set.

Paper Towns is a book by John Green.  When I first started reading John Green I was told that your first John Green book will be your favorite.  I never was able to test that theory because my first John Green was Fault In Our Stars and yes, it is my favorite.

Paper Towns the movie was actually better than I thought it as going to be.  I had forgotten about the great friendships displayed in this book.  I also really enjoyed the lead roles of Margo and Quentin,  it was a good fit from the book to the movie.


Looking over my review today of Paper Towns I found I had the same thoughts about the movie that I did about the book.  Margo frustrated me then and she does now.  I think I understand why she does what she does but at the same time her ability to disconnect from everyone baffles me.  As in my review, I found the friendships in the movie to sustain me and leaving me enjoying both.


Overall movie thoughts?  Yes, rent it.  Its a good story and in the end, while it is not the end I would have hoped for…. it still leaves a good impression and message.

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  1. Nice way to spend the afternoon! I quite liked the Paper Towns movie too, I haven’t read the book yet through. I hope you feel better soon! Xx

  2. Thanks for recommendation. Do hope you are feeling better soon,

  3. This was my least favorite of his books because I just didn’t like Margo at all.

  4. This is worth renting but I didn’t love it. I thought Margo was pretty manipulative.

  5. I love watching movies on the weekends…in fact, I enjoy them any time I can squeeze them in. I haven’t seen this movie yet, as I haven’t read the book. The book is patiently waiting for me on Pippa.

  6. This was not my favorite John Green book. I have not watched the movie. Hope you are feeling better.

  7. I didn’t really connect with the book and it looks like it would be the same for the movie!

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