Morning Meanderings… I Renounce My Review Status


Tuesday.  23 degrees in Central Minnesota and nice out.  I know to some around the globe that is cold, but to us Minnesotan’s that is t-shirt weather.

WordPress is annoying me this morning with a new format.  GAH.  Liked the old one and this post has taken a painful amount of time while I figure out (AGAIN) where to upload the picture, how to link it, etc….

I think it was last week I was all like “Yeah, I am soooo going to catch up on writing reviews!  I am on it!”  And then….


I can not even explain what happens these days where I believe I am absolutely going to get something done and then the day slips away and I do not know where it went or why I never did what I said I was going to do.  It is not only here, it is in everything I attempt to do – I have a plan…. plan fizzles.

Today however as I look at the list of books I have yet to review and fear there are some missing that I can not even recall that I read let alone reviewed, I want to renounce that review status and come back to really chatting about books.  REALLY.


Here is what I need to review:


Yeah.  I look at these books and I want to tell you about them.  Some I am so surprised I have not reviewed yet because I GUSHED about them in my head as I read.  One for sure here is a best of 2015 for me.  One is a huh… I don’t get the hype.  I would say at least three here are a must read.

So reviews… I will write.  (Yes, Yoda style)

On another sweet note (I really love sweet notes!) my order came in yesterday as I had mentioned and hoped….so what is it?


It is a new GPS watch the Garmin 220.  I treated myself to the covetted watch as a way to (hopefully) get a little motivated.  I have spent the last 7 months shutting down and I am struggling to find the motivation to get back on track with healthy habits.  I was doing great at the beginning of the year and I want to slowly work my way back to taking walks, hiking, running, whatever….  This watch sets to my specifics, keeps track of heart rate, plans work outs, lets you know personal bests, uploads your workout to a site where you can keep track of your progress, etc….  I will keep you updated.

Off now to write a review – YES.  REALLY.  Trying to make lunch plans with my son Brad, and I hope to set up my watch to take out on a maiden voyage ….  roads are dry, maybe I will go on a bike ride.


18 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… I Renounce My Review Status

  1. I am so so so glad I’m not the only one – the update is so annoying and it’s taking forever to get used to 😦 I’ve resorted to creating drafts and then editing them from the wp admin otherwise I can’t cope particularly well.

    Lovely to hear you’re getting back into reviewing xx

  2. Hey, Sheila 🙂 I’ve been reading your posts lately, but not commenting.

    That watch looks like quite the mega tool. Good luck with using it 🙂 And you know you can choose to use the “classic” WordPress dashboard. That’s what I use. I totally prefer it!

    1. All of your books to be reviewed look good.

      You will get the reviews done. 🙂

      Love your watch…pretty cool.

      Stay warm even though you are considering 23 degrees T-shirt weather. 🙂

      It is 38 here in Pittsburgh and I am freezing. The sun is out, though, and it is to warm up to 46. 🙂


  3. Same feelings on the change of layout. Just when I thought I got the hang of the previous one. Sigh.

    Also, I hear ya on reviewing stuff. I seem to have read a lot but my reviews are few and far between. I just don’t have the time/energy sometimes or I just don’t have opinions on the book that I would like to write about. Anyway, I’ve been reading your blog for a good while and I’m loving it!

  4. I am still clinging to the WP admin dashboard for creating posts, etc. I thought I’d try a quick edit yesterday, just changing out a photo, and clicked on the new system’s edit…and no way to link the photos.

    Back to the WP dashboard again!

    Don’t they know the idea that “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”?

  5. I hate the wordpress format, too. Damn the evil updates! Keep us updated on your watch. Interested in how it works for you. I finally got a fit bit. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. WordPress changed again? Are you using the visual editor? I’m still backing into the original text editor. It’s all still there underneath the bloated new annoying, confusing interface. They have pretty much taken away every link to it and are trying their best to force everyone to the new style. The day my links stop working is the day I leave their hosting platform.

    If it’s any consolation, I’ve got about 10 reviews to catch up with and have read 40 less books this year than last year. For me that’s a huge difference. I’m calling it foggy brain.

    The Garmin watch looks cool. I tried a different brand tracker watch last year but it didn’t work because I don’t like wearing watches. Duh. So I would forget to put it on!

  7. I’m still using the classic view website, I guess. I get to it from the upper left hand corner dropdown. If I can’t get to it, I don’t know how to post.

  8. I’m so honored that you started with The Residence 😉

    One step at a time, my friend. You are amazing. I hope the watch helps you do that literally and figuratively.

  9. A bike ride in 23 degrees weather? You are brave. I know what you mean though — anything above 20 degrees is balmy for Canada – so it sounds good to me. Nice Garmin. I’m envious! You go.

  10. Sheila…my thoughts are these…don’t be so hard on yourself about reviews…write shorter ones…allow yourself some space…do what you need to do! I have a Fitbit and I love tracking steps, miles, calories and more! Enjoy! Or my other thought is…skip the reviews and start with a clean slate? Heeheehee…

  11. Hoo boy, glad I’m not the only one caught off guard by this update. I liked the old system so much! Anyway, I’d be totally daunted if I had your to-be-reviewed list — but I’m looking forward to hearing you chat about them! I’m really good at writing reviews of books I’m reading AS I read them … not so good at remembering any of my brilliant comments after the fact. :3

  12. I like book chatter — let go of the need to be a serious reviewer and just talk about the books you read.

    Fitness? I too fell off a lifelong habit of daily walks this year. Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation when dealing with so many difficult emotions.

  13. You write that three are must reads, I look forward to those reviews, and one is a huh? I like reading those types of reviews too. Several of your books in the to review photos look intriguing. I am behind in my reviews too. Tis a busy time of year.

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