Let’s Talk About The Queen


I love this picture.  This is my book club this past Tuesday after we had a great potluck dinner, talked books, and had our Queen event.  We look happy.  We look fun.

Even me.

Every July for the past hmmmmm… I don’t know how many years, we have had a Queen event.  We dress up, we perform a talent (or not) and say why we would make a good Queen of the Book Club.  It is all in fun, the Queen really only comes into play when we have a tie on books to read or when we can’t decide where to meet.

This year I went back and forth.  Do I participate?  I didn’t want to.  I wanted to wear Capri’s and a t-shirt and take pictures.  They would have understood.  Yet I knew that Justin would be so sad to know I changed how I did life so I instead put on a prom dress, a little princess crown, looked up and said, “This is for you kid.”

Off to be a Queen participant….

Why is my head so freakishly small?

It was a good time.  We were at my friend Lori’s home.  We discussed the books we had read last month (free read month) and then had our event.  My “talent” was a story about a girl who decided to create a book club so she could expand on her reading.  I ended the story with how after many years the group became so big they had to limit how many came and how close all the Bookies became to one another.  Friends.  Other talents were, speeches, songs, mime, a quiz, and even a violin playing rendition to The Devil Went Down To Georgia.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Our Queen for 2015-2016 is Brenda.  If you look closely at her beautiful white dress you will see that the top (and along the bottom) is made from a book.  She will be a wonderful Queen.


A few of us had a little “after party” at a nearby pub… an ongoing tradition after the Queen event. After you are all dressed up – you should have somewhere to go. 😉

14 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The Queen

  1. Sheila, I’m so glad you have these wonderful people in your life 🙂 And I’m glad you did it for Justin 🙂

    Btw, if you look at that pic, the whole thing is distorted. Too much bend in the lense, I’m guessing. You and the woman directly behind/next to you have smaller heads while the women on the edges of the picture are “pulled” wide.

  2. What a wonderful idea! I visit here often and read your posts. You are so strong and have such wonderful supportive friends. I’m still keeping up with the Where are You Reading Challenge. It was such a fun idea. Keep posting. Reading and writing are great healers.

  3. I’m glad you have such great group of people in your life and that you had a good time at the event.

    The Bookies sounds like a wonderful book club to be part of. I subscribe to the Book Club Girl newsletter and saw that you guys are featured as their Book Club of the Month 🙂

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