Paper Towns by John Green

Quentin, “Q”, has quite literally spent his life coveting the girls next door.  Literally, because Margo Roth Spiegelman is his next door neighbor and has been since they were both in grade school.  Once close, Q and Margo now in their senior year of High School have been separated by social status, Margo having taken on the role of popular girl and living life on the edge, and Q is a brainiac, playing by the rules and spending most of his evenings studying.

Imagine Q’s surprise when Margo climbs into his bedroom window one evening dressed as a ninja and asking Q to join her on an all night revenge adventure that comes complete with a list of where they are going, and what they need to shop for to prepare for their night.  At first Q balks at the idea but spending time with Margo is too appealing to pass up.  What follows in a night of adventure and risk taking that becomes the best night of Q’s year and maybe his lifetime…

And then, Margo disappears.  The next day she is gone, missing from her home and from Q’s life…. once again.  Her parents seem to be fed up with her actions and feel she is close enough to graduation that she can just be on her own if that is what she wants so badly.  Q however feels differently.  Through a favorite book of Margo’s, that seems to hold clues to her whereabouts, Q and his close friends Ben, Radar, and Lacy, embark on an adventure of finding Margo…

but what will these clues lead them to… and is Margo even still alive? 

Why did I read/listen to this book?  Hello!  It’s John Green and I have enjoyed him so much this summer, why stop now?

John Green has a talent for breathing life into characters that I want to hang out with.  Paper Towns is no exception… Q is a wonderful Protagonist and I have to say, Ben became a fast favorite in this audio (and if you do listen to the audio you will get what I mean.. Ben is HILARIOUS!).  I also once again love the language of the books that John Green Writes… I could write a book of John Green quotes because seriously the man has a gift of words.

While I enjoyed Paper Towns I am glad this was not my first John Green read.  For the most part I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it was Margo who I struggled with.  Paper Towns has elements of Looking For Alaska sprinkled within the character of Margo – a strong Independence woman, but where Alaska was strong and driven with a cause… I never felt I knew the cause of Margo’s angst.  And you know, maybe it wasn’t even teenage angst… but a need to escape to the escape of causing pain to others and not really seeming to care. 

Really though – that is my only peeve.  Paper Towns is interesting and the title itself as the book explains it was also quite interesting.While Margo annoyed me, Q and Ben and Radar made up for her… these three were buddies through and through and I really enjoyed the memory og high school friends who would go out and do anything for you, and as you discover in this book.. they all sacrifice greatly for the sake of friendship.

I do recommend Paper Towns, I am glad I read it and I hope you give it a chance as well.

6 thoughts on “Paper Towns by John Green

  1. I am in the middle of John’s Green The Fault in Our Stars. It is awesome. Paper Towers looks like it needs to go on my list. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I have read Fault in our Stars and Will Grayson, Will Grayson so I thought paper towns would be fantastic and I just didn’t like it! Like… I gave it 2 stars. I too, struggled with Margot but once the road trip started I was just annoyed with the whole situation. I enjoyed everyone’s character this book was a miss for me. I’m still planning on reading every single one of John Greene’s books, I’m just taking a bit of a break after this one.

  3. Without your recommendation and that of a work collegue, I would have never picked up The Fault In Our Stars and as I say in my review I would have missed one of my best ever reads, have two more of his sitting here waiting, the best Indie in Auckland is selling his books to adults like hotcakes!
    Am reading Megan Abbots Dare Me at the moment and that is shaping up as a great read, even though I never read these types of books, I also loved Gone Girl.. proving that a genre change is possible at any age!

  4. I have so many of John Green’s books on my TBR list – the first I read was actually The Fault in Our Stars and it absolutely amazed me (actually it left me speechless and I wasn’t able to write a review for it!). I’m so glad you enjoyed Paper Towns I think that will be my next Green novel!

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