Out Of Orange by Cleary Wolters

Out Of Orange, Orange Is The New Black, Piper, Alex, Book Journey, audiobookI find Piper’s story interesting having followed it on Netflix (even though I am sure they took fictional liberties and there is much in the series I could have done without but I did like the story line if that makes sense).  I admit I have not read Orange is the New Black.  ~Sheila

You may have heard of Orange Is The New Black.  The true story of an upper middle class girl names Piper Chapman who was sentenced to serve 15 months in a federal prison for drug smuggling with her former girlfriend Alex Vause.  Piper, who was now years separated from Alex and happily engaged is about to do her time.

Out Of Orange is Alex’s side of the story.  The background story of how she became involved in drug smuggling and how she met Piper.

I found Out Of Orange to be interesting.  Having followed Piper’s side of the story it was interesting to hear Alex’s.  As I listened to this one on audio, narrator Barbara Rosenblat had just the right style for Alex, raspy voiced and self-assured with a kick of humor.  Learning how Alex became involved in drug smuggling was a subject I knew little (nothing!) about.  What a frightening and fascinating world she lived in!

If you liked Piper’s story, or are a fan of the Netflix series, I think you would appreciate this story.  Recommended on audio.

  • Audible Audio Edition
  • Listening Length: 11 hours and 59 minutes
  • Program Type: Audiobook
  • Version: Unabridged
  • Publisher: Harper Audio
  • Audible.com Release Date: May 5, 2015


10 thoughts on “Out Of Orange by Cleary Wolters

  1. Just finished watching The Paley Center episode w/ the cast. Turns out the TV show is very different from the book/real life because of legal issues with waivers. If you have a chance the show is on Sundance and it’s onDemand for Comcast. Very interesting.

  2. I watched the first two episodes of OITNB and then listened to the book. I didn’t go back to the show after that. There were just too many differences, and the show is so sensationalized and extreme. I just couldn’t.

    I haven’t given much thought to her side of the story, but it does sound interesting.

  3. I couldn’t get away with the TV series for Orange is the New Black. I wonder if I would do better with the book, or this book?

  4. I haven’t read OITNB or watched the series. Audio sounds like the way to go with this book. I’ve listened to Barbara Rosenblat a time or two and enjoyed her performances.

  5. Sheila, in the Netflix series each of the character’s background is featured at a different time, although I don’t remember much about Alex’s background. I’m glad you found her story interesting.

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