It’s Monday and I Need Some Advice From The Readers


Brief disclaimer….  It’s Monday What Are You Reading has moved from me to Kathryn at Book Date.  She is rocking this so please definitely go and check out how awesome she is and keep on sharing your reading! 


For me… I am not reading.  Or I guess I could say I am… but not making progress.  Same book as last week, same audio…. a quick visual refresher:


Becoming Steve Jobs (my fascination with all things Jobs) is so interesting.  A road trip to the cabin later this week will certainly put a healthy dent in this audio book.  Wildalone is also interesting and my cabin time will certainly finish this one as well and I expect allow me to start others.


the real reason I am writing this post today is that I need a little assistance from those of you who use e-readers more frequently than I do  (I have one.  I think I know where it is.)  A friend of mine from High School asked me this question via Facebook this morning:

Dear Sheila, Being your friend on Facebook, I am aware that you are an avid book reader. I have an idea that may solve my gift giving dilemma indefinitely for one or two of my toughest recipients, and in pursuit of that notion I would like to take advantage of your knowledge and opinions as such. I would like to gift an enrollment in a book of the month club for e-books. I have leaned of a few “streaming” services that offer unlimited reading, but that offer no guidance in choosing the books -and I think that’s the best part. And there is one ‘of the month club’ that offers this that I keep running into, but there catalog seems small. If I have to, I will give the Amazon unlimited thing along with a subscription to a BOMC community newsletter or forum.

So there it is.  He specifically said no need to research yet now that the question has presented itself, I feel it is one that perhaps others have thoughts on – or may like to know as well.  I have never used an e book of the month subscription but I bet some of you do or have.  So the question stands as…

1.  What is the best service to consider?

2.  Are there ones to avoid?

Any feedback on what makes them awesome or not so much would be wonderful

That’s all for today.  I have a lunch date with a friend that I am looking forward to and other than that I will be working on a few projects this week for the Library. Pretty low key and I think that is about where I need to be right now, this week especially.  Oh – and I am expecting an exciting delivery today that hopefully will start a whole new conversation here, one that I used to do frequently but rather fell away…. more on that soon.

Happy Monday all!


18 thoughts on “It’s Monday and I Need Some Advice From The Readers

  1. Hi Sheila and happy Monday! When I looked at Amazon Unlimited, they didn’t have any books I actually wanted to read in the service, so it was useless to me. My sister loves it but she reads a lot of romances and is happy to read whatever is available. So for someone choosy and wanting to read books that are by big name authors, I don’t know if Unlimited would work well. I dont know about any of the others.

  2. Hi Sheila I use oyster books as it’s 9.99 but I can read all sorts of books and on various devices that is what I find works. With Amazon Unlimited you have to have the kindle to read it with oyster it’s just an app. You can even read it on a laptop as well. I am like you and having trouble reading so I haven’t been doing the what are you reading on mondays I had major life threatening surgery and haven’t bounced back from it yet.

  3. I have no imput as to the e-reader gifting challenge. But agree with Laurel-Rain, a gift card is always a good way to go. Are you going alone to the cabin? I envy you! What I wouldn’t give for some really alone time in a happy place. Have a good week. Take care and know that you are cared about.

  4. Never even knew ebook clubs existed so no help! Hope the trip goes well and the audio gets a good dent in it. However I do use my ereader!! (Kindle) Without it, so many books I’d never get to read. However I love paperbacks as well!

  5. I wish I could offer advice. All I know is that the people who have received e-readers for Christmas in the past are now avid readers, thanks to the easy downloading nature of e-readers. That is a good thing, I think.

  6. I have to confess I basically use my e-reader for Netgalley ARCs, so I won’t be much help. Thank goodness for long drives – they are so good for getting through audiobooks!

  7. I love my kindle Sheila but have no advice re ebook subscription. I know I appreciate getting a gift voucher to get whatever I want. Have a peaceful time at the cabin. You’re in my thoughts.

  8. I’ll have to add my vote to the “woefully unequipped to answer this question” column. I just don’t use ereaders often enough. Amazon Unlimited is definitely an option, but I agree with the others suggesting he just go the tried-and-true option of a gift card. The problem with the subscription service, as I see it, is that — well, is he planning on funding the service monthly indefinitely, or buying the recipient some subscription they’re then going to be monetarily obligated to keep paying for if they want to use it? There are less fussy options for gift giving!! A giftcard, to B&N or Amazon or whatever, would be a much cleaner way to go. (Also, someone mentioned they use the Oyster subscription service, but I could’ve sworn I’d read that was shutting down?? That’s probably not a smart way to go…)

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