Banned Books…. Did You Know????


Woo… the day got away from me!  Last night I was too tired to prepare this post.  After leaving the library at 4 pm after the sale set up I thought I would grab a few quick groceries and then go home…  for the record… nothing happens “quick” in my life anymore.  Every where I go I run into people I know who want to check in with me and I wind up talking with them…. I am not complaining – I a thankful for these wonderful people in our life… they are the lifeblood of my existence right now however….

I made it home at 6 pm.

Making dinner, trying to catch up on my house, the lawn needs mowing, I had to move the tomatoes off my tables so I could use them for the book sale and well…


This morning I left the house at 5:40 am to set up the childrens sale and now I have a little break before I go back to the sale so here, with no further rambling from me are the posts for banned book week today:

Stacey at the Novel Life writes about You Can’t Read That, her personal story of growing up in a family that did not sensor her reading and the banned books she loves.  She also has a pretty sweet giveaway going on! 

Jenna at JMill Wanders has a giveaway going on for a banned book of your choice.

Sue at Book By Book shares her thoughts on Persepolis

Tracy at Uncharted Parent takes the time to talk about the book It’s Perfectly Normal and has some great insight on the book and bannings.  She also has a giveaway for a copy of the book!

Heather at Based On A True Story talks about the banned book Into The River by Ted Dawe (A new title to me!)  She also has a giveaway for this title.

Kelly The Well Read Redhead talks about Banned Picture books!  Yes its true and you will be surprised at the titles!

Julie at My Book Retreat reviews SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson – one of my favorites!


Please look at my other posts this week as each day I have links to awesome bloggers sharing banned books – reviews, information, giveaways, and fun stuff!

I do hope you will check out their posts as someone this week will have a picture within their post and if you find that post (AND comment on the post) and email me ( to tell me who’s post you found it on you will go into a special drawing for…


This mug will be shipped directly to one of our commenters on the Banned Book Post you find THIS picture on:


**Important note**  A few of you have emailed me with your responses of where you found the above picture and something I did not anticipate is that some of the blog posts this weeks used the above logo in their posts which is not the giveaway one.  Look closely at the picture – it will be the one above which has a frame and my website on it.  Sorry about any confusion – I will be more creative next year 🙂


Have a great weekend of reading a banned book!  I am back to the book sale!


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