Morning Meanderings…. BANNED COFFEE?????

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Good morning.  I am here…. still drinking tea.  I have had no time to go out and purchase a coffee grinder for the Coffee beans that await me.  Yes… yes… I could pick up ground coffee but now it is a thing. Coffee grinder or bust.

Why does banned book week always have to be so BUSY?  We are in our final day of the fall books sale set up, this afternoon I have errands to run for a meeting tomorrow, find tables for the children’s books, mow my lawn, can tomatoes, and tomorrow starts the sale where I will be from morning until night the next three days.


So badly I want to pick up one of these books we are chatting away about but alas…. no time this week.

Anyhoo…. more posts today for you and for me!  Got to love these great banned book posts!  Here is what is out there for you to enjoy today:


Jon at the Rogue Scholar posts about Fahrenheit 451 (Ca you imagine having to hide your books? Well read Fahrenheit 451 and start the night terrors!)

Sue at Book by Book shares what she is reading this week for banned books!

Janet at Writer’s Flow has much to say about banned books including quotes and pictures!

Bex from An Armchair By The Sea writes about 4 banned picture books with a nice giveaway!

Stacie at Sincerely Stacie gives her opinion on Banned Books and on a recent attempted banning!

Wesley at Library Educated made me smile this morning with his Banned Book Week Word Search!

Nise at Under The Boardwalk shares two banned books that she is reading to her grandchild (yes… banned books for everyone!)

Becca at I’m Lost In Books gives us Lessons In Censorship with some FUN gifs included.

please note if you were scheduled for a post but do not see yours linked here it is because when I looked this morning the post was not up.  I will check again later and add you to tomorrows if they pop up.  🙂


Please look at my other posts this week as each day I have links to awesome bloggers sharing banned books – reviews, information, giveaways, and fun stuff!

I do hope you will check out their posts as someone this week will have a picture within their post and if you find that post (AND comment on the post) and email me ( to tell me who’s post you found it on you will go into a special drawing for…


This mug will be shipped directly to one of our commenters on the Banned Book Post you find THIS picture on:


And that’s it for now.  Back to the library I go…. I have about 9 more days of fairly business and then hopefully life can go back to a low simmer for awhile.  The craziness… takes it tole on me.


7 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. BANNED COFFEE?????

  1. The idea of a banned book goes against the grain. Who should decide what I read, or what my children read, besides me? No one! You provided some great links to other blogs.

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