Morning Meanderings… So, About That Bookish Connection


“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”

~Alice IN Wonderland

Where oh where have I been?

It is a great question…

As I mentioned on Saturday my good friend Connie has passed away.  This bit of events put me in a tailspin of activity. On Saturday we started the Meal Train.  That evening we spent time with friends at a cook out.  Sunday friends came into town to help me with the plans for the upcoming bike ride (July 25th-26th), Monday we had the visitation, Tuesday the funeral, Wednesday the burial…  and in-between all of that library meetings, Bike Ride prep, Wine and Words planning….


So when I received an email from my bookish friend Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) and roommate year one of the Book Expo, that she was coming to my home town and could we do dinner on Tuesday – I immediately said yes.

Of course… when I said yes, I was exhausted, and thought she meant next Tuesday…..  😉

When Tuesday afternoon rolled around and I received a text from Kim that she was on her way I had to really think about what to do.  It was the day of the funeral.  I was EXHAUSTED.  I had come home around 2 pm, put on my yoga pants and a comfy t-shirt and took a nap. I had no intention of going out again and was looking forward to grilling with my hubby as I had not seen him the last two days.

But… I also really wanted to see Kim.

I counter offered, explained my mix up and asked if it would be possible to do breakfast or supper on Wednesday instead.  Breakfast it was.

Left: Me and Kim

It was great seeing her again.  We talked about books – or for both of us lately, lack there of….  audio (which we both love), we exchanges titles that we enjoyed and just caught up on life.

A cool bonus to this whole Blogging experience is that you can find friends in almost any state.  Since l met Kim in 2010 when she was one of my roommates for the Book Expo, we have connected on other events as well, and yesterdays meet up was awesome.

Today – I am hoping to keep life to a low simmer.  I have a BIG weekend coming up with the camp ride for Connie.  Tomorrow we will run around and get all the final details in place.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… So, About That Bookish Connection

  1. That’s a lovely picture of the two of you and I know that you guys had great time together. Sometimes things work out just the way they should – right? Take care of yourself and good luck this weekend.

  2. You amaze me with your ability to, not just go from day to day as most people would after two great losses, but to then initiate and organise activities to encourage participation from others. You are a truly incredible person with an inspiring approach to life! xx

  3. I love the fact that you were able to connect with Kim. It sounds like you were able to truly enjoy yourself. Hopefully, it provided you with a much-needed respite to help prepare you for a busy weekend!

  4. I’m sure it was great for you and Kim to have some time together. Wish I’d been there–I miss you both!

  5. I just read on Kim’s blog about your meetup and then thought I’d come over here and read about it. It’s great that you were able to get together. I’ve only met with blogging friends once, but it was great to meet people you know online in real life, for a change.

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