Morning Meanderings…. Annual Book Exchange


Morning.  Coffee.  Overcast day.  Overcast mood. Day 68.

On Tuesday of this week we had our Bookies Book Club meeting and discussed the book The Pearl That Broke It’s Shell by Nadia Hashimi.   I did not finish the book, I started it and then knew it would be too detailed for me at this time.  Those who read it said it was a good read and they learned about the Afghanistan culture.  It made for a good book discussion and I enjoyed listening to the discussion.

For the fourth year in a row, we have made June our book exchange month.  The rules:  You are supposed to bring a book that you really enjoyed (preferably in the last year) that you would like someone else to enjoy too.  Put a post it note in the book saying why you enjoyed this book so much and if you want the book back or if the person who chose it can keep it.  You wrap the book in brown paper wrap.  We then each choose a book out of the pile and that is what we read for our July gathering.  Here are the books that were picked:

PicMonkey Collage

Amy M – Wind Through The Keyhole (Sharon)
Angie – Blessings by Anna Quindlen (Lori P)
Sheila – Abercrombie Trail by Candace Simar (Laura)
Kaydi – Waiting For Summers Return (Kathy)
Lori – Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (Amy P)
Jean – The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Sheila)
Sharon – Those Who Save Us (Mary)
Amy – Distant Shores (Jean)
Kathy – Naked in Death (Lori N)
Susan – Walking on Water (Kaydi)
Mary – Union Street Bakery (Amy M)
Lori – The Nightingale (Angie)
Laura – Gift From The Sea (Susan)

Today my son’s roommate is coming to visit me.  It will be nice to see her, but I know it will be an afternoon filled with memories and tears.

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      • And so it goes…

        And though you may not feel it yet, you are slowly bouncing back. You are now able to respond here and that’s heartening for us to see. I know it is for me. It’s good to hear from you and know how things are going oxox

  1. Good picks for books! Enjoy your time with Justin’s roommate. Memories are what keep me going, even though they cause so many tears.

  2. Sounds like another fun book club. It sounds like you will have a bittersweet afternoon. I’ll be praying for you like crazy.

    • Thanks Kathy. On one hand I wonder when I will quit living day by day and the other hand I don’t want things to get easier because I love and miss him so much.

  3. That’s a fun way to do the book selection. I hope everyone enjoys what they received. What happens if they’ve already read it?

  4. I am totally going to steal this idea!! I love it.
    I, too, will be praying like crazy!!

  5. Sheila – This was such a creative and visual post.
    Thinking of you and wondering how you will get through the special visit today.

  6. That’s a fun event for the bookclub. Hope you have a good visit and some great memories this afternoon.

  7. Your book exchange is such a clever idea, Sheila! I hope your meeting today helps.

    • It is fun when we talk about them in July and what we thought of them. I also like to see what people choose to offer to another to read.

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